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Any Simon and Garfunkel fans out there?

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posted on Jul, 16 2007 @ 03:47 PM
I just bought the Essential Simon and Garfunkel and I've probably listened to The Boxer a hundred times.

Great lyrics! Great Harmony! True legends IMO.


posted on Jul, 16 2007 @ 10:29 PM
I love them,

Youtube has some pretty wicked videos on there.
I prefer S&G with two drops, and a bowl

posted on Jul, 16 2007 @ 10:42 PM

This is a live version of the boxer, and it shows the use of a theremin.

posted on Jul, 16 2007 @ 10:51 PM
I Am a Rock (1966)

posted on Jul, 16 2007 @ 11:11 PM
I love Simon & Garfunkel.

I Am A Rock is my favourite but since Hellmutt already posted it, here's my second favourite one.

Hazy Shade of Winter

posted on Jul, 16 2007 @ 11:30 PM
I'm into them at the moment, sound of silence, the boxer and hazy shade of winter have been played almost daily recently!

posted on Jul, 17 2007 @ 02:19 AM
I sure am!
This song, inspired a thread about hauntingly beautiful songs.

I think this word describes the S and G package.
From Wiki

Synergy: (from the Greek synergos, συνεργός meaning working together, circa 1660) refers to the phenomenon in which two or more discrete influences or agents acting together create an effect greater than that predicted by knowing only the separate effects of the individual agents.

posted on Jul, 18 2007 @ 05:53 AM
Loved em man! I wonder if they are still performing today?

posted on Jul, 19 2007 @ 12:10 AM
I love the living legends! Simon & Garfunkel have beautiful songs & harmonies. Live music rocks my world....

Sound of Silence


posted on Jul, 24 2007 @ 01:43 PM
Homeward Bound


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posted on Jul, 27 2007 @ 11:19 PM
There was/is a radioshow in Norway where people can call in and ask them to play a song for somebody. This guy called in one day and wanted them to play a song for his sister. His sister had spent the past +10 years at a certain Hospital X in Norway. In Norway, it's common knowledge that this Hospital X is a "funny farm". The song he asked them to play for his sister was: "Still crazy after all these years".
All respect to the people who spend their time at Hospital X and all that...
Anyway, here it is. Followed up by The Boxer. Nice suit, mr. Simon!

Paul Simon - Still Crazy After All These Years +
Simon & Garfunkel - The Boxer (1975)

posted on Sep, 7 2007 @ 03:52 PM
El Condor Pasa...If I could

posted on Sep, 8 2007 @ 08:47 PM
Sound of Silence is great.

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posted on Nov, 3 2007 @ 12:21 AM

posted on Nov, 3 2007 @ 12:46 AM
Mrs. Robinson

posted on Nov, 5 2007 @ 08:54 PM
I adore 'em

The Essential is amazing, you should get Old Friends: Live On Stage, just shows how brilliant they were in and out of the studio.
They're amazing, Paul Simon was a brilliant solo artist aswell
, love him too.
There's fewer things i prefer than being cuddled up in bed listening to 'The Dangling Conversation' or the romantic 'For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her' or...every Simon & Garfunkel song ever written lol

posted on Nov, 5 2007 @ 11:56 PM
Simon and Garfunkel - AH MAN!! They are absolute legends. Even Paul Simon's Graceland album was good. I have that in vinyl hehehe - MINT condition.

Love their music and play some of it too on guitar. The Boxer is cool on guitar if played with the right dynamics of string pics.

LOVE IT> Thanks Dr Love!!


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