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My ATS Story

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posted on Jan, 11 2004 @ 05:57 AM
Prologue: August 5th, 2007

Somewhere in the Midwest

The red Ford Echo shot down the road, music blaring. The battered, off-colored coupe drove with a bizzare whirring noise- typical of Ford’s poor workmanship. Had any cops been around, they would have been speeding after him. However, the backroads aren’t particularly known for their police presence. The single occupant of said car bobbed his head as it wound its way through the backwoods. Any other time, the image would have been comical. The driver, a scraggly young man with a bushy head of hair, glasses, sliding down his nose, listened to the lyrics...

‘I got to regret right now (I'm feeling this)
The air is so cold and null (I'm feeling this)
Let me go in her room (I'm feeling this)...’

They were obnoxious, but as the song played further, he began to enjoy it, tapping along on the steering wheel. It had a certain beat to it, a certain freedom. He remembered, briefly, why he had thrown it onto the burnt CD he was listening to.

‘Fate fell short this time
Your smile fades in the summer
Place your hand in mine (Place your hand in mine)
I'll leave when I wanna (I'll leave when I wanna)...’

Grey eyes squinted at the road, narrowing as he scanned the turn ahead. He had been driving too long, and he knew it. He pulled to the side of the road, fumbling against a sheathed katana jammed into the small car’s shifter to put the car in park. Stepping out, he stretched and rubbed his eyes. Stomach rumbling, he walked to the rear of the car, popping the trunk. Shoving aside a half-dozen boxes of shotgun ammunition, he found a package of pudding and ripped one free. The music continued to play in the background as the car idled.

‘This place was never the same again after you came and went
How can you say you meant anything different
To anyone standing alone on the street
With a cigarette on the first night we met

Look to the past and remember her smile
And maybe tonight I can breathe for awhile
I'm not in the scene I think I'm falling asleep
But then all that it means is I'll always be dreaming of you...’

A pang of regret crossed his face as he finished his pudding cup, hucked the empty package deep into the woods to his right, and accidentally slammed his trunk down on the barrel of his shotgun- a Bennelli Nova Tactical. Wincing to himself, he checked it to ensure the damage was minimal (that it was). He had bought it, and most of everything else in his car by taking out a student loan and bombshelling out of his small-town college, leaving behind every friend he ever had, as well as most of his personal possessions. Other things occupied the mind of the young man known as ‘DeusEx’ online- namely, the promise of sanctuary against the ravages of the anthrax virus released upon the United States. The music continued to blare as the coupe drove off into the distance:

‘Fate fell short this time (I'll be alone if you're feeling)
Your smile fades in the summer (So lost and disillusioned)
Place your hand in mine (I'll be alone if you're feeling)
I'll leave when I wanna (So lost and disillusioned)’

So... this is the prologue. It’s my story about ATS. I would like to put real ATS characters into the story.... so any volunteers?


[Edited on 27-2-2004 by DeusEx]

posted on Jan, 11 2004 @ 06:14 AM
very atmospheric, it doesnt really let you know anything about the story that follows though. i liked the setting and the idea of anthrax as his motive (or part motive). looking forward to more.

edited because im a blind idiot.

[Edited on 12-1-2004 by superduperman]

posted on Jan, 11 2004 @ 06:22 AM
Good prologue. Should the story take you there, I wouldn't object to a delusional messianic false prophet type (genetically immune to the Anthrax courtesy of illegal pre-apocolyptic military testing) that is prone to recruiting his army of the abyss through vitriolic RANTS about THE VOID with increasingly off base allusions to TV sitcom plots as evidence of God's will for him to lead.

Plus he snorts Anthrax like candy. BEHOLD! A miracle...

Most likely a minor villian for DeusEx along the way.

posted on Jan, 11 2004 @ 12:49 PM
Ahhhh....most excellent. A response. I will try to most the next chapter by tonight.


posted on Jan, 11 2004 @ 01:38 PM
Great story so far!
You can use my name if you want.
If you kill me, just please do it gentely in a drug induced fasion, please!

posted on Jan, 11 2004 @ 01:44 PM
ATS stories are always interesting.

The prologue sounds pretty good. Waiting for the next entry...

I'll volenteer to be a character!

posted on Jan, 11 2004 @ 02:01 PM

Originally posted by RANT
Good prologue. Should the story take you there, I wouldn't object to a delusional messianic false prophet type (genetically immune to the Anthrax courtesy of illegal pre-apocolyptic military testing) that is prone to recruiting his army of the abyss through vitriolic RANTS about THE VOID with increasingly off base allusions to TV sitcom plots as evidence of God's will for him to lead.

