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When is enough...................enough?

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posted on Jul, 20 2007 @ 10:22 AM
You name the sport, and it has it's Babies. There isn't a professional sport that doesn't have a whiner. And what classifies a sport as professional? Is it because one rich white guy says so? He owns a few more teams than the other guy, so now it means that cricket isn't professional, or badmitten, or horeshoes. Does it matter the compexity? Does it matter how many people play?

Surely not. But with the influx of increasingly large salaries, American sports at least have taken a dive. Sports "stars" are becoming more famous than political figures, people that wield the power to change the world with a spoken word.

How many times will we have to see these children crying over money?

I used to be like most of you, I loved baseball, not really too fond of football, but I was a fan of the Cowboys back in their superbowl days when they were on top of the game.

Drugs, both steroid and more hardcore drugs, bad behavior, and again, money have corrupted our stars and our idols from a once revered state to a puddle of corruption and greed.

I am tired of the strikes, of the players getting Millions of dollars to PLAY A GAME. It's one thing to adjust for inflation, but I have no interest anymore in any professional sport. Athletes are "juiced up" and greedy. Now before you go flaming this thread, I know that not all athletes are like this, but the majority have taken root, and the line is now blurred.

I used to look up to you when I was a kid, now what do I have to look up to? A monkey for a prez, and a retirement system that will be non-exsistant by the time I am ready to quit.

posted on Jul, 20 2007 @ 01:31 PM
The money being tossed around is obscene, on that we agree...

It's the greed that bugs me most. Rookies who've never played a down in the NFL not signing a contract because there's not enough money. Play first, you greedy bastard, then whine about the money...

Alex Rodriquez, no matter how great a player he is, is not worth 30+ million a year. Even if he was, only a couple of teams can afford to pay him that kind of money, one being the team he apparently wants to leave, the Yankees. He's going to price himself right out of playing for a good team.

Professional sports all over the world are like that though, watch European soccer news for a real example. Our boy Becks, or the Saviour of American soccer, is the poster child for that. Man U., Manchester United!!, couldn't or wouldn't pay him what he was asking. Was it Real Madrid that paid him that outrageous money, only to discover a washed up has been was getting all that money? Now the LA Galaxcy get to discover how much they over paid, in 6 years the Galaxy will be broke. Mostly because of the Saviour.

While I still follow professional sports, I much prefer small college and high school sports, the game means something to those kids. Though I have my doubts about some of the high school programs.

posted on Jul, 23 2007 @ 10:14 PM
With so many records close to being broken by "tainted" athletes, how can our generation, or our children look up to that which has traded in talent and skill for an easy way into the record books?

Former hall of famers are not without their skeletons, but they tried to keep it off the field, and played with genuine skill.

How can you count skill from a syringe into the hall of fame?

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