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Need help, just had a few OBE's

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posted on Jul, 30 2007 @ 12:54 AM

Originally posted by Parabol

I've never lived in that house at all. My parents have been living there for about 5 years but they moved there after I went to college. And it's not even close to where I used to live, actually about 4,000 miles away.

It felt more like a dream body because I do remember trying to move my arms and feeling separate parts of my body rise, but I get what you're saying about the point of consciousness thing. I don't fly much when I dream, guess I never think to. I actually try to play music a lot of the time. In my dreams I don't have tension or other thoughts to get in the way of playing guitar or piano, I love it. But I'll see if I can practice flying to get used to the feeling.

Right on!
Sounds like fun then! I wish I had the ability to do this, it seems you can easily slip in and out of your body, the trick is controlling your sensation once you are out. I lucid dream plenty and I fly all the time. If you want my advice try this technique. Pretend that you are in a pool the next time this happens to you. If you want to go up swim up, likewise in other directions. If you find that is too difficult, imagine that blasts of energy are boosting you in directions. I find that this technique works wonders, it is easy to do once you find out how to do it. It just takes practice like anything else. That is really cool you can play music in your dreams! Sounds like you have a pretty interesting unconscious/conscious mind.

Thanks for the reply!

posted on Aug, 6 2007 @ 09:28 PM
Hi guys, I was reading this and I remembered that this used to happen to me alot. It usually happened at my grandma's house, I would get sleep paralysis, the rocking feeling, and the weightless feeling, but i dont remember ever having an OBE. The one time it didn't happen at her house though was at my apartment and it was terrifying for me. I was laying on my bed, eyes wide open but i couldn't move. I tried to scream but nothing happened. After that I tried to move but it felt like the weight of the world was on top of me. I don't remember anything after that, but i know that i didn't wake up until sometime later.

Anyone have any idea what happened? Any input is greatly appreciated.

posted on Aug, 6 2007 @ 11:48 PM
Had them most of my life, almost daily the last 15 years or so since starting rotating shift work and spending quite a lot of time with disturbed sleep cycles.
Common enough that I don't realize I am having one until I try to get a drink of water or turn on a light switch.
Don't take fear into the experience, because you will find what you expect to find on the early levels.
If you get afraid whilst the astral is attempting breakout ( feel like tossing and turning or rocking while sleep paralyzed) don't attempt a full body re-awakening, just concentrate on moving 1 finger or toe.

If you don't want the experience, there seems ( to me) to be a loud "buzzing" or "Hum" just preceding the paralysis most times felt strongly as well as heard. I just get up and have a glass of water and a smoke until I am fully awake ( about 10 Min's) and go back to bed---about 75% of the time I will sleep normally.

If you have never had one, but wish to try an easy way ( without a bunch of meditation or years of exercises) this works for some people.
Set your alarm for 3 or 4 hours of sleep, get up and have a caffeinated beverage--coffee,tea,cola, whatever--but don't spend more than 5 Min's out of bed. Crawl back under the covers and concentrate on just 1 thing, be it a mantra, prayer, feel of the blanket on your feet---whatever, just don't let your mind wander. When you feel/hear humming or buzzing, followed by sometimes violent sensation of rolling side to side, and the sounds start to sound more like whispering or conversations in a crowded room some distance away, don't be afraid--fear really makes for a bummer trip. Surround yourself with white light or whatever your belief system suggests for protection ( the fact you believe it is what matters), and soon you will roll out of bed just like you usually would----just not in a physical body, though it will seem like it at first.

I wouldn't suggest much time OOB the first few dozen times, at least until you can control it without the caffeine trick ( Timing is everything!) of keeping your mind awake while the body is still mostly asleep. Then you can start exploring/navigating the various levels.

Though a somewhat veteran traveler, I am now just about fed up with it---as I know I have learned amazing things---but am not allowed to bring the thoughts back in a cohesive form. The mundane is easily re-countable, the extraordinary is in some format that doesn't translate to normal consciousness.

posted on Aug, 7 2007 @ 06:36 PM
Those three spheres below the pyramid were they of different colors? If so can you remember precisely what colors? This is important or I would not ask.
The vine is real and it connects all that exists within the worlds of light. Through the vine is both rebirth and eternal existence exploring new, increasingly more beautiful worlds. The vine (often called a “tunnel of light”) is the only way to final judgment and eternal darkness or Heaven.
I believe you have already been in the vine but your memory is clouded though it is now in the process of clearing away those clouds.
You are correct concerning Spirit Guides. They are clearly with you. Keep on your journey but tell me those three colors if you can remember, then I may share with you the fourth sphere you were in when you first beheld them.

posted on Aug, 8 2007 @ 05:45 PM

The dream was over a year ago so it's difficult to remember. I went back and found where I had written about the dream and drawn the pictures of what I had seen. I did not mention any color but If I had to venture a guess off of feeling and other colors I've 'felt' or been aware of I would say purple, green, and gold. Though I don't remember them all being different specifically. The light was shining very brightly from behind the symbol. The triangle and leaves were literally cookie-cut out from the foliage and the light source blasted through the opening, it was quite bright.

BUT... I have for the first time found the use of that symbol somewhere. At the time I looked everywhere for the triangle with three circles underneath it. It seems like a fairly simple design and I assume someone would have used it but I could never locate one, until yesterday.