Plus he snorts Anthrax like candy. BEHOLD! A miracle...

Most likely a minor villian for DeusEx along the way.

And a secret team of ATS Secret Super Heros begins to form.

Just a suggestion!

posted on Jan, 12 2004 @ 01:35 AM
Chapter 1: Arrivals

Two days hence, somewhere in Upper New York

The Ford Echo was no longer blasting music, nor was it speeding along. In fact, it was winding its way down the dirt road rather slowly, almost apprehensively. ‘DeusEx’ no longer felt happy, or carefree. His shotgun was now fully loaded and across his lap, and a heavy semi-automatic hung from a shoulder holster. His journey already nearly at an end, and he was exhausted. He had been ducking border patrols and National Guard for almost two days, just after they had announced that the ‘States were coming under martial law.

The Email had sent him here. Before he heard it on the news, he had already packed. Now, here he was, four states over in the middle of the wilderness. The dirt road wound towards The Enclave, as it was called. It was whispered of, quietly in certain forums. A year back, one member of ATS - no one was sure who- has won the lottery and purchased a bunker in the Adirondacks. It had been constructed of an old Atlas-F silo, and refurbished to fit 300, as well as provision and arm them. Should the inevitable happen in their lifetime, they could find refuge there.

He had been summoned. Opening the email, he had been told to come. No one would fake this sort of thing. At any rate, he had heard confirmation fo outbreaks in Seattle, Chicago and (of all places) Iowa. So, he had left, taken with him everything he could. Now, he was close, as far as he could tell. Suddenly, he cars started to sputter. It rode a few more yard, then refused to go farther. It simply stopped. Ten minutes of attempting to turn over the engine resulted in nothing.

‘DeusEx’ cursed quite loudly for a long time. Still swearing, he armed himself and prepared to trek the rest of the way and return with help. Shoving the katana into his belt and grabbing both his shotgun and a bottle of water, he began walking. He was angry, but vigilant. Slinging the Nova across his shoulders and holding it with one hand, he marched for ten minutes before he came to an impasse.

A scraggly young man with bizarre hair and big ears pointed a rifle at him with a shaky hand. DeusEx stopped in mid-step, and stared.

They both stared for a little while.

“So...who are you? This is private property.”
“I got the Email. I’m DeusEx.”
“How do we know that for sure?”
“Do you know anyone who would WILLINGLY admit to being DeusEx?”
“Touche. I’m Saucerat.”
“So, this is he? I’m...kind of surprised.”

In fact, DeusEx had expected a little more. Saucerat - a person he had minimal contact with- had been expected to be somewhat more (frankly) like DeusEx. Instead, he found a mid-height young man with particularly intense eyes, a bizarre hairstyle and an obnoxiously large watch. Oh well, he thought, better than finding an assload of corpses.

Saucerat and DeusEx walked back to his car, toting their weapons with easy confidence and little experience. They sized each other up briefly- both wore plain, dark clothes, and were lanky young men. However, DeusEx towered about Saucerat by almost half a foot. Neither was on particularly friendly terms with the other- any terms whatsoever, actually- so conversation was not forthcoming.

They carried the first load of food and ammunition on their backs, weapons still in one hand. DeusEx broke the silence.

“Who else is here?”
“About a hundred other members, plus wives, girlfriends, children. Good bunch, even though I never thought I had a chance in hell of meeting them. TheDemonHunter is in charge- it’s his ranch.”
“Yeah. So, do you think we’ll have a chance?”
“Against whatever’s out there. We’ve got reports from all over... Genya is sending reports from the UK via email. All hell is breaking loose, apparently. We have a few members scanning the web at all hours, while the rest dig in.”

The pair -much alike in many ways- turned a bend in the well-used road. The smell of fresh-cut pine and dirt reached their noses as they saw the compound proper. The sprawling ranch seemed uninhabited- the lights were out, and not one person was out in the open. A number of vehicles were stashed beneath a camouflaged tarp some distance away. DeusEx raised a skeptical eyebrow at the small ranch. “One hundred people, you say?”

They entered the lavish compound. DeusEx ogled the place. It was gorgeous but inhabited. Saucerat bypassed several rooms, heading straight for a vault door. He knocked on it in a bizarre rhythm.

