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Ol' time sightings vs. current events

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posted on Jul, 24 2007 @ 03:26 PM
2½ years ago there was a thread regarding what made a sighting or report credible. In that thread the Iran Case was mentioned but that wasn't the general subject of that particular thread.

Before finding that credibilty thread I just stumbled across and read the Iran Case from nsa's own site. Now alone that this appears on their site would probably make some people say it's disinfo or is completely uninteresting. However my lack of knowledge of the political history between Iran and the states and this story in mind makes we wanna know more...

First a repost of the Iran Case from nsa themself:

NSA website'

Then the thoughts; as I read it, there was tension at the time because Iran wanted to know and get proof that it wasn't US vehicles they encountered at the time. The proof stated that it wasn't...
But anyhoo the states still got wind of this encounter throughout every branch of the government, so the states must have been on their toes regarding a posible discovery made by Iranians on Iranian soil, no?

Is it too far fetch (merely a question, I don't want to directly imply something concrete here) that the encounter back in the 70s could have brought something more with it, that has put Iran into this very militant and aggresive state they are posing with now?

As I've stated before I like the process of speculating, and this is just another child of that. But imagine that the Iranians were able to salvage something back then and have spent the last 30 years back-engineering to accomplish something they could use for their goals (be it cleansing the world or what ever it is they want to do).
Hehe, it would make a great but grusome story wouldn't it, thinking here that we assume that the reason for the Americans to press against Iran is because two kids with great toys is one too many...

Another report which the US embassy in Kuwait got wind of even states that curious sightings which had an unatural effect on oil field machinery occured later in 1978.

NSA again

Notice in this article what an alleged report by the NSA states:

Perhaps the UFO question might even make man undertake studies which could enable him to construct a society which is most conducive to developing a completely human being, healthy in all aspects of mind and body-and, most importantly, able to recognize and adapt to real environmental situations.

Just thoughts...

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