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Assuming the conspiracy theories behind the Illuminati/Masons are false myths

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posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 01:14 AM
The Axeman, thank you.

Yes, its been awhile, but I haven't been idle. I call them the "Owners". There history is what, 1500 years or so? They have been busy pitting one group against another for a very long time, and succeeding at it. They are masters at lying and deflecting attention away from themselves, and on to others.

They own virtually everything, media, Hollywood and entertainment, Governments, sports, the Vatican, wall street, Federal Reserve, Countries.

How did they acquire such a vast holding? Threw importing and exporting garbage! Yep, you wrap garbage, whether it be mercury, fluoride, or horse manure in a pretty package, give it a nice jingle or tune, and people cant get enough of it. They are experts in selling you trash whether it be Paris Hilton, or Howard Stern. They even sold Congress and the American people on the Federal Reserve. And, they sold the brotherhood a self destructive mindset.

To the Brotherhood, please awaken to who the real enemies of freedom are, and deal with them as you would with any traitor to freedom and humanity. America is being destroyed by cheap imports from China, and imported Human beings from Mexico. And, I might say, an imported depravity from their ancestral homeland.

posted on Aug, 5 2007 @ 05:16 PM

Originally posted by hotpinkurinalmint
The myths about the Illuminati and Masons on the other hand, are compelling stories. Like all compellling stories, they may harbor some truth. This truth may be an accurate description of the world at large, or could be a description of the teller of the story.

Or they may be schizophrenic hogwash. Or total fabrications.

One truth in the myth could be a truth about those who believe and recount the myths. These people may feel powerless in a world that is becoming more complex. These people feel that the complex world they live in would not function coherently unless some single entity were in control. Since they, and many of the people they associate with are powerless, and someone must have some power, some small group of strange people must have the power that makes the world coherent.

I would recommend you read Joseph Campbell, since you are undertaking to re-invent comparative mythology. He already did it much better.

Perhaps the myth reveals truths about our class system. We also live in a society where socioeconomic classes for the most part do not have any meaningful interactions with eachother.

I said Joseph Campbell, not Karl Marx or Immanuel Velikovsky or Zecharia Sitchin. They're cornflakes.

This leads them to make outlandish speculations of what these people are really like. One of thse speculations may be various Illuminati/freemason theories.

It's not really outlandish. Rich, conservative, well-to-do American WASPs would certainly prefer it if Bonesmen (etc) ruled the world. But it's not just a matter of throwing money around to make it happen, even if you field presidents and popes. You should note how very little cultural power a president actually has. The Hollywood myth of "The President" has more cultural power than the actual flesh-and-blood president does.

The Powerful can only do as much as The People are willing to abide, and while you can erode away their freedoms without great protest if you do it gradually enough, there are certain transitions that will always be viewed as "too far". If only because they'll take Jerry Springer off the air.

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