“Why are you guys living down there?”
“Yeah, the Army’s just going to let 143 armed survivalists live in peace if they catch us on satellite.. OPEN THE # UP, RANT!”

The door swung open, and DeusEx descended into the dim recesses of the passageway. Little did he know, things would grow darker yet.

Yes... Should you wish yourself into teh story, send a description fo yourself that's moderate realistic, adn I'll consider putting you in. Not everyone can eb in, of course, adn I'll try to mention who I can... feedback si also appreciated.


posted on Jan, 12 2004 @ 04:31 AM
Hi DE/ all!!

Yes, just got around to reading the story so far - very sorry for the delayed response

Well, I *like* it very much so far: love the idea of ATS "virtual" community getting together in reality and sticking together through some adversity (although there's *always* a "Judas figure", isn't there??

As for *me* sending emails from UK - well, perhaps this could be a linked piece of writing for *me* - a sort of contemparanious "journal" of what's happening with ATS members over here?? Mind you, as I'm 53, I guess I'm a little old for "feuding"!!
Still us "old timers" have their place in contempary fiction too - so perhaps there is some mileage in that, as we try to "get to the bottom" of what's happening in the UK??

Anyway, good job DE - I look forward to the next exciting installment - and as to who is cast as the "Judas" figure - lots of tension and dirty-dealings to come I'm sure.

posted on Jan, 12 2004 @ 11:35 AM
I'm going to have to blame the Swiss as the Judas figure....just kidding. U2U me if you have any comments genya, I'd be happy to let you link in.


posted on Jan, 12 2004 @ 12:38 PM
Good stuff so far, Deus. Keep it up!

posted on Jan, 13 2004 @ 09:52 AM
Chapter 3: Meetings

Saucerat led DE down a long flight of stairs. Looking back, he glanced at RANT, guarding the vault door with a Mossberg shotgun. Turning back towards the long set of stairs, he strained his ears. If nothing else, years of computer gaming had taught him that sound was the first sign of danger, among other things. He heard the clack of keys, and indiscernible chatter. He went down two flights of stairs before entering what might have once been a nice, large family room. Now, it was torn assunder. In the center, there was heaped a near-pillar of computers and computer assescories on a circular table, with six people sitting around it. Wires spewed out of the giant column of machinery in every direction. A bank of TV monitors lined the far wall, with three more people standing watch at the black and while screens panned across various views of the estate. About a dozen people scurried about the largish room.

“Welcome to the Command Center,” drawled a scarred and tattooed twenty-something with a vacant stare and a shade fo Texan accent. “Ah’m Lysergic. TDH left me in charge of things while he co-ordinates thigns downstairs.”

“So, what’s you’re REAL name?”

“Doesn’t matter now. We stick to screenames. It’s easier. To remember, makes sure everyone knows each other.”

Lysergic stared at DeusEx for a few seconds, pursing his lips. He gestures vaguely at the fact that DE was armed. “Bring that sheeeit down to John Bull. He’s the quartermaster now.”

Deus nodded and turned to Saucerat. He nodded and walked back out the door. Chatter followed about the room as Lysergic turned back to his duties.

“-reports are inconsistent.”
“-Gray is still missing, surr.”
“789 members still unaccounted for in North Ameri...”
“GODDAMN MOUSE!” The last comment was followed by a number of slamming noises. Deus continued on his way. Saucerat opened the door back to the staircase, and they descended another two levels, talking.

“So, what’s the deal? Who’s in charge?”
“No one knows exactly. Things have been chaotic. Lysergic seems to be in charge of most things about topside, while TheDemonHunter works things out down here in the Bunker.”
“So where is everyone?”
“Down in the silo. It’s about six stories of living space, plus what’s above. Two more stories are supply depots, and we have people acting as decoys up in the model house. I think you might get stuck topside waiting for whoever to show up with me. It’s easy. We get the best beds, but we also catch the worst of the #storm.”
“When did you get here?”
“About an hour before you did. That’s why I got stuck going out to meet you. Didn’t have tiem to unpack. They’ll let you keep a sidearm for being topside, but everything else is put in inventory. That’s what they told me, at least.”

The pair walked down, and entered the second floor of the command area. Three quarters of the room was taken up by a caged off area. Near the front of it was a regular desk, in which sat a man, hunched over his work with a banker’s light shining down on a multitude of notes. He mumbled to himself. Behind him were racks and racks of guns, and many more empty. Crates, supplies and ammunition were seen piled further back.

