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DRONE--Isaac Info and Disclosure Proj Witness testimony match

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posted on Jul, 19 2007 @ 08:33 PM
Drone, drone, drone...You guys have got drone on the brain!

As the previous poster noted, the idea of weird metallic beams with indecipherable symbols on them is about as old as the hills, or Roswell, at least. That's what Lufkin is referring to--in the early 60's to boot.


Really, what isn't connected to those ridiculous drones?

Instead of running around like headless chickens over those drones, why don't you read some of the history of UFOs, inform yourselves a bit on the subject, and deny some ignorance?

This has officially reached the point of farce. But you'll all drone on until the video game comes out--hope they release it tomorrow just to spare us the agony of new and even more virulent strains of this nonsense.

posted on Jul, 19 2007 @ 08:55 PM

Originally posted by Chupa101
So is the Drone just a Disclosure Project stunt? A set-up to try an re-enforce some of the claims it makes? Or is it an actual Alien Drone or De-engineered Human construct? - And the guy in this video has witnessed technology that relates directly to the CARET program? Who knows...

Sorry to bring up CGI but I'd say the videos of (or at least a version of) the Drone on YouTube are fake. The PDF photos in the files that Isaac posted though look real to me, but then again they might be (expensive) models or CGI.

Sorry for not editing the post here but every word is useful here. This is about as good an analysis as I've read on this topic here.

Myself I know the probes are real but not all material presented has been and some images have been manipulated which further causes credibility problems.

Again I'll say that Caret was a joint human alien project but the drones are operated by aliens.

I saw a type of mapping probe several years back that was operated by the consortium which flew at low elevation and maps the entire earth to within a few feet. The device operates like a very low elevation satellite and this device clearly defied the law of gravity.

posted on Jul, 19 2007 @ 09:55 PM
Here is a translation of the article for the drone:

July 20 - Linda Moulton Howe thus finally agreed to transmit a first image of Big Basin, taken by Ty B., in high definition (1200 dpi - to see at the date of yesterday). However the adjustments of LMH are always rather radical. It told us on June 17: “I passed these images received by postal mail in my scanner under Photoshop (...) I very slightly cleared up some of them to reinforce the details.” Ca explains why one finds oneself with a white sky, and denatured colors… Now, it is effervescence on the forums, and the analyses very quickly began again, to start with this enlarging of two of the panels of the machine:


This time coherence between the object (photographed on June 5) and the boards of Isaac (published on June 26) is established. The original weighs 2,28 Mo. Two control panels are clearly seen, which would post more clearly or darker which are the activated functions… The 11 other images - to come - us will say some more. MarkM, on UfoCaseBook, has more questions that answers to be brought to us: “On the panels, the characters do not seem to be printed, but “to be encrusted”. Why on the two panels, one of the cores is detached clearly, in more clearly.? I know that it is a poor terrestrial analogy, but it would be said that the curved lines are kinds of circuits connecting the cores… Perhaps they control the flow of the data? Or would this be that they transmit energy to the nerve centres? Of instinct (fault of finding another word) I think that they would be signals rather than symbôles. What is the cause of blue contours at certain places? Would this be with the adjustments of the scanner? “ LAU is documented better on the technical aspects of photography, and answers him: “This kind of will have bluish is a chromatic aberration due to the lens of the apparatus. To note the over-exposure, because the back-light coming from the sky disturbed the automatic adjustments and degraded the colors. I even actually think that the diagrams are not tinted! However another explanation is worth as much: compression JPG can have cancelled considerable details in the dark parts. When somebody, thereafter, increased the luminosity (under Photshop), artifacts JPEG are brought out, and they produced these aberrations of colors which we note.” Payt, on OM, recalls us with prudence: “Although I lean for a real object, I think that we must avoid packing us, and remaining on our guards. Ca could make much damage if the track is avèrait false. There is no badly UFO (S) in addition not to be focused solely on that one.” Essence is not to demoralize itself nor to feel injured if it is about a faking. This advance will have learned to us much from things, it will have mobilized the capacities complementary to a regrouping of researchers on Internet, who issé bonds, and the participants will have lived strong moments. It is a pity only that the camp of A priorists or the déboulonneurs does not seem as much to have fun, because they are more justified by a negative and destroying impulse. An outstanding example: one never meets neither arrogance nor sufficiency at those which seek to include/understand, while on ATS it is a permanent competition to have the last word. With regard to the very unusual shape of the machine, Lox on OM recalls us the aspect of the lunar module, or LEM: “I found at the time of the Apollo mission that they had designed an apparatus assymetric and rather ugly, but it played its part. Thus I think that the drône of Big Basin is in the same category, it is assymetric and does not seem aerodynamic, but there is surely a reason with that.”

