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Abduction Criteria and Prevention

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posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 01:14 PM
I do have to say, the times I can "just snap out of it" or "will it away" it's always a sleep paralysis episode.

For a long time I was really confused by them, but then I started noticing that while it seemed very realistic, there were always mistakes - a chair where one isn't, a window where there isn't one, the closet missing or what have you. Over time, I started looking for inaccuracies right at the start of events, and as soon as I recognize that it's bogus, I'll try to wiggle a finger or toe. That ends it on the spot.

Also, the times where it feels like my entire body is buzzing, or I hear a roaring or explosion, it's a sleep paralysis dream and I do the finger thing before it gets started good.

On the other hand, the other sort you can actually get up and walk around and it won't go away. And you don't wake up at the end - you're already there.

posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 04:58 PM

insights. The paralysis I felt was also laden with love not just fear. It may stem from their fondness of humans for food

As I understand it, they are skilled at tweaking the pleasure centers in the brain toward feeling loved and/or sexually pleasured, aroused etc.

We are beginning to be able to do the same sorts of things, evidently, with chemicals and/or electronic wave types of stimulation.

You might find


an interesting place to compare stories. . . . and solutions, outcomes.

Evidently, according to some sources, Loner sorts of folks are supposedly targetd above average.

posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 05:08 PM

e. It's my feeling that any entities, human, or otherwise, capable of influencing the degree of compassion on this planet...can't be bad. Such is the quality of my experiences with 'them'...and perhaps this is their 'mission'...if in fact they have one. I may be naive, but my experience to date gives me no reason to fear the motives of these visitors...quite the contrary. Then again, maybe I'm just running with the right crowd.

I used to hold the hypothesis that there may be "good" "ET's/Watchers."

Now, I tend to view all of them as Biblical/Book of Enoch FALLEN ANGELS.

I can imagine a very slight chance that God's Holy Angels might appear on occasion as ET's but I increasingly doubt it.

Spiritual warfare activities and authority has the same effect with the ET's/WATCHERS as it does with demonic forces. I find that very telling.

I also find it very telling that ALL of the better known researchers in the field have in their files abundant examples of such evidence and stories but forbade Guy Malone at


from reporting such with ANY of their names attached.

I think it is exceedingly plausible that WATCHERS/FALLEN ANGELS would have a lot of agenda motivating them to appear as ANGELS OF LIGHT; compassionate etc. etc. etc. Seductive activities work best that way. Less hassles; less overt immediate negative fall out; less blockages.

They are evidently building a . . . massive . . . cadre of compliant chipped, tracked, monitored, mentally, technologically enslaved humans as well as ditto hybrids. Such enslaved masses likely work best, most effectively, most compliantly when convinced that the slave masters are wonderful critters.

posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 05:13 PM


It was like pulling a heavy object out of the thickest tar. But I kept up the struggle to form the one thought I hoped would save me, "I REFUSE!". Stronger and stronger I forced the image in my consciousness.

The response was unexpected. The "beings" seemed to be enraged at my resistance; they bagan pounding on the door and window. I was certain that they would break through at any second and that I would be taken.

But all I could do was repeat over and over "I REFUSE! I REFUSE!"

I believe that this is consistent with many, many reports, case histories that Guy Malone has of


Evidently there is a FREE-WILL CHOICE that is very critical but which must be exercised decisively and somewhat intensely--even fiercely.

This could be another reason for the benevolent facade. It seduces the free-will choice in their direction much more readily.

Then there's the stories of their inducing fear deliberately to siphon off some chemical from fear filled brains to act as some sort of intensely trippy pleasure drug to them. I wonder if there's any truth to that. Sheesh!

posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 05:29 PM

Resistance is really futile...

Hundreds of former victims on record with Guy Malone at


insist that's not the case. There are many cases of abductions going on for many generations back hundreds of years . . . being brought to a screeching halt by the teaching/training available at that website.

I have talked with Guy at length at a UFO conference. He's the real deal. Used to have abductions routiniely himself. Was very reluctantly brought into the field full time as his life work.

He's a bit zaney and fun, thankfully. But he's rock solid factual, serious, honorable etc. The materials available at the site are truly on a "whatever you care to pay" basis--even if that's 50 CENTS.

They even gave me a big roll of NO ET stickers free without my asking.

posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 05:46 PM
to the GreySwordsMan.
No there were no communications with "inmates". I was trying to convey the thought process of a returning memory. A place I had been before and dreaded.
How this came about was from being poisoned by a group that wanted me out of their way. They use a tetra toxin that does not show up well in an autopsy. Anyway I went through a vine of light past the spheres of Nirvana and even was given a message by Eric Wise: “Does the word Rosa-bell mean anything to anyone here?” he asked that I deliver it to his wife. Then he warned me to go no further. I entered next into a rollercoaster type ride as though inside a computer program. I felt a clay body being put together with the pain of a body being torn apart but in reverse. (I found this years later described in the book “Life Began in Sumer”).There was a screen in the back of the head, a ball in the center and somehow I could see. The four foot high frog like creature showed me film strips (of a future war) via what resembled a dentist’s light. At the end of it two normal looking people, one with dark hair the other light, came in looked at my feet then my face and the one said “look at the hair (hare, heir)”. I threw out my arm and said “give them another chance” I next found myself going up quickly through the vine in the other direction. I followed a smaller branch of the vine with a blue color. I fell through an opening into a waiting room were everyone including myself were in two bodies one vapor and the other crystal.
I believe it is a message system between intelligent beings (with strong Judean/Christian overtones) in other dimensions and the vastness of space to communicate with the speed of thought.
The outcome is this: at a given time some will be pulled from their clay vessels (earthly bodies) and their spirits will be carried to a tower at Megiddo to receive new crystal vessels filled with vapor. These bodies will allow them to be taken by way of the vine of light to a new world and there will be given a new and more pleasant life without the evils of this world. Our world I believe is a spiritual penal colony filled with prisoners or misfits from several planets to be surrounded by false temptations. Our own memories will be used to judge us by. To allow painless travel even at the speed of light for such a great distance our memories of painful experience and all animal drives such as lust will be removed from us. No hunger, no sex drive, no dreams, or even sleep for a very long trip.
In the mean time I suggest staying out of south-eastern Pakistan (1st) as well as southern Florida (2nd) as they share a common destiny.
In keeping with this thread I guess you may say it is a small world after all and we are welcome to play here providing we do not contaminate the oceans too badly. So if people want to see really technologically advanced creatures in bad moods just increase pollution of the oceans if you don’t want a lot of meetings then keep the oceans clean.

posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 07:07 PM
Guy Malone...Welcome to the Hive

The materials available at the site are truly on a "whatever you care to pay" basis--even if that's 50 CENTS.

Their called donations. Same basis all churches, and their religious affiliates operate on.

They even gave me a big roll of NO ET stickers free without my asking.

I get a free copy of the Watchtower every time the guys in the white shirts pedal-up to my door.

Yes, I'm familiar with his rap:

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