“Hey! John!”
AN older man, with greying hair and a number of wrinkles smiled up at them. He set down his papers, and picked a clipboard off of a nail rudely hammered into the wall beside him.
“Yeah? Oh, hey boys. Who might you be?”
“DeusEx and Saucerat.”
“Oh, okay. Lemme see what you two have for me.”

With a little reluctance, the pair began to disarm. Saucerat went first, handing over his rifle, a smallish revolver and a long survival knife.

“Okay, Sauce- that’s one Model 700 with scope, a survival knife, and a Smith and Wesson Airlite. Jesus, what are you keeping?”

Saucerat grinned and revealed a previously hidden SigPro .40. The massive pistol had been hidden under his jacket.

“So you’re the writer-boy who kept pestering me? Thought you’d be shorter. Gimme those.”

DeusEx handed over his weapons with a smile.

“How’s things, old man? What’s the word?”

“Okay, katana black wrap black saya- nothin’ much, just got hauled out here from most of the way across the country. Okay, a Benelli Nova tactical, extended mag and ghost rings sights...OH yeah, you two hear the latest from Genya?”

“What, he’s okay?”

“Better than that. He’s been emailing us almost every half hour. It’s chaos in Europe. Every country’s trying to make a land grab that isn’t locking down and getting ready for the worst. Britain’s under the War Measures Act. Oh, and apparently... it wasn’t anthrax released the other day. The CDC got bombed and now there’s all kinds of crazy # booting around.”

“CDC?” asked Saucerat.

“Center for Disease Control.”

“Sweet Jesus.”

“Yeah. You kids better get a move on. Don’t worry, I’ll keep your stuff nice and warm. And es, I know whose is which.”

“Thanks, John.”

With that, the two glanced worriedly at each other before heading back up the stairs to go talk to Lysergic. Things were much worse than they had once appeared, and now the both of the them felt naked without their weapons. DeusEx’s FN Forty-Nine thumped hollowly against his exposed ribcage as he ascended the hard, cold concrete staircase back to the Command Center.

There it is, third chapter. hope you all enjoy it. I know I asked permission from a number of people to use them in the story, but didn't use them this chapter. I have a plan, don't you all worry. For now, this.

Oh, and if you're confused about teh bunker, teh specs are here.


Enjoy. Lots of feedback, please.


posted on Jan, 13 2004 @ 10:07 AM
Sheeeit, lol I love it

Great Story so far, and man, thats one cool house!

would love to be able to buy one of those

posted on Jan, 13 2004 @ 09:13 PM
Ya, that house does look pretty nifty.
The story is coming along great Deus. keep up the good work!

posted on Jan, 13 2004 @ 10:39 PM
This is great !

Can I volunteer to be a character too

Pretty please

posted on Jan, 16 2004 @ 09:55 AM
YAY... another chapter.

Chapter 4:

DeusEx and Saucerat climbed the stairs quietly, letting the information sink in. The demolition of the CDC meant that a lot of nasty diseases were no longer safely contained. DE perished the thoughts as he entered the Command Center, where Lysergic and a man clad entirely in black hunched over, staring at one of the computer screens. They murmured quietly to each other before turning to face the two young men.

The man clad in black was a well groomed man in his late twenties; who had long dark hair, goatee and mustache. DE had the brief impression that he was a beatnik, but ignored it. He knew who he was. The trim beatnik-esque man was staring at them through glasses that reflected the glare from the screens, making the lenses seem opaque.

“DeusEx? Yeah, you’re right. I thought he’d be shorter too,” said the man.
Lysergic shrugged in response.
“Well, I’m TheDemonHunter. Welcome to my home. I won it in a game of craps, actually...”
“Ummm, surr?”
“Ah yes! You and Saucerat are on guard duty today. You get good beds, fresh air, and a nice view. You also get to catch the # coming for us and help cook.”

Both young men groaned.

“Well, don’t just stand there. Get to it- you’re stuck with TheScienceguy and about three others. Can’t remember who. Never mind, bigger things going on. Now, go.”

“You heard the man. Git!” commented Lysergic. As TDH turned back to the screen to scrutinize the email, Lysergic had a quiet aside with them. “They found them! Genya an’ his boys found them! Now, git th’ lead out. Go.”
Confused, Saucerat and DeusEx shrugged at each other and continued up topside. They both carried the rest of the contents of DE’s car back to the bunker, letting the other distribute it. John Bull 1 smiled and helped them store the boxes of ammunition, passing on rumors and kind words. The pair joked back and forth the entire time, happy to not be looking over their shoulders the entire time.

