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U.F.O story

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posted on Jul, 22 2007 @ 12:00 AM
Alright here it is, I didn't see it but I know one of those who did. My friend, we'll call him captain x was involved with the testing of a certain missile system at
a certain military installation. The test was a missile that intercepts an
incoming ballistic missile. Captain x was doing security work at the test site.
The ballistic missile to be intercepted was fired from 1500 or so miles away,
and when the timing was right the interceptor was fired. A normal launch
happened and the interceptor screamed toward it's target. Captain x's friend
was manning the radar observing the test. Shortly after launch the interceptor exploded, short of it's target. After aproximately 10 min. after the failed test captain x talked to his friend who said that he picked up an object on radar that came in behind the interceptor missile, stopped directly in front of it, causing the interceptor to explode, and then went the opposite direction at the same speed, which was over 20,000 miles per hour without accelerating or decelerating, it instantly stopped, and went the other direction, with zero acceleration time. Like lightning, but it was a big object with a radar signature of a small plane.

I have zero proof, pictures, or anything in writing, I don't want anyone to get in trouble so I left names and locations out including the country or when it happened. Captain x saw the explosion but not the UFO, which was at around 35,000 feet according to radar man. So it was invisible at that altitude at night, he did not mention the weather but I guess it was clear since he saw the explosion. Lets just say that radar man was instructed to report the event as a "launch failure". He says it was Aliens, but could have been from our earthly enemies, or our own military.

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