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ALEX COLLIER - truth or not ?

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posted on Nov, 25 2007 @ 04:57 AM
Hey does anyone have an update on what happened to him or what he is doing now?

The video was from the 90's. It would be good to have him do a new interview seeing that many more poeple are listening to his message.

posted on Dec, 5 2007 @ 09:43 AM

Originally posted by Cyber_Wasp
Hey does anyone have an update on what happened to him or what he is doing now?

The video was from the 90's. It would be good to have him do a new interview seeing that many more poeple are listening to his message.

There's an interview of 2001. You can find it here:

He explains why he stopped. That was the first question.

posted on Jan, 9 2008 @ 04:56 AM
Did anyone catch him rolling his R's from time to time? Does he speak Spanish? It sounds as if though he does, but he is from Michigan, no?

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posted on Jan, 9 2008 @ 05:31 PM
Here's the second part of his 2002 lecture which was just recently put up on Dr. Michael Salla's website.

Some of it was mysteriously erased(wanna guess by who?), so some parts may not make sense.

posted on Feb, 27 2008 @ 11:49 AM
one thing you do when watching the interview of Alex Collier is look at all the other interviews and such from other people.

What gives Alex Collier some credibility is what happened to Phil Schneider, Phil in his small conferences and what he told one of his friends close to him seems to not be any different then what Collier is saying, and we all know what happened to Phil Schneider in the end.

What Alex Collier says seems over time to be what other people report, one abduction that was done by UFO hunters just a week ago had 1 woman plot out a star system before it was ever mapped by Astronomers, that star system was Zeta Reticuli.

While this cant be proven, Collier talks about an Orion group, so happens the Pyramids of Giza look like Orions belt in the precise pattern it was built.

Collier says Mars has many people living underground, while this hasnt been proven yet, Hoagland and Lear come to mind when talking about this, both I think believe their is intelligent life living below its surface.

Collier also talks about Reptilians living underneath the surface, this is where Phil Schneider comes in where he was engaged underground in a secret base up against a reptilian alien, if anyone believes schneider or not is another story, do remember he was targeted 14 times by assasins, 14th is what got him.

I think in the end its beginning to make sense, not just because Collier has come forward with this info, but others have and they all seem to be in line with one another and are telling the same information.

Even with knowing this is true, what do we do? Thats the big question.

posted on Feb, 29 2008 @ 04:43 PM

Originally posted by sarentackEven with knowing this is true, what do we do? Thats the big question.

Hello, I registered here to share this information with fellow seekers of Truth.

posted on Feb, 29 2008 @ 05:01 PM
I have seen the Alex Collier interview a few times now and he comes off as genuine. The thing is though another abductee I believe to be very genuine (Jim Sparks) has a total differing view on reptilians. Can they both be right? I don't know. Alex says the reptilians are evil, can bottle up our fear and literally feed off of it, create wars, manipulate etc etc. Jim says he thinks they get a bad rep and that they are very loving and care very much about the earth and the people. He said the reptilians gave technology to humans and they misused it and certain people used it to make themselves look like reptilians so they can rape women or something to that effect. The reptilians (according to Jim) strongly deny any wrongdoing to the human race. Now if Jim is right and people like Alex are being fooled by fake reptilians then wouldn't the aliens Alex is in touch with know this and tell him of the falsehood? Or if Alex is right then Jim is wrong even though he feels very strongly they are benevolent creatures.

Alex seems to espouse gloom and doom and Jim gives a message of hope. Hard to reconcile the two if they can be reconciled. I would like to hear what they have to say about each other.

posted on Feb, 29 2008 @ 05:06 PM

Originally posted by sarentack
Collier also talks about Reptilians living underneath the surface, this is where Phil Schneider comes in where he was engaged underground in a secret base up against a reptilian alien, if anyone believes schneider or not is another story, do remember he was targeted 14 times by assasins, 14th is what got him.

