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Freakin dang computer problems IE6, Firewalls, cookies Grrrrrrr

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posted on Jul, 18 2007 @ 11:50 PM
I'm really ready to
something right now.

These dang computer problems are driving me crazy. I had to do a system restore, because I couldn't log into this website and had another site saying cookies were not enabled when they were.

My firewall goes crazy not allowing any program to access the net except for my browser. Forget checking mail or running any programs that need to access the net in the first place. :bash: :bash: :bash:

To top it all off, I gotten to somewhat like Vongo, but their system went crazy on me.

I'm not sure if the system restore corrected that problem or not as of yet.

I really need to rant about dang computer problems that throw your whole day/week off and extremely poor tech support that don't know their a@@ for the hole in the ground.

Ok, before we can do anything else, you have to allow these *&^&%^&*( ports access on your router. WAIT but itwas working just fine last night!!!! What the *&&^%% do the ports have to do anything with not being able to download movies or having the images match up with the wrong titles. :bnghd: :bnghd: :bnghd: :bnghd:

Always assume it is on my end won't you :bash:

Why can't someone just suggest restoring to an earlier restore point before I really sc%%^w things up.
NO you just want to make things worse by having me mess up my router.

Ok, Breath in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Not to mention that the last week and a half have been he^% for me. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Maybe I'm calm enough now to try to see if I can get into the other site, and to see if Vongo is now working for me again. I don't know why, but I have been wanting to watch Dune again. Maybe it will actually download the entire movie this time.

Feel like

posted on Jul, 19 2007 @ 08:15 AM
I highly suggest ditching IE. It has too many problems. I use Firefox and I get occasional viruses and occasional spyware, but compared to what I used to get when I used IE, it's negligible.

Trust me, it's better.

posted on Jul, 20 2007 @ 07:58 AM
I completely agree with MM. Firefox is such a better browser it's not even funny. There are so many security loopholes in IE that no matter what version you have, you are guaranteed to get a virus.

Firefox just updated their browser to 2.0 or "Firefox 2" as it's being called, and I think it's the greatest thing on the net now.

There is a section on the tools menu at the top of the page called "add-ons". Go there and your world will be rocked.

I recently updated my computer with over 70 free security (Listed under "extensions") and browsing/downloading/tweaking options, all within about an hour or two. All under a few hundred Kb, and all self installed within the browser itself.

You can also go to the same add on section and choose something called "themes". This is something you can't do with any other broswer that I know of. Themes allows you to browse a list of "browsers" that are essentially firefox wrapping packages. My favorite was "greenshift". I'm still awaiting a 2.0 version to be released.

Themes change the way the browser looks, with different colors, button arrangements, and browser options.

Here is just a small sample of some of the add-on extensions that I have for my computers, and what they do. You will be soo much happier, I guarantee it!! Go Firefox!!

Compact menu-->Allows you to condense the toolbars into one drop down menu, or customize your own set of buttons to do specific things quickly and easily.

Cooliris previews-->This is a personal preference item here, some may like it or not, but it puts a little blue icon next to any link/picture and can preview the said link/picture in a small window without actually clicking the link. This works for entire pages as well.

Download statusbar-->Moves that annoying popup download window to the bottom of the browser as a very informative load timer.

No Script-->This one I'm up in the air about, it turns of java and xss/css until you allow it. While it works great on most sites, it sucks if you try to use it on your bank account site, or ATS for instance, it doesn't like it. This one is up to you.

Smart bookmarks-->Unlike Internet explorer, Firefox allows you to open links in new tabs(very cool feature), and save bookmarks on a quick tab toolbar on the browser itself. This utility allows you to condense these bookmarks to just their respective page icons, and hide the name of the page until you hover over it with the mouse, essentially tripling the amount of quick tab icons you can use on the browser. This works great for me as I have about 200 bookmarks, and looking through them all to find a frequently visited one is a pain in the butt.

There are so many out there, secure logins, search burst queries for secure browsing, speed upgrades, all kinds of things.

If you want more secure email, I suggest you try Thunderbird, it's also on mozilla's website. There are upgrades for that as well.

There are a few programs you can download from the internet for free to get rid of your current problems and hopefully these will help you. You can never be too safe nowdays with all the jerks keeping points score for how many machines they can steal info from.

Good luck to you!!

Spybot: anti-spyware
adaware: anti spyware
Avast: antivirus program

posted on Aug, 13 2007 @ 04:20 PM

YES! it is (IMHO) the best browser! Tabmix plus addon, I can rip my computer out of the wall right now, throw it down the stairs and as long as the computer boots back up... all my pages, tabs and everything will STILL BE HERE!

Flashblock: no more flash adds, 100 youtube videos loading in a thread at once, until I click them!

Bookmark "hot keys" Instead of typing "" in the address bar, I jsut type "g" or what every I want it to be on what ever site I want... I type "ats" in the browser and guess what happens!

Pages load sooo much faster and there are 'tweaks' to make it even FASTER!

Foxytunes: It's awesome! control almost every media player with a little toolbar with scrolling song title, and loads of options.. click on the song and I get lyrics, videos, and everything else I could want! also independently skinable!

Adblock: blocks almost every add and if it doesn't, you can add it to the 'list'(although you are forbidden to use it on this site, it can easily be disabled.)

IE makes me sick and IE7 is the most ugly looking thing ever... whats the point of tabbed browsing when the tabs are HUGE and it is only ethical to run like 2!

RSS Ticker: although it murders your cpu, it is wicked for this site... always having the latest posts scrolling right past for me to click on! It can be tweaked so that it doesn't use as much cpu! (I know this thing will save my life some time, as long as someone posts about it!)


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