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Sighting of a strange "human"

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posted on Jul, 20 2007 @ 05:00 AM

Originally posted by comedomihi
They never made any attempt to make any contact with the man: in fact, at one point he was approaching their campsite and they shone a light on him and fired at him with a BB gun. In that situation, he walked backwards over the path he had followed on his way to them.


This caught my attention. If you wonder who or what he is, why did you not follow the path he took when he approached the campsite? Even in broad day light, if he was seen walking a specific path and then proceeded to retreat down the same path, why haven't you explored?

Go grab a friend and take a walk down the path to see where it leads, if there were any footprints and possibly an area where he lives and/or came from. Investigate a bit -- he could very well be a flesh and blood man who lives somewhere near by. Someone wearing all white clothing at night is not rare either (for the visibility and safety factor).

However, his movement was perplexing, and him walking backwards when your friend began shooting? Most people would have ran, or at least turned around to walk away.

But like I mentioned; why not do a little investigating yourself if you want truthful answers?


posted on Jul, 20 2007 @ 12:16 PM

They never made any attempt to make any contact with the man: in fact, at one point he was approaching their campsite and they shone a light on him and fired at him with a BB gun. In that situation, he walked backwards over the path he had followed on his way to them.

Maybe not a seven foot tall man dressed in all white walking straight lines (because of this we have taken to calling him Right Angle Jesus)

So does this make your friend Oblong Pontius Pilate?

But seriously... find a "person" who is "impossibly" tall and dresses all in white and walks the woods and behaves different so you open fire on him?

Way to be part of the problem.

Remind me not to visit whatever town you live in. God forbid I break down and ask for directions I'll probably get shot at for some capricious reasons like "he had shorts on... ..and you know what that means.."

Guy # 1
"Hey look! There's something I don't understand!"

Guy # 2
"Quick! Kill it dead!"

posted on Jul, 20 2007 @ 12:23 PM
If i was 7 foot tall i would dedicate my life to dressing up in scary costumes and scaring the hell out of people!

posted on Jul, 20 2007 @ 12:32 PM
Well strangely enough three years ago. I was out camping with my friends, we were very close to my house but anyway I was sitting down with my other friends when we heard my other two friends starting to shout for one of us to come quickly with the light. It was very dark keep in mind. They both said they saw someone tall dressed in white walking towards them. I never took much notice of this until I read this thread, it sounds like what my friends described as well. Now on the night when I got to them with the light, they were both completly freaked out and they said it was there one second and gone the next, they just looked away for a second. Now the field where they said they saw him is right below my house and I've never seen anything strange there.

posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 08:07 AM
I'd really like to get some more information, as it seems, do several others, please consider going back there with a camera.

For your safety, I did a little digging into my big pile of books on folklore and apparitions/prophecy, its either:

1. A very stiff nutter *Occams Razor applies*
2. An Angelic Being (possibly with reference to the prophecy angle too)
3. Apparition pertaining to prophecy (needs to speak to the intended recipient of the prophecy before he will leave, maybe why he backed up rather than ran away, although if someone was shooting me, I'd want to keep my eyes on 'em too)
4. Daemon attempting to convert you away from God
5. Some other type of paranormal creature, maybe a farie

It might be sensible to take precautions, but also to go back there. Take something that is 100% iron, like a horseshoe or a rusty nail (no alloys), a small amount of vinegar and some salt. Folklore tends to suggest that fairies, cannot harm anyone near iron and certain substances like salt and vinegar disrupt apparitions ability to manifest, so they will come within a certain range and then break apart.

Faries will apparently attempt to make you part with the iron by offering you wishes or asking you to come with them (or offer you food or drink), don't listen and don't take anything they offer. The term mesmerised comes from faries and is apparently a type of glamor they use (spellcraft) that can make you see them as attractive and beautiful, but they are of course naturally devious and cruel and only want to take you back to their farie mound as a slave. Consider looking at William Michael Mott's website for reasearch on underground dwellers

Ghosts cannot do physical harm as far as anyone is aware and poltergeists need physical energy, so, as long as you don't take any 13-18 year old girls, you'll be fine.

Angels of course can do no harm, but daemons can make themselves appear as angels of the light, so perhaps a reasonable time to buy a bible (they also dislike salt and iron apparently). They may offer false promises and grant wishes, and they may speak of your darkest desires or deeds but they cannot harm you if you believe they can't and that you are protected by the Lord.

Be safe and ASSUME this is a human that may have mental defects, but don't go maiming the poor guy with a shotgun full of rocksalt or a BB gun to the eye.

posted on Jul, 29 2007 @ 04:34 AM
So you've got a tall guy with walking problems and an adolescent that shoots at an unknown person that seems the slightest bit strange.. You tell me which one is more intelligent.

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