Not to jump on you but Schneider said the shootout he was in was with the tall greys not reptilians.

posted on Mar, 12 2008 @ 06:59 PM

Originally posted by GeeGee
I posted this in another thread relevant to this one:

I didn't believe what he was saying at first, but then I read the letter Jim Robinson wrote to Dr. Michael Salla regarding Collier's authenticity. Jim and his wife witnessed a craft floating above Alex's house at 1 AM. Dr. Salla met Alex, Jim, and Jim's wife. They confirmed that they saw a craft floating above Alex's house. In 2001, Alex was approached by a few men who showed him a list, on top of that list was Jim's name. The men said "we'll start taking out your friends if you don't take your site down and keep quiet". Alex had no choice because he was worried they would go after Jim, or even worst, his family members. He hasn't spoken in public for five years, until this October in Japan. Dr. Salla has recorded his lecture and it'll be online shortly.

I was curious if anyone ever found a copy of this lecture? I've been wondering how Alex has been and would like to keep up with his info.

posted on Mar, 19 2008 @ 03:32 PM
I for one believe him. He seems very legit and knows what he is talking about.

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 11:41 AM
reply to post by merryxmas

That is true, it was with greys after they'd 'drilled' (laser drilling) to some depth, gone down to investigate their work, and found 3 ships if i remember rightly and a number of aliens, all but Phil and a friend died. The freind went crazy apparently, and is in a retirement home protected by the Canadian govt.

he does mention reptilians, but if i remember correctly, is was from a friend of his in the 'company' and never actually saw on himself.

A good account on Alpha Draconians is from Thomas Costello (ex A52/Dulce), not sure what hes doing now, but at the time, he was travelling from place to place in hiding i think. He claims to be a first hand witness to the 'Dulce wars'.

I'm guessing that not every Draconian is bad, Thomas Costello related to how some Draconians helped them in the 'resistance' effort, they didn't agree with their 'masters' ideas and so tried to help.

posted on Mar, 25 2008 @ 12:06 PM
alex collier is very believable to me. im convinced only because he has soo much info to speak of. plus his body language does not tell me he is lying.

posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 10:13 AM
i believe pretty much every word alex collier says
hes legit
does anybody have any recent info on him

posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 05:28 PM
reply to post by 1234567

I dont know if you've seen the vids on where i base my opinion on but here it goes.

I definatly believe him.
He speaks with so much passion, so much anger, so much frustration, so much emotions and so much belief, he even got emotional and crying.
I cant possibly imagine it is a fake and studied appearance.

Not even Al Pacino could act like Alex if he is really acting the way he talked in the interview i have seen.

It is that on which i base my opinion about peole on for a large part. Because the way people talk you can see and feel if they are real or not.

Not to even mention his story which all makes complete sense and seems completely logic when you think about it.

I also heard Alex Collier is not his real name because of fear of the people who dont want this to be know, and i know he does everything for free.
He asks no money, not for intervieuws, not for lectures, not for readings, nothing.

Now what would someone have to gain by lying, acting, changing his name and making a total fool outta himself, not to mention the people who try to write and talk him of as some insane crazy fool?
The only thing people can gain with it is money, which he doesnt even want.

Btw, i havent heard of him for a long time anymore, someone know why and how he's doing?

Ooh and btw, i remeber an intervieuw from alex, from 1994 !! in which he claims America is going to have, or launch, a so called "terrorist" attack on own ground somewhere around the year 2000!!!
We all know about 9-11 but he mentioned it in 1994.

posted on Apr, 6 2008 @ 05:41 PM

Originally posted by salez20
Sounds like it would be an awesome sci fi novel... but this is NOT the truth.

In the interview, he speaks about how Human life migrated to Earth after their original planet Lyra was killed during various wars.

If humans had the technology to travel from one end of the galaxy to another (from Lyra to Earth), how come after thousands of years of evolution and development we could not achieve this today?

He speaks about how the benevolent Greys and Andromedans want us to desperately "take responsibility" and clean up the planet.

Why have they traveled back in time to tell Mr. Collier all this information, rather than simply telling the general populous? If they need us to change to save humanity on this planet, why not just come down and tell us?

Mr Collier spoke about bases on Mars that were being attacked by hundreds of thousands of Reptilian craft and soldiers.

He wants us to believe that not ONE independently owned high powered telescope on the whole planet would not see this and release this information?