Translation done by Google translation

posted on Jul, 20 2007 @ 03:07 AM

Originally posted by lasse
I had listened to this before the appearance of the chad/drone pics popped up. I do not agree that anything this man sais "match" the drone pictures. Sure he sais there were writing on a metal piece. Big deal? For almost as long as the Rosswell phenomena there have been stories about metal pieces with scripture on them.


Characters/Symbols found on the side/in "craft" is not an anomaly. The word "instruction" used in conjunction with "symbols" is the anomaly. So mentioning Roswell I-Beams or Kecksburg Bells IS NOT a comparison to this "drone". If there is any other connection in the history of UFOs to this concept, please feel free to link us as that would be a good read I'm sure.


Match 1 - The symbols
Isaac Text : "Our entire system of language is based on the idea of assigning meaning to symbols. Their technology, however, somehow merges the symbol and the meaning, so a subjective audience is not needed. You can put whatever meaning you want on the symbols, but their behavior and functionality will not change, any more than a transistor will function differently if you give it another name."

B.G Steven Lovekin : "He did describe it as having symbols of instruction on it and that's as far as he would go "

Reason why this is a match
Isaac is lengthy with his words. He "worked" on this project so has much to say.
BG Lovekin, on the other hand, cleanly uses the word "instruction" to describe what the symbols do. The word "instruction" wraps up and accurately portrays Isaac's thoughts. Remember this was a brief encounter described in the video.
ALSO OF NOTE: Isaac NEVER uses the word "instruction" which suggests he did not watch the video I posted. If it were a hoax as support, then it would seem the word "instruction" would have been used somewhere else in Isaac's letter. Especially in such a long one.

Conclusion ---- Same concept from different people using the integral word "SYMBOL" while using OTHER different words and cadence to describe a concept of "instruction or function".
I'll illustrate this point by comparing Isaac and BG Lovekin ordering the same size hamburger:
...Isaac ordering: "A medium hamburger just doesn't seem to be the size for me today .. hrm.. so I guess I'll just take the next size up from medium"
...BG Lovekin ordering: "Gimme a large hamburger"

Match 2
BG Lovekin : "Col. Hollenburg brought out a piece of.. What appeared to be ..uh uh.. A metallic piece.. Uh.. A metallic piece that looked like a yardstick"

Why # 2 is a match
--The craft size has been analyzed and the "wings" of the ship are long and thin. He mentioned it so I popped a yardstick on the image. It's curiously similar eh?
--1 yard is approx the right size. The "wings" have writing similar to a yardstick on a "human" level. This is a good way to describe what we have all seen in the photos.
--Isaac showing a scan of the circles and this guy mentioning a "yardstick" supports each other in a round about way in that this machine obviously made some rounds "back in the day" while being dismantled.

Does this really seem like a stretch?

For me it's just seems to be naturally falling together unlike a lot of other hoaxes that stem from one source. I expect much resistance and staunch views, but as far as stated stories are concerned, so far everything is pretty well matching and holding together. I'm still following the other threads and concepts and am still looking for something to change my mind.

I've been swayed back and forth many times on other subjects, but so far I say
to it being true

jmo of course


posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 03:51 PM
Issac is not a hoax,David hamel a canadian developed and built a gravity craft,he explains how free energy and the gravity generator work in full detail,he even shows us how to interpret the egyptian heiroglyphs that explain in detail these concepts.

