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When ladies don't want to be naked

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posted on Jul, 21 2007 @ 08:00 PM
During the last few years, advances in infrared (IR) photography have made it possible for some portable videocameras to use a night lens during daytime at beaches and public pools to capture nude images of women, children, and infants who are wearing swim suits ...the night vision mode on these cameras sees right through thin clothing, revealing all. For that matter, men and teenaged boys in swim trunks can be similarly victimized as well.

In case you think this is funny, consider whether you would like to have photos of yourself, your siblings, your parents, your children and/or your significant other paraded in the altogether on the internet.

Sigh ...I wish this were a hoax but it's not. So what self-protection is available? In Japan, a college athletic association that is anxious to protect its student athletes at swim meets persuaded Cramer Textile in Japan to develop swimsuits that block the IR wavelength of light. Here is a link to one recent story on this development:

According to the story at this link, the newest garment they are selling are IR-proof underpants, for $2000 yen. That is slightly over $17.00 U.S. at the moment. A photo of these underpants is on page 46 of the new (August 2007) issue of Wired magazine. (Plain beige hiphugger style)

The online story doesn't say which swimsuit manufacturers offer this feature. If you find out about more retail locations, can you post that info here?


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