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Was Woodstock the end of spirituality as we know it?

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posted on Jul, 25 2007 @ 05:05 PM
I am 27, I am too young to even be close to remembering anything about the original woodstock. I wasn't even born. My parents went, at least one of them I know of anyway.

I recently saw a documentary on woodstock on VH1 classic. Not on purpose mind you, I was doing something else at the time and stopped the channel there and it changed my way of thinking forever.

For the three hours I sat and watched it, listened to the political views of the people involved, the reaction of elders around the concert, and the overwhelming show of togetherness, human kindness, spirituality, and harmony. I then had a thought. Why can this happen only once? Over 500,000 people attended according to the documentary, and for three days, it was music, love and peace amongst one another.

All ages, genders, skin colors, nationalities, and religions joined in celebration and protest of the war at the time.

Why not now? Where are the people standing up against those corrupt individuals who deserve to be ousted and pay for their crimes against this great nation?

Where is the spirituality that was once so strong now? Small protests will always happen, but the overwhelming harmony that was woodstock I believe is long dead and will never be again.

People are too concerned with their cell phones, their SUV's, their starbucks, how much gas prices are, and many more. People walk around feeling alone in this world, that everyone is against the little guy, and no one would listen to them if they said anything...............................

Yet they claim to have all the answers. Where is our human connection?

Woodstock 2 was a disaster. Teens burning and destroying the area just because they thought it was a good time. There was no cause, there was no spirituality and no harmony among that bunch.

Will this nation or this world ever unite in such a way again to make their voices heard and just say:

Give peace a chance?

posted on Jul, 25 2007 @ 10:12 PM
We won't see those days again for a long time. And sadly, the people in charge of screwing the country right now were also coming of age in those times. A lot of the people you saw in that show have actually sold out and joined the establishment. Or are dead. Or just grew up, got married, had kids, got jobs and became (your) parents.

I was about 5 when it went down. But I don't remember it. I remember the moon landing, but not Woodstock.

I think that was the last gasp of our cultural childhood. We began growing up into surly, rebellious teenagers in the 70's, and that phase is still continuing, with our collective unconscious being obsessed with material goods and status -- the same things high schoolers worry about (for the most part, not the bright young geeklings here on ATS of course).

Fear sells and they've got the whole country by the short & curlies right now with this War on Terror, bad economy, gang violence, etc. etc. being shoved down our throats every night. Consumerism is the only real balm they allow us to spread on our wounds, because it keeps making them richer while the 95% of the folks who actually have to work hard for a living are struggling more and more to get by and more and more people -- especially families with young children -- slip below the poverty line.

Fear fear fear. It killed the spirit of Woodstock. America's soul died of a broken heart and fright. Now it's a rotting, shambling corpse trying to eat the Middle East's brains. I mean, oil.


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