“Sweet Jesus am I bored,” said DeusEx as he rested his chin on crossed forearms, staring out a window. Behind him, Saucerat was cleaning his pistol. They were both bored silly. Lysergic had given them a radio, which he would use to tell them if and when others were coming. DeusEx had long ago given up on his new and rather uncomfortable shoulder holster, hanging it on a coatrack on the other side of the room. “So, what do you think of this place?”

Saucerat looked up from his work briefly, and blinked. “It’s as safe and secure as we’re about to get these days. Personally, I hadn’t heard anything but pre-recorded warnings and messages over the last two days over the radio.”

DeusEx looked at Sauce for a moment. “You think... you think they’re all dead?”

“No....maybe...couldn’t be. Too many people.”

“Too many diseases.”

“Dude, shut up. You’re just getting paranoid. Too many movies.”

The two of them sat silently for awhile, just looking out the window. The radio gurgled in the background, as the two tried to rationalize away their doubts. The only break in their silent thoughts was Springer rolling into the compound on his gorgeous motorcycle, eliciting loud appreciation from the two. They helped him unload, not even bothering to draw arms on him. They knew it was springer before the howl of his engine died away. After Springer was done making fun of DE’s Echo (some ten odd minutes after stepping off the bike), he descended into the bunker. The two returned to the upstairs, sitting and thinking some more. Before too long, darkness began to fall.

Ehhh....dunno about this one. It seems like a step between, you know? Don't worry, the action is going to pick up REAL soon...


[Edited on 16-1-2004 by DeusEx]

posted on Jan, 16 2004 @ 12:11 PM
Very cool, DE. I'm definitely lookin' forward to the next chapter

posted on Jan, 20 2004 @ 11:00 PM
Chapter 5: Rude Awakening

A week later, the setting was basically the same. Saucerat was cleaning his gun, DeusEx was bored out of his mind. The real change was that this time, there were two more people in the room. Springer and Gothique, the most recent arrivals at a week ago and six days ago respectively. Both were also bored, after being given above-ground guard duty. Springer lay on the bed, eyes closed as he tried to nap in the warm afternoon, and Gothique had dragged a chair up to the second-floor bedroom to sit on. Other members of the little, seven man force were either asleep or in the kitchen, snacking.

“So Gothique, what kind of accent do you have there?” Saucerat called out from his chair, bored out of his mind.



Friendly attempts at banter between Sauce and Gothique weren’t uncommon. Deus could see his friend was at least as attracted as he was to her. She was five foot seven, with pale, alabaster skin and brown eyes. She wore dresses a lot of the time, doing her best to look good despite the collapse of civilization as they knew it. Genya’s emails proved it with daily reports of war, rebellion and death. There were rumors of passenger jets full of American citizens being rejected from airports or shot down for fear they might carry one of many dread diseases unleashed upon the States. Patrols of bunker-dwellers had uncovered the bodies of a family of fellow ATSers dead about three miles from the compound. They had been in their car. Despite being loaded with supplies, it was all set alight and the patrol thoroughly decontaminated. Deus had spent a great deal of time in the last few days watching the inky black smoke rise in the distance, privately mourning his family and friends.

His demeanor, naturally, hadn’t been the best. It also didn’t help his infrequent courtship attempts. But other things were more important. People were getting settled in, and a more permanent ‘defence force’ was being put together. Resources were being hoarded and inventoried. It seemed to everyone that TheDemonHunter was less preparing to ride things out than preparing to be invaded. The silo levels were being made as comfortable as possible, for long-term living. Patrols were sent out regularly. Not a single person was really idle- well, except for the above-ground guards.

Near-daily now, DeusEx and Saucerat went to visit John Bull, looking for information. The friendly older man rarely had anything new, but he was always friendly. It helped Deus keep things in perspective. He taught the pair about firearms, how to sue them, and even took them shooting on occasion above-ground. The logic was that guards should be able to defend themselves and others. While DeusEx was not a particularly good shot (he was rather mediocre, in fact) it helped him take his mind off things.

The chitchat was just beggining to pick up when the radio sputtered to life. DeusEx snatched it up quickly, listening. Lysergic’s drawl came over loud and clear.

