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Risk of Internet False Flag Terrorism

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posted on Jul, 24 2007 @ 11:47 AM
could this be legitamitely used to get people's attention in today's day and age, and to provide the spark to get the public clamoring for better government regulation of the internet.....which as you may guess....they would need to move toward a more controlled dumb down obedient population

all the talk about false flag's regarding terrorism is usually physical attacks, but since the public at large maybe at least a bit skeptical, maybe a false flag could be used on the internet to surprise and catch people off guard, and leave them more open and suggestive to allowng the government to regulate and censor terrorist sites and other "anti government" topics

this kind of internet attack, which as i admit i lack the understanding, to determine how such an attack may be possible to be carried out and covered up, without the large network of computer "savvy people" tracing the steps back to insiders, i'm not sure. what i am also asking Is this possible and could it be covered up sufficiently to allow it to be carried out in the first place. such as thru networks which require only military access, or other high level access which would not be readily accessible to even hackers

edited all caps ,my bad

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