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Finally! Danish hydrogencar to hit the streets in August...

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posted on Jul, 20 2007 @ 12:45 AM

Translated best to my ability from danish to English:

Coming August, the first Danish hydrogen car will hit the streets. Hywet is the name and it's a result of a cooperation between private and public sector.

The extraordinary car will not be extraordinary expensive: The price will be below 200.000 danish crowns, the daily paper Børsen writes.

Substitute for the combustion engine
Denmark is well on the way to getting its first car with a hydrogen engine, a technology which many predict will be the substitute technology for the poluting combustion engine.

The car, which has the name Hywet, is a modification of the original Danish electric car, Kewet, which today is being manufactured in Norway where it has reached cult status.

The hydrogen version is the result of a cooperation between the private and public sector: Heat, Serenergy, Aalborg University, Cemtec and Mariagerfjord kommune.

Fuelcells supply the power
The car, which will see the light of day at August, is equiped with a 13 kW electric engine and a stack of hightemperature PEM fuelcells along with a modern Lithium Ion-battery.

When the car starts it does so with the help from the battery, but after a short while the car changes to run on the fuelcell, which will run constantly and supply the car with the nescesary power from its own powerplant.
Reported by "Børsen"

One of the links to the original text: (in Danish)

Danish Radio

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posted on Jul, 20 2007 @ 12:51 AM
Now about the price...

Below 200.000 danish is about the same as saying:

Below $30.000 dollars
Below 26.500 Euroes

In Denmark this is a fair price for a normal combustion engine car, most of which could easily cost above 200.000 crowns. We have lots of taxes on cars which relate to upkeep of the infrastructure, the amount of polution made by them and the occasional insane bridge and so on. (gonna be building a new bridge to Germany in the near future...)

I think the reason for the high pricing is because it's still at its young stage, so given time and popularity the car is bound to drop in price.
Otherwise I think they'll have a hard time to persuade people to buy such a small car...even though it doesn't polute nearly as much.

I will keep an eye out for new development

Yay at the hydrogen car...

posted on Jul, 20 2007 @ 12:56 AM
Technology like this has existed for a long long time. But since there will be no profits if cars don't use conventional fuel, the technology is highly surpressed.
It is up to dedicated individuals in the private sector to bring this sort of stuff to life. Cmon, you rich reclusive peoples . . .

posted on Jul, 20 2007 @ 02:37 AM
Yes there has, but Denmark seems to be a nice breedingground for technologies like this... We are used to having to pay high taxes for things that affect environmental aspects.
So paying slightly less for something that even doesn't affect the environment that bad is something most people could agree with. Heck, I'd buy this one if only I could a afford a car in the first place, hehe.

And from what I can hear form the generations a little younger than myself they scorn people with big cars like Landrovers etc.
There's quite a health hype going on here, fx. the government are about to discuss the reduction of tax on fruit and vegetables to persuade people to buy more of said.

The hydrogen car should fit right in in this mentality and hopefully not become a seasoned vehicle like the "eller" we had som 10-15 years ago.

Let's see how many are sold in the last half of the year.

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posted on Jul, 20 2007 @ 04:58 AM
That's a coll looking car, I hope it becomes popular and starts being imported,
thusly requiring countries to build Hydrogen fuel stations.
However because of price discrepancies, I don't think it will immediately be popular everywhere.

Based on current currency rates, kr200,000 is (averaged) about $37,000 or €27,000.

That's more or less what one would pay for an upscale car in the U.S.
Unfortunately this
car is fairly expensive when it comes to cars in the U.S., since cars like the Yaris sell
new from between $12,000-15,000, depending on what you get included with it.

I wonder though, when the price comes down and this is more viable in the U.S. and
other parts of the world, will Denmark see an international auto sale boom, that is becoming
like Japan or the U.S. in auto sales.

I mean Finland saw something similar in Mobile markets with Nokia being the global leader in
Mobile phone production.

Oh, and I think that's a good name, I'm not sure what it means translated, but in English it
makes since, Hy as in Hydrogen and wet because the primary source of Hydrogen is
from water and indeed is the only byproduct from Hydrogen engines.

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posted on Jul, 20 2007 @ 09:00 AM
While the introduction of a Hydrogen powered car is a great thing for denmark, I think it will be a very tough time getting sales of the new eco-friendly car. Reguardless of price of the car, (as all new tech is expensive) the fact that it is hydrogen is the main issue.

Hydrogen as a fuel may burn clean, however, it takes twice the energy to run as a standard combustion engine, and requires more fuel to run at half the distance of a combustion engine.

#1 fact is that Hydrogen is twice as expensive as Petroleum based fuel, and you have consider retrofitting THOUSANDS of gas stations with Hydrogen pumps so that you are not restricted to one place. The cost will be enormous. While the intent is great, Hybrids and electric cars are the current smart move, with Hydrogen being a second option.

Here is a LINK on what General Motor here in the US did in '03 to out the rise of a new generation of fed-up over-taxed drivers.

We are too dependant on oil, people are starting to realize that to the point that the auto manufacturers are forced to start production of these vehicles. They have been suppressed for such a long time, people are ust getting fed up.

While there are alot of downfalls to the Hydrogen car, I really hope it succeeds for you guys, Maybe you will be the front runner for Hydrogen autos just as Toyota and Honda have been for the Hybrid.

Good luck!

posted on Jul, 20 2007 @ 05:11 PM
In other news, Denmark to be H-bombed within 1 year.

Here is a LINK on what General Motor
I stopped reading there. There is no way that source is reliable, period.

And yeah, we Are too reliant on oil, does that mean we should just give up... or try doing things differently like this Danish company?

posted on Jul, 20 2007 @ 08:17 PM
I'll be the first to admit that I didn't watch the whole thing and that It is probably bias towards their point more than it should be, but it does make you look at the reality of what we're currently doing with our planet.

I'm not a green freak, but this is ridiculous. We are so dependant on oil that they can pretty much charge whatever they want for it, and guess what, you'll pay it, reguardless of how pissed off you get. All this because you need to get to work to support your family.

Do you realize that if every truck driver in this country just stopped driving for ONE DAY, that this country would be on it's knees, and that the oil companies would lose Millions??

There was a discussion of a mass trucker strike some years ago on the east coast, but it was presidentially intervened and stated that if they quit driving, they would all be fired.

You tell me how cost effective it is going to be to use a hydrogen fuel over our current petroleum? Oil is dirty, Hydrogen is clean and a great source for fuel, I will admit that 1,000%, but it isn't COST EFFECTIVE. That's my point.

Either way, I wish them good luck in the future, even after your bomb..

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