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A visit to U.S. Christian Fundamentalists for Israel conference with Blumenthal

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posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 02:03 AM

This video is a eye opener of the agenda of these conferences.

But what's essential viewing about this video is to see the sidestepping what the real motivation for siding with Israel. It has nothing to do with having respect with the faith it has to do with self righteously proclaiming that the Jews will be saved by Christian Warriors.

Watch Pastor John Hagee get worked up over a quote in his book that Max inquires about and view the reaction as he gets caught in a deception. The Truth about his motives about what this man wants to happen to in the middle east.

Cleanse the Earth" That quote right there says it all for me.

Alot of War on terror fanatics on here need to wake up it's not about your safety or democracy it's about "kick starting armageddon" at any cost.

It's ALWAYS been about that.


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