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Do you think if i submit a letter to congress

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posted on Jul, 19 2007 @ 08:01 PM
That maybe they could do something about affirmative action? Because I believe everyone should be treated equal. However where I live all the immigrant and african americans have seized most of the entry level and mid career jobs and refuse to hire any caucasions or non homosexuals. not trying to be funny but it is the truth.

all the white people who dont own their own companies are forced to work petroleum. while the mexicans do construction and the black people run all the banks.

so like maybe if minorities get afirmative action, then if i protest and say they are taking all the opportunities. do you think they will make a law to hire more white people.

posted on Jul, 19 2007 @ 08:11 PM
Although I don't share your experiences and they may validate your opinions, I disagree with your points of view. I do, however, admire your candor and your articulate post. Nevertheless, Congress is dominated by liberals these days and what conservatives are left do not want to endanger their already precarious political positions.

You'd be wasting your time if you wrote.

posted on Jul, 19 2007 @ 08:42 PM
Trust me I could care less exactly how many of any particular race I work with. However I have been facing extreme amounts of harrasement due to the fact i am a hederosexual white male

When I was 17 i started selling computers in the GAY part of town, also known as montrose and I worked there almost two years. Although a few homosexuals came on to me, it was required of me to maintain composure because thats what most of the customers were.

when i was 19 i started working in a bank, never had any problems there either. some harrasement because they were trying to hook me up with a married chick. that got so overwhelming i almost quit my job

started working for another bank in loan processing and no problems there, there was one flamboyant homosexual that would troll around but no problems.

but after 2002 my career took a major nosedive. I went from working in the white areas of town to working in the total and complete ghetto. i don't mind working in the ghetto or with black people.

However I used to sell marketing products and during that time the black people were weird they would make pucker faces at me. or one black dude was always picking at his balls because he had razorbumps all over his crotch.

I went to a staffing company on thursday, it went well. then some overgrown black dude walks in a starts thrusting his hips around like duff man does on the simpsons. then my grandma calls and says "you have no idea how badass you are"

so after the meeting i have been calling and checking in to check the status of potential placement. then then the galleria location says "they are trying to turn you out" the downtown office says i call to much, or my head is too big.

so how do i go from being on the career path of being a financial banker to being someone on the verge of living in a homless shelter.

then get this after i left my interview my recruiter starts chasing me all over houston. like he wants to pork me or something.

i called another staffing company and the girl says she is in love with me, it's like thats all fine and dandy, but i need a job.

but i am tired of working in the ghetto and tired of being told to slow my roll, or i am pimpin the stuff too hard. i just want a full time job and that is it. i dont understand how working 40 hours a week is pimpin.

it's these stupid redknecks i think, my grandma says young people dont deserve good jobs because it took her 40 years just to make 13 an hour. heck i have been making that for the last 3 years.

but in houston no matter what employment agency you go to either the dudes are some fat redknecks that want to cornhole you or the minority women refuse to help because of the fact i am white.

posted on Jul, 19 2007 @ 08:50 PM
this is the funnt thing about this city or the entire state of texas.

you know how parents act when theyre babies first learn how to speak. or like if you roll a piece of yarn at a kitten. and it makes the person happy and they are like "ya"

anyway the entire city of state for that matter cultures themselves on babying these jerks. then someone white guy moves to the boonies from the yuppie side of town they immediatly start saying shut up and all this other crud because they are babying the heck out of the immigrants and minorities. and i dont think it is fair. if someone is more qualified than me then be my guest and take my job. however if it is an issue of race then that is total and complete crap.

then it's like all the local news channel propagate all kinds of crap about me, literally says all kinds of crap about me and covers for the criminals in the area. and it is annoying.

they have literally cost me 5 years of my life or about 120,000 dollars. thats about 20,000 over five years.

i'm not gonna lie and say i have not messed up at work. but they are literally taking morons from waterburger and making them accountants.

posted on Jul, 19 2007 @ 08:54 PM
but get this when i started selling computers i bought some turntables because i like going to raves alot. it was mostly it consultants that partied on the weekend. almost every person i ever met at a rave is an it consultant or network admin.

however after i spent thousands of dollars on vinyl and dj equiptment i noticed alot of flak coming from the other people in the industry.

i even called and spoke to one of the biggest promoters in houston and someone said on the phone if you could kindly kick him out of your house i will appreciate it. i mean these are cut throat tactics and highly un ethical.

so it's like if i go and if i can even get there, i have three dollars to my name. and it's like well thanks for all of your support but you are doing more harm than good.

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