If you put videos of Mr.Hamels craft and components side by side with Issacs photos of the drones components,YOU WILL SEE THAT THEY ARE THE SAME.

Not only did Mr.David Hamel give us the technology for free but he also showed us how to read the unidentified language on the probes,BECAUSE HE REVERSE ENGINEERED THE FUNCTIONS OF THE PARTS OF THE CRAFT AND THE CONCEPTS BEHINND THOSE FUNCTIONS,this allows us to easily identify the labeled components on Issacs "probes"and the ones we identify from hamels craft,BECAUSE THEY ARE IDENTICAL IN BOTH FORM AND FUNCTION------WE HAVE A ROSETTA STONE FOR THIS NEW LANGUAGE.

The Issac thread was not a hoax,it was the biggest disinformation campaign in ATS history,and now we can identify the major players in the disinfo campaign by simply viewing their constant consistant intentional misdirection over a LONG TIME PERIOD,they probably worked shifts on this one because THIS IS THE HOLY GRAIL.

Dont worry SEARL inBritain has done the same work and he will not be silenced.

Someone who knows how please post videos of hamels craft parts beside issacs craft parts and you will see THE TRUTH FOR THE FIRST TIME .

This is undeniable,and irrefutable.

[edit on 4-7-2010 by one4all]

posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 07:08 PM
Been discussed...

posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 12:49 PM
This has not been discussed with the inclusion of David Hamels sucessful research.Therefore in terms of what you and I are talking about today,you are far off the mark.

So far off it is obvious you dont really care about information,new or old,therefore YOU are one of the many on ATS trying to cover this up,pretty slick reasoning eh.

Havent you wondered yet why I havent simply started a new thread?

Let me tell you why,I KNOW that this is fact and it isnt very often that you get over four hundred pages of information containing literally hundreds of acts of intentional mis-direction,you see it is now very easy to see WHO has been involved in intentionally derailing the thread,which then tells all of the sincere posters here WHO is in fact a likely disinformation conduit.

There is no where to go at this point if you have participated in attempting to derail this thread and its critical information.

Get real ,I could hire some high end CGI kids from any high school and create images of anything I chose,BUT THE REALITY IS THAT I MUST FIRST CONCIEVE OF THE IMAGE BEFORE I CAN CREATE IT----GET IT-- THIS ISSUE IS OVER AND THE PROBES AND HAMELS CRAFT ARE ONE IN THE SAME----trying to double end the issue wont work,all the CGI images in the world WONT CREATE THE CONCEPT OF THE IMAGES,and this fact combined with the over twenty years of documented resaerch done by Mr.Hamel solidifies the FACTS that this tech exists,is currently being utilised,and has been given to humanity through contacts with till now undiscovered,prieviously unknown human races.

I have already been having a hard time finding as many of David Hamels videos on the net,I wont be saving them but someone else who feels this is their job probably should,same with posting side by side pictures or vids of Hamels craft and the inventory picture provided by Isaac.

My reality is current and I dont feel I am supposed to do certain things,I follow my instinct,someone else is supposed to take the handoff from here,I feel that or I would do more.

posted on Jul, 5 2010 @ 05:46 PM

Originally posted by one4all
I have already been having a hard time finding as many of David Hamels videos on the net,I wont be saving them but someone else who feels this is their job probably should,same with posting side by side pictures or vids of Hamels craft and the inventory picture provided by Isaac.

Hi one4all,

That someone really should be you. If you want to post a side by side comparison of Hamel's craft and Isaac's inventory pictures we can have a discussion about it, if not your post will most likely be ignored and fade away into the forum abyss.

posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 07:36 AM

Originally posted by one4all

So far off it is obvious you dont really care about information,new or old,therefore YOU are one of the many on ATS trying to cover this up,pretty slick reasoning eh.

That's as good a conspiracy theory as any. Why don't you start a thread about it?

Oh, and on topic, more ATS "drone" discussion HERE and HERE

UFO Digest article

Here's an entire website dedicated to the subject.

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