“It looks like ya’ll have a Hummer headed your way, with five men in it. Get rid of them, but don’t kill them. They’ll be there in five, over.”

“Gotcha. Out.”

Deus tossed the radio onto Springer’s chest, who awoke with a start. He began strapping on his gun, midn racing as he looked out the window.

“Okay. Gothique, go get the others. Springer and Sauce, with me.”

He raced down the stairs, shoulder holster bouncing. He flicked on a CD, and told Springer and Saucerat to hide on either side of the front door. With little else to do, they complied - guns drawn. The others came just as the raucous jazz started up from the CD player. They followed suit, hiding on either side of the door or behind furniture. DeusEx began to pace, chewing his fingernails as he waited impatiently. Then, it came- the ring of the doorbell, just barely heard of the music. Walking towards the front door, he slapped a smile onto his face. He threw open the door with the friend smile still slathered all over his face.

A rather bored-looking sergeant stood there with three companions, all decked out in full combat gear and carrying their weapons. One even had an M249 Squad Assault Weapon. Deus looked them over, still smiling. “Yes?”

“I’m Sergeant Sheffield. Are you the homeowner?”


“We’re here to relocate you and everyone else in your house to a government quarantine zone, for your own safety.”

“Oh, that’s fine. Do the four of you want to come in and give me a hand? I’ve got coffee boiling and a bottle of Jack’s.”

“Sir, I’m going to have to relive you of your firearm.”

“Fine, fine. What will you all be having?”

He watched them all smile to themselves, knowing they could practically taste the whiskey. Deus turned on one foot, pretending to fiddle with the straps of his holster. He glanced at Gothique, who was tensed and ready. Walking deeper into the giant house as he fiddled with it, he heard the soldiers step in, one by one. Then, he heard the clicks of the hammers being pulled back. He whipped around, gun drawn and praying he wouldn’t be shot.

He found his small team pressing the barrels of their guns to the heads of the soldiers. The sergeant looked surprised. Holding the gun carefully in front of him, he stared at the soldiers for a second.

“Okay fellas, are there any more of you?”


The hammer of the gun pressed to the man’s head was pulled back.

“Yes. One more man in the hummer.”

“Well, okay. Now, we’re going to have to relive you of your firearms. Hands on your heads please, gentlemen.”

The soldiers complied quietly, and Deus stepped forwards, tugging the slings of the rifles over each of their heads before placing their weapons on the couch, then removing knives and pistols from holsters. He looked the sergeant up and down briefly.

“Sergeant, how big are your feet?”


“Answer the question.”

“Twelve double E.”

“Hmmm....Disarm and strip them. We don’t know when uniforms will be handy. For now, me and the sergeant will relieve the squad of its automobile. And leave the sergeant’s boots for me.”

Deus dragged the man outside, gun to his head. He was followed by Springer with another soldier in similar straights. Both men stood behind their captives, guns pressed to the temples. The soldier in the humvee soon surrendered, and he too was stripped of weaponry.

They left the soldiers in nothing but skivvies, by the entrance to the compound to walk the rest of the way back to base.. Springer went to park the new addition to the motor pool as Saucerat and DeusEx carried the new weapons downstairs, past the command room. Lysergic was just heading up for a smoke when he spotted them.

“Sweet Jesus, where’d you get those?”

“Soldiers. They’re unharmed. We’re bringing them down to JB.”

“Ah can say I’m impressed. Which of you boys came up with the stunt that netted us these?”

“I did. And I got us a hummer, too,” DeusEx declared proudly, puffing his chest.

“Well, you’re in charge of things up top now, Lead Sergeant DeusEx,” Lysergic nodded and patted him on the back before heading up for his well-deserved smoke. The pair continued down the stairs, Saucerat feeling a little jealous of DE.

YAy...back in the game.


posted on Jan, 20 2004 @ 11:13 PM
Great stuff, as can be expected. Looking forward to the next chapter!

posted on Jan, 21 2004 @ 08:33 AM
i just read this for the first time....I think the title caused it to slip by me....

Great story concept, I like how you are working the different members into characters of the story...and just like your other stories, the story-telling is superb.

okay now you know I wanna be in the story too..I'm up for anything, so don't worry I won't be offended if you make me into a ghoul or bad character....actually I'd be honored to play any role in your work.

now you have 2 stories that I am requesting more chapters for, so get to typing babes...I need to read!!!

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