Mr Collier also claims that there are bases all over the moon and Mars.

Would no one on Earth receive any type of radio or satellite signal that these bases are broadcasting?

He claims that reptilian aliens could be 22 feet tall and weigh thousands of pounds... and also that reptilians are responsible for coming up from their "inner - earth bases" and kidnapping children.

Im sorry guys, but im sure if 22 foot tall LIZARD ALIENS were coming to the surface and kidnapping children someone would see SOMETHING. Why has no one seen any of these aliens besides Mr. Collier?

It made for an interesting interview, but not ONE ounce of proof was offered to back up any of these claims. After viewing the interview I would have to say it was NOT the truth.


Everything you say is so easy to explain i am not even beginning too.
Just read your own questions and with a little bit of logical thinking you can answer yourself all these questions.

I think there is one big problem you make. You think aliens are only as old and advanced as we are. They are so much more older, so much more advanced... if they dont want us to notice a signal or an attack, then we dont notice it. Not even if we were on the moon or Mars ourselves.


posted on Apr, 7 2008 @ 09:31 PM
Collier talks too casually, too glibly. And he doesn't offer much to substantiate his reports. Where is the science, the corroboration? It's easily possible that, being an ex-serviceman, Collier is just another disinfo agent, like Richard Doty.

For example: Collier says Spain and France's Basques are an e.t. race, the Lyrans. He says they're human-like, worshipped as gods on some planets. Doesn't an alarm go off in your head when you hear something like that? The Basques are very human. Just because current linguistics can't place the origin of their language doesn't mean it didn't develop discretely in a given Earth location. At this point in reading his speech, Collier began to sound like many others who seem to fawn over the lesser enclaves of what, according to my sources, are simply human-looking products of the gray alignment's breeding program. But why would Collier do his stand-up in such detail? Could he be part of a cover plan to sow confusing reports intended to make us think such populations predate us, therefore we should respect them?

Collier says Vegans/Lyrans had a colony in N. Africa 701,000 yrs. ago. Give me a break. If such were true, we'd find artifacts. There are none. He says Niburu aliens did same in Ethiopia 585,000 yrs ago. No artifacts, no proof--only Collier's (former military) statements.

Worse yet, he says Lemurians had colony in the South Pacific. See a pattern here? Collier is trying to get us to think we're merely incidental ironies of an older alien human version on this planet. Do you see how that could make some uninformed or unscientific humans think that the gray-related incursion is just the same old, same old --both of, and native to, this planet... not to worry?

Collier says Atlantis was founded by e.t.’s 57,000 yrs ago-- by Pleiadians. Now this statement is definitely in the vein of the gray alignment's "galactic federation" dogma. And I'll venture that Collier isn't telling the truth. Even if he may have been seen around a flying disk, that doesn't mean his former-military dogma is as he says it is. It simply means he's either of interest to, or favored by a certain alien group.

The clincher that bares Collier's lie, or misinformation is the 2500 pound, warlike Reptilians story he tells--18-25 feet tall reptile aliens ruled by a monarch, queen, one of the most powerful races in the galaxy. That is absolutely false. To tell that is another indicator of the origins of Collier's (former military) misinformation. Bushies and Cheney, and other like them reportedly purvey similar reptilian imagery, which is for fear effect only. Collier doesn't think deeply. Aliens evolve; they don't regress with time.

Finally, Collier says grays are a militant race, hostile to humans. “The Greys have participated in all Wars of Enforcement declared by the reptilian alliances and have been attributed with three accidental extinctions in the last ten thousand years.” Ever seen war-like grays, militants? They're non-sexuals, maybe too obedient, but not militant. Instead, they appear to be too easily led by others in their alignment. And what is their alignment? Phillip Krapf's report on it is the most plausible, and it isn't led by "reptilians." Wonder what Karl Rove thinks about Collier...

Collier appears to be trying to play human popular culture for simple-minded. What he actually thinks about his information and whether he believes it, I can't say. But I certainly don't believe him. I suspect he's another disinfo artist like Richard Doty. Only at this early stage in human-alien interactions would such patently fake info be taken seriously. Collier appears to be that percentage of disinfo that's doled out to confuse us, to keep us from developing a clear, scientific analysis of our situation.

