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What's up in Holland? Well UFO's apparently

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posted on Jul, 15 2007 @ 05:54 PM
A while ago I promised you people to shed some light on the situation in the Netherlands with regard to UFO sightings. That had to do with the post about the audio tape of the pilot witnessing ufo’s in Groningen in 1997. Some of you said that of course you hear about the big stories in the USA and stories like the Guernsey UFO’s, but the large number of sightings are of course the stories that do no or hardly reach any newspaper. They often do not shed more light on the phenomenon itself, but the sheer bulk of it (reports on a daily bases of different kind of objects) gives rise to the suspicion that there is a change, a turn as you will in the big story.

2006 was regarded as the busiest year ever (July only gave 42 reports, from objects that could be Chinese lanterns to definite uncommon formation flying machines complete with humming sound/saturnlike objects/wormlike transforming into vague triangle/ an brown red object with seemingly three wings and a hot white energy source in the middle/ oval objects of five meters with pulsing light that was accompanied by a round metallic sphere visibly through the casting of the pulsing light of the ovals grey round object with orange energy source ascending with great speed and making a 90 degree turn. )

From this year I will only translate the report of the three humming flying machines that supposedly landed in Landgraaf (Limburg) area. This was reported by a 31 year old man. He and his friend saw this at 2.10 the 29th of July 2006. they watched the crafts land between trees. They were convinced that they saw “someone”. The friend was convinced he saw more than one person. They were also very scared and convinced these “people” looked different and scary. Both witnesses will not personally come out with this story other than just reporting it to this website.

Triangular ships.
You will of course be acquainted with the Belgium sighting of a triangular ship in 1990 ( )
The last months of 2006 a lot of triangular ships are reported in Holland. Most of them were seen as three lights in formation, sometimes recognized as dark triangular shapes. Strangely enough often between 22:00 and 23:00 Amsterdam time

UFO reports in 2007 (first six months)
2007 seems to be a year to remember for every continent. It is so busy that some speak of World Wide Contact as something that is already taking place.

Most of the stories that came up on Dutch websites are of course in Dutch. I translated the sighting-reports that I could find from this year, but not all sightings make it even to a UFO website like or, because they do not all seem to add something to the information already at hand. Mr Teuben said this week in a radio that every week at least 5 sighting testimonies find their way to their mailbox and in most cases there a multiple witnesses and often bad photos or videos with little lights on it (most are of inferior sample quality, he said).

What is so hