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Sound-Off.... Are You Happy With Your HEALTHCARE?

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posted on Jul, 24 2007 @ 07:59 AM
OK.. Now here's your chance to really let everyone know how you feel about the health-care we receive. Does it need revamping or are you happy with what you get? Is it too expensive or are you content with what it costs... Grab those microphones and let us know!

Regardless if your on a MAC or PC, we need you to voice your opinion, so grab those microphones now and start recording. All we ask is that you keep your PODCASTs down to about 15 seconds (+ - a few seconds) in length (if it's under or over a bit, thats ok too). We ask that you start off by saying "Hi, I go by the name of (your ATS member-name here) and I think....." We'd like to suggest that perhaps you turn off your air conditioners, fans and anything else that might come over your mic momentarily when you create your podcast, this will make it easier for everyone to hear you clearly. We know 15-18 (+-) seconds isn't much, so we want to be sure we can hear you real well when you make your mp3/podcast, by the way there isn't any difference in either one, except by name only. You can pick up a cheap microphone down at any electronics store ($3.99 to $100.00) depending on what you can afford. And to be honest, I've heard some really nice podcast/mp3's from very inexpensive mic's.

Keep in mind that we will not accept any podcast that has bad language in it... (all ATS T&C's apply) We'd like to have a nice high quality podcast of 128kbs (or higher), but if you don't know what or how to change those type of settings, thats still ok... we still want to hear you "Sound Off".

You can contact me by U2U with any questions or just get right to it, and email me your "Sound Off" podcast at:

(I'm using the above until I get some kinks worked out with my email system)

If you do U2U me (or email me), please include in the subject line "Sound-Off" as I have a number of projects I'm working on and don't want to miss your email..

Thanks for your help and participation, and maybe everyone will hear you when you... "Sound-Off"!


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posted on Jul, 24 2007 @ 10:46 AM
Hahaha...Speak of the devil. I just saw Sicko...

Some people with healthcare are possibly worse off than those without it...

Give me a day or two I'll have one recorder for you.

posted on Aug, 9 2007 @ 02:03 AM
Is there a way for people on a mac to post sound clips to you, i only saw directions for windows...

posted on Aug, 10 2007 @ 09:22 AM

Originally posted by TKainZero
Is there a way for people on a mac to post sound clips to you, i only saw directions for windows...

A mp3 is a mp3, regardless if it's made by a PC or a MAC.. And a email address is the same regardless also..

So if you can make a recording in a MP3 format,, your halfway there.
Then just send it to us at:

posted on Aug, 13 2007 @ 04:04 PM
COME ON FOLKS...... you mean there are only one or two of you that thinks the HEALTH CARE in the US is piss poor and sucks? Let's HEAR from you and have your opinion about this HEARD around the world! GET INVOLVED.


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posted on Aug, 13 2007 @ 05:20 PM
I don't have a mic to hand to make my voice heard, but as I'm due to go under the knife tomorrow morning I just have to say...god bless the NHS!

We are blessed with full and free healthcare here in the UK regardless of social or financial status, background or social-security 8th wonder of the civilised world!

Wish me luck!

posted on Aug, 13 2007 @ 05:34 PM

Originally posted by citizen smith
I don't have a mic to hand to make my voice heard, but as I'm due to go under the knife tomorrow morning I just have to say...god bless the NHS!

We are blessed with full and free healthcare here in the UK regardless of social or financial status, background or social-security 8th wonder of the civilised world!

Wish me luck!

Yeah nhs is free but also kinda crappy aswell if I could id pay private for my health care better treatment and less waiting time for ops...ive been waiting over 4 month to have 2 wisdom teeth pulled by the nhs now tell me whats quicker.

posted on Aug, 13 2007 @ 05:50 PM
A fellow manc!

I'd not be here if it weren't for the NHS patching me up after 2 rather nasty RTAs in my earlier years!...I've waited precisely 12 weeks from seeing the doc to surgeon consultation to the op booking tomorrow which is a lot faster than I would have imagined, I guess it's down to getting on the phone and politely harrassing those who oil the wheels

(not that I'm queue-jumping...that would be SO just have to know how to complain constructively)

posted on Aug, 13 2007 @ 06:33 PM
I'd say it's hit and miss whether you get good healthcare in the UK. A bit like taking a car to the garage and getting a good service or a dodgy one. Two of the main problems are 1/ the time the doc has to make a diagnosis and 2/ he doesn't know what's wrong but his ego won't let him admit it so he makes something up that fits in with your symptoms. Good luck with your op. tomorrow Smithy.

posted on Aug, 13 2007 @ 06:46 PM
I need to quit my job which has been providing health-care to me. I am going in with my friend on a plumbing business. I will not be making much money for almost a year, and insurance companies are charging me almost 500 dollars a month for healthcare!!!! I am a healthy 25 year old. I am not sure if i will have to be without health care for a while. I am seriously really stressing right now, along with other recent events in my life. 500 dollars a month is absolutely not fair and i'm so sick and tired of all the freaking money the government spends on b.s and it cant even take care of its own people. IF i had a microphone you would probably hear more curse words in 2 minutes then watching the whole move of scarface.

