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Can Anyone Help Me Find Some Imfo.

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posted on Nov, 30 2002 @ 10:53 AM
I distinctly remember a statement after 9/11 in which a US government spokesman(could be CIA,or State Dep)announced that there would be misimformation used by the government and that lies would be told to the public in an effort to fool the terrorists.

I wonder if someone put a post about it up here at the time.Even if you know what I'm talking about please let me know and if you know where I can find a copy of that statement please could you put up a link or tell me where to find it.

I would like to read that statement again and check it's exact wording.
Thanks all in advance,JB

posted on Nov, 30 2002 @ 01:24 PM
I remember them saying that too

posted on Nov, 30 2002 @ 01:25 PM
link in the US are just ducky when it comes to naming conventions and insignias, as seen in Poindexter's new department of all knowingness ( Check William's avatar for the insignia), the double lighting bolts of the SS being near replicated in the Citizens Corp, Homeland Security sounding so nice & Nazi, and the department that you're inquiring about: the Office of Strategic Influence. They also used the Office of Misinformation as well. Either name, it's under the Pentagon. And yes, I use present tense because I'll bet my left nut it's in full operation & chugging along.

The NY Times broke the story originally:

and BBC:

Here's a non-Corporate Media no-spin on things:

posted on Nov, 30 2002 @ 01:49 PM
Thankyou KKing,I thought I had dream't it for a while.

Thankyou B-T,That is exactly what I've been looking for,for the last month on and off.The problem was not knowing where to start looking.

There have been many posters on this board who automatically dismiss the possibility that the US government may actually lie to their own people.Myself and others who question what the media put out often have our motives questioned.

Well I have news for all you doubters.A great deal of what you are being told is HorseSh!t and why?

posted on Nov, 30 2002 @ 02:03 PM
And another thing(trying not to rant)

Taken from the BBC link provided by B-T above:

The Pentagon is forbidden from spreading black propaganda in the American media, but there is nothing to stop an American newspaper picking up a story carried abroad.

Is this the right time to mention Al Jazeera?

posted on Nov, 30 2002 @ 02:10 PM
great time to mention Al Jazeera, Pravda, etc, etc.

I remember exactly what you're talking about with the propagana stuff JB. I think there was an actual office in the Defense dept that was responsible for this and was closed. Which was probably part of the lie. BUT - how is this war, with propaganda, different than previous wars? It's not a new concept.

posted on Nov, 30 2002 @ 02:29 PM
Of course you're right it is no different to other wars but it calls into question alot of what we are being told.
Why does the US gov need to lie to us if their cause is so righteous?Unless of course they are not right but infact prosecuting a war of aggression.
Are these lies told only to prosecute the war on terrorism?Or are they also being used against Iraq?After all most people today don't see any difference and yet there are fundemental differences.
If they are also being told about Iraq then how about North Korea?Infact how do any of us know anything about our governments foreign policy if the media is being given perverted imformation.Your views on France or Saudi Arabia must also be called into question.

posted on Nov, 30 2002 @ 02:53 PM
yeah - why do we still have relations w/ France anyway?

posted on Nov, 30 2002 @ 05:33 PM
Hey Bob, France IS a cool place...

posted on Nov, 30 2002 @ 06:27 PM
link the US started way before 9/11/02. It started with the non-reporting of key issues in the Administration and the various past dealings of it's members.

posted on Nov, 30 2002 @ 08:04 PM
B-T has the right details on the new Ministry of Truth, J-B; but you'll find most links are long since spiked or pulled.
Apparently GWB's "I'm the commander... don't have to explain" (literally true, of course) appeared a more productive pathway.

posted on Nov, 30 2002 @ 08:05 PM
Why does the government lie?

Well, friends, my son's sub is somewhere out there in the ocean.

Do you REALLY need to know what it's up to?
Does AlJazeera really need to know what it's up to?
Does Russia really need to know what it's up to?
Al Qaida?

The sad fact is, that the moment they release news, EVERYONE tells it around. Newspapers publish it, people announce it on boards, etc, etc, and soon anyone who wants to find it can find it.

How many lives is satisfying your curiosity worth?

posted on Nov, 30 2002 @ 08:11 PM
You'll find the "official" version of the demise of this particular manifestation of Rumsfeld's madness here, J-B.

posted on Nov, 30 2002 @ 08:13 PM
And any search on "psyops" -phrase much favoured by the three-piece-suit heroes - should get you more.

posted on Dec, 1 2002 @ 07:48 AM
Byrd,I'm not talking about military faints.An example US sub in Pacific gives excellent data on whale migration story when that sub is in the Gulf of Arabia.
What I am concerned about are planted stories in western media originating in foreign media implicating innocent powers which could legitimise military action in the eyes of the general public.

posted on Dec, 1 2002 @ 09:35 AM
Dear Byrd, I think J-B makes the point here: a feint or subterfuge to fool the real or potential enemy is one thing, a subterfuge that may deceive the friends, but is primarily to deceive the enemy may be acceptable (on some sort of means justifying ends basis); but to resort to subterfuge for no other reason than to fill the airwaves with "evidence" that something is actually happening, is very different.

posted on Dec, 1 2002 @ 07:34 PM

A new department has been set up inside the Pentagon with the Orwellian title of the Office of Strategic Influence.

I want my mummy! This scares me.

posted on Dec, 2 2002 @ 11:12 AM
Byrd, there should never be any tip off to our military movements. But the sad truth is, those who we don't want to know do know, because of Corporate greed.
The greater number of satellites circling our big blue marble are owned by private-corporate interests, more so than the US government. Their imaging capabilities are as good and for sale....the only thing we can do is to fry or block them , which they don't have the arsenal for. "Star Wars" has been going on for years; but it's more accurately Satellite Wars.
And the issue is not military disclosure, but manipulation of opinion via Reichstag Fire-like propaganda.

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