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posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 07:27 AM
reply to post by gl2

I'm a bit lost here, do you mean that the grey's and reptilians are the good guys? or that they don't exist, I'm just trying to understand your thoughts on this subject.

Also, are you saying that various ET's didn't colonize earth at all? or that the races he states are incorrect?

True, just because Basque can't be identified with any terrestrial language, doesn't mean it's extraterrestrial, but it could be

There have been many artifacts found that we have no idea what they do, or who made them, some are so intricate it is hard for us to replicate with modern technology, some of these were made from granite!! we have found many mysteries, so you can't completely rule out some sort of ET intervention

thanks. EMM

posted on Apr, 8 2008 @ 08:40 AM
reply to post by nightmare_david

"Again, did you even pay attention to the videos? He said the bases are underground and are millions of years old. Meaning it's ancient technology and not of Earth. How would we be able to hear that signal? They'd be using stuff far more advanced than anything we got. Even NASA said that during one of the Apollo missions I believe it was, they saw that when the moon was struck by a tool of there's it rung like a bell I believe is how they described it. Somethings going on within the moon for it to sound hollow."

I was wondering where you got that from?

I mean: There's no air on the moon. No air=no sound and all that.


Ahh, I misread 'they SAW that when ..' my apologies. Though it brings a different point. It's mysterious that in low gravity a kinetic impact would have a vibration effect on the dust/dirt around said impact site? (I presume thats what the 'rung like a bell' means when seeing it. again: presumption on my part.)

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posted on Apr, 9 2008 @ 01:56 AM
That the debunkers don't attack Alex makes me worry actualy.

I like the man, I hope his story is real, cuz then at least some aliens are on our side.

I don't know what to think anymore, gaurd your mind agaisnt disinformation is all I can say, I've been on such a rollercoaster over all this, not fun.

He does roll his 'R's he's from near me here in N.Az, and not uncommon for spanish speakers, however his rolling sounds more russian to my Zoney ears, could be wrong though.

I have read his 1st book, most of the material availible for him, and I can find almost no mistakes. Only 2 things I found questionable are hardly worth mentioning, but I do out of fairness, and to make the point that a lier would make more mistakes, even a really good one.

1. He says reptillians have had space travel for 4billion years a bunch of times, and just once he mentions 3billion, but it could have been talking how long thay had had it at an earlier date.

2. He often says people are taught earth's gravity is made by it spinning, but its really the sun interacting with the earth that makes gravity. I was taught in physics that gravity is a natural funtion of mass, and that the spin actualy works against gravity, it tries to spin us off the planet, not keep us on. But I have heard people say they thought it was the spin that made gravity, to be fair.

So there is my take on all this.

I hope he is real even though he says the scaleys are eating kids, at least there is some intergalactic help to be had.

Then again, the prime directive should keep any good aliens away till we find them, so who knows?

Here is Alex's book:

Here is what worries me if its true, it would make Alex's aliens on the same side as the scaleys.

posted on Apr, 24 2008 @ 08:12 AM
Hi All,

ive just been catching up on this thread and i had no idea of the info you all speak of, great stuff and thanks for the links.

I for one find AC rather interesting to study, i know his theories are off the wall, but like you have all pointed out, a lot of other people speak of very similar goings on around our planet.

At the end of the day we can only respect each other in our discussions, keep searching for the truth and as Maxwell says - seek the truth and the truth will set you free, which is one philosophy i live by.

Again i have to say, its great for once to read a thread that is not constant attacks on the OP or other comments like so many threads i see on ATS nowadays. Even when people disagree, we dont/should not fight about it.

And another thing (sorry rambling on a bit), is that whatever you believe, whether you think Alex C / Phil Schneider et al are right or wrong, there is one point we can take form their discussions that is 100% fact, and that is we should all respect each other more, regardless of race and ask more questions - do not take anything for granted, be responsible for your own actions and the influence they have on others. I think if we all stuck to this, then regardless of Aliens/cover-ups, i believe we would triumph over the corruption that runs rife on our planet.

Peace to all.

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