posted on Aug, 13 2007 @ 07:07 PM
Okay I'll bite... I probably should not be posting at all as I am Canadian. Compared to probably a vast majority of Americans, my health care is in-frickin-credible, I know that... But I can still manage to complain about it... I know I have no right to even consider whining about "paid-for" health care, but as it turns out, after almost 40 years of taking for granted, and receiving "free" healthcare, I can still find it within my greedy selfish-self to nitpick about something that 90 some percent of the worlds population will never have... So, if you don't want to hear someone whining about something that is totally taken for granted (Did you know I could go into the doctor for "free" everytime I sniffle, and get a blue cross "paid-for" prescription for some cold medicine, then get a doctor note to stay home from work paid for two days?), then you better not read this. But these guys are almost begging for some complaints, so what the heck, I'll get this pet peeve off my chest...

My first complaint, before I address the "free" healthcare bits, is my biggest beef with our healthcare system here, and it is all the FREELOADING BASTARDS that rush into the doctor with a sniffle to get a free drug prescription and two paid days off, whenever they need time off, sick or not. Better to use up sick time, then holiday time, for days off, right? This is a huge problem with a large comprehensive healthcare systems like ours in my opinion, is that the system gets heavily taken advantage of from BOTH SIDES, patients and doctors. The odd time I do go in (maybe once every year and a half), the waiting room is a joke. It is crammed full of people with what I would consider "frivolous" concerns. You do see a lot of obviously legitimate doctor visits like pregnancies, injuries, whatever, but there are also alot of people in for their "sniffles", and stiff shoulders, and stress headaches. Some say that if there was a small user fee that we had to pay for every visit, then maybe it would cut down on the number of people with sniffle visits, but it didn't fly at the time...
"We already pay 42 bucks a month for our free health care, let alone another 30 dollar user fee payment every time I get a headache!", so that idea fizzled out, and I don't necessarily agree with it either, but at least someone came up with something to try and ease this burden on our system...
Oh yeah, the doctors taking advantage of the system as well bit... Every visit you go in with the "sniffles", the doctor (I am sure he knows when someone is legitimately sick or not) gives out a big brand name prescription, orders up a full blood diagnosis, gets 3 xrays, and sets up a return visit in one week. The doctor could get full payment for the visitation, bonus for recomendations to other doctors if "needed", bonus for blood test farmout, 120 bucks an xray, bonuses from pharmacuetical companies for prescribing their meds, and then you come back in a week, and we will figure something else out then.... Now obviously I am exagerating some here, but I am sure you get my point how easy it is for doctors to take advantage and to get their piece of the pie... Of course, just like the "patients", not every doctor takes advantage of the system, there are a lot of honorable doctors and people out there...

My second complaint is the whole "Canadians have free health care" bit. It is not free... Dam cheap maybe in comparison, but not free... Its 42 bucks a month right now I think

posted on Aug, 13 2007 @ 07:10 PM

posted by citizen smith
...god bless the NHS! We are blessed with full and free healthcare here in the UK regardless of social or financial status, background or social security 8th wonder of the civilised world! Wish me luck!

Today, August 13, 2007, Is Fidel Castro's birthday. The 81st. He brought the Latin equal to NHS to Cuba a half century ago. Today, Cuba enjoys better infant mortality rates and more longevity than the United States, nemesis to the "free' world.

Cuba’s GDP per person ($4,000) is LESS than the US spends on health care per person ($7,000), yet Cuba is the medical center of choice for 100s of millions of people in the world South of the Rio Grande.

You figure.

Happy Birthday, Fidel! I wish you a long life - especially past January 20, 2009, when you will have outlasted TEN American presidents. And you did more for your people than all ten of them have done for theirs. Hmm?

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posted on Sep, 4 2007 @ 11:07 PM
The provision of health care in the United States is in a bad state IMO. over the last decade by the unending growth of managed care. Making promisies to employers and legislators to reduce the costs of health care.

HMOs have now replaced traditional medical insurance plans for the most of the American workers. Patients no longer have freedom to choose their own doctors, but are either assigned a "primary" by their HMO, or given a limited list of doctors to choose from. Which in some cases, you can not sue that doctor for malpractice, without a lawyer that knows the laws very well. And costs alot of money which ends up being half of what you got in court!!!

Patients are no longer able to see a specialist when they deem it necessary, but only upon the referral of their primary, who may have economic incentives to deny referral.

The practice of medicine is now defined by HMO guidelines promulgated by medically uneducated administrators whose goal is to make more profit rather than provide good care. For many HMOs and HMO doctors, the practice of medicine is secondary to the business of medicine.

The predatory proliferation of HMOs, with their creed of "The less you do, the more you make!", has destroied the quality of medical care more than any other event in the history of medicine. And this is just HMO.. Guys its a mess out there, and the money spent on weapons... Bill Hicks did say it best!! People need to wake up and understand, we are spending more money on killing people, than healing the people of this world!!

Im not a spot light kinda guy here, so take what you want.. way more than 15 secs. but people need to hear it!

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