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Need your input guys and girls..

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posted on Jul, 16 2007 @ 11:05 PM
Hey there.. i've been a member for quite a while here..
But had to loose my mail due to some security issues and now starting from a new account... again.

Anyways i would like to ask you for a favor.. I need your ideas and your thoughts.. help and input.

My birthday is coming up and i was planning to do something special for it. Something like a treasure hunt... Now the problem is that there will be different age groups from 10 years of age (my cousins) to 55 year old math college professors and i would like to make it interesting for everyone and i would like everyone to participate.
So what i would like to find out from you is:
1. Do you have any ideas for the riddles?
2. Any ideas of placing the clues?
3. How to make invisible ink that would be visible only through some special glass or something..
Well i hope you get the idea.

If you have questions please feel free to ask.

So far im starting with drawing a map and ripping it apart and sending it to each person as an invitation.

posted on Jul, 17 2007 @ 03:50 AM

Originally posted by Skratch
3. How to make invisible ink that would be visible only through some special glass or something..

I'm sure you can buy invisible pens now that have an ultraviolet light on the end to see the words.


i have one of those somewhere...


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posted on Jul, 17 2007 @ 09:34 AM
Yes i was thinking about getting that. But since i want to make it as less high tech as possible it kind of out of question.
For invisible ink i actually thought of a different solution.
Overlapping text, One is permanent another washes off...

What i would like is your input and ideas for riddles.

posted on Jul, 17 2007 @ 10:28 AM
How big of an area is this going to encompass? Inside a house? Outside and inside? Throughout a neighborhood?

You can also Google Treasure Hunt Ideas for some good information.

It sounds like FUN! We did this once with our 4 nieces. Waiting for them at the end were 4 laptops!
They LOVED it! And so did we.

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posted on Jul, 17 2007 @ 06:20 PM
Well its about 1 square mile. Going to do that in the park.
Its got some hidden trails... And nice rock formations.
Well and some castles ect ect.

i tired googling it of course.. but the people that will be playing will probably use google as well.. so don't want anything that simple maybe something original.

Fun it will be.. at least i hope so!

So any ideas? And could you describe some riddles you used?

posted on Jul, 17 2007 @ 06:35 PM
I actually don't remember what we used, and this was for kids, but most of them were personal, like, "Your mom's favorite animal sits on a shelf and has a message for you." Stuff like that.

That's actually an idea. Make some of the clues things about you that everyone (or most) would know.

You might want to break the people up into teams of 3 (depending on how many play) to give them a better chance at solving the clues.

If you've never done a treasure hunt before, I STRONGLY suggest that you read this site to help you along. It's REALLY good for ideas.

I can't really help because I don't know anything about your surroundings. But if you get all prepared (like the site suggests) you can just go hide them anywhere and make up the clues as you go along.

Good luck and have fun!

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