If you look at this video check the 2:36 mark and you will see what looks like an Egyptian text of who knows what. There are several triangles with circles underneath them, though not all with three. I initially thought it was a numbering system but I couldn't find any related information to numbers and hieroglyphics. Not sure if there is a connection but it was nice to finally see something.

posted on Aug, 19 2007 @ 01:07 PM
reply to post by Parabol

The section of video in question looks to be an inventory that was sent a long way for trade. The original inventory of the “gods” prior to Egypt was in Sumer and kept by Enki, later called EA by the Babylonians. Enki is also the entity that warned mankind of the flood in the Sumerian version and the one most likened to the G-D of the Jews that led them out of Egypt.
It is all interesting because in a near death experience I was shown a triangle as a star map for a location I believe is in the ocean. From the description of Enki from Sumerian artifacts now in Philadelphia I believe he is still alive. He continues to make clay figures and breath life into them. He continues to warn some people of coming disasters so they may be avoided or curtailed. But amazingly the “path” to him is by way of a vine or tunnel of light which leads through four spheres of light: Green, Gold, Red and Blue. I suppose if one were at a passing angle the blue and red would look like one purple sphere.
A triangle pointed up in Sumer was used for Earth. A triangle pointed down was Heaven. So, the “star of David” is the meeting of the two.
It all has to do with a continuing war in another dimension where time is moving much slower. If a battle is to take place in a few minutes there it would be decades from now in our world.
It is all a puzzle that only becomes more confusing as more pieces are added. Do you remember or have more notes on this or similar matters?

posted on Aug, 21 2007 @ 02:52 PM
I'm so glad I found you. I thought I was alone in this boat. I got online today, determined to find help on my OBEs, but I think you need advice. My experiences are nothing less than frightening. When I go out of body, demons try to pull me out. I have heard them speaking, clicking, and something that might be considered as grunts. Just today a demon laughed at me, so I think I'm the butt of the demons' joke in my house. I've had one experience where my arm was being shook up and down vigorously, and then threw back into my body. My spirit hand back into body. I did not get control, it was just thrown back. But don't leave your body. My senses are so heightened. If somebody makes no noise and walks into my room while I'm sleeping, I can feel them in my room and I wake immediately. And, no I can't control this, well kinda, I can control for the most part to prevent myself from leaving and being separated like that. I don't take drugs, or have any bad addiction, I'm a full-fledged Christian.
Once I found myself like that because of a dream, the dream woke me up or something, but I realized that the sound was in my room, and that I was in my room, that it was something at the foot of my bed. I knew it was a demon, so I told it to go in the name of Jesus. But before it knelt down and before I said anything, it had my stepfather's form and was sighing like he does when he is angry. But since I knew what it was I told it to go, which was a mistake. I was supposed to bind the darn thing in the name of Jesus, but I didn't know that so I told it to go, and then when it was obviously ignoring me I got mad and started making fun of it sighing, mimicking it horribly. It leapt to the head of my bed, it was long and skinny about 8 ft long stretched out, super long "legs" and abnormally shorter arms with claws or claw-like fingers. It started to try to gut my head, digging its' claw things from my upper nose over to my left eye. If I could describe it I would say it was like I was water and somebody ran their fingers through me. I could feel it, but it was faint. It did not hurt in the least. I give God the credit for that though.
Another bad time was a couple times ago, that same one that tried to gut my head, (they all have a unique flow about them), tried to pull me out of my body, it tried so hard I had my spirit arms hanging onto the side of my bed, they try pulling me out and off my bed while my physical arms were resting on my torso under my comfortor. When it gave up it shoved me back toward my body and for some reason I was vibrating rather violently and I couldn't control it, so I called out to Jesus and I was reconnected with my body.
I'm always conscious, I even saw my cat eating food on the table runner (I have their food up so that my fat boy cat doesn't turn to mush the girl is too skinny), so I called to her, even yelled "ANNA! ANNA!" She didn't respond in the least, not even lift her head from the bowl to look toward me. Leaving your body is not normal...I just wonder why they are trying to pull me out of my body, ya think they want to possess my body or some crazy shniz?
I just wanted to tell you, you should try to stay in your body if you can, I've actually just rolled out of my body once, I reached to the side and kept reaching and I rolled out. Yes, I know, that is soo dramatic...rolling out lol. And I got very startled and rolled back in. I just don't know why it is happening to people like it is. Oh and one of the days I was out of body was 7-17-2007. Maybe just a coincidence, maybe not. I just found that disturbing a little.

posted on Aug, 26 2007 @ 05:29 PM
reply to post by taka_nanika

Do these demons look like skinny gargoyles?
Have you seen them enter or leave to their "world"?

Yes you are correct they want to take your body over.

Even though it is from a Rabbi (Cooper, I believe he lives in Colorado). You may want to read his book "God is a Verb". There is one meditation/prayer that is particularly powerful. In your minds eye see angels of light surround you and pray to our G-d through His son Jesus/Yeshua. Ask that a protective hedge be placed about you. If you "see" you body become a vessel of liquid white light it will also help. As this will make it unbearable for a demon to be near you. Love our Jewish Lord with all your heart and all your soul. He will not let you down. But it is better for us to serve Him. If you can at midnight pray to Him as though you are welcoming him to your little part of this world.

It may also help to place a mirror over your bed and clean your bed room very well. Rose water is also good to spray around your bed as you recite Psalms. Of course the truely effective weapon is your hearts belief, it is your love of Jesus (Yeshua) the only son of G-d.

Try to keep up with the latest of Judaism as Our Lord is interested in this.

These Sons of Darkness are always fighting the Sons of Light. It is a war older than Satan. Please feel free to ask anything of me.
May Peace be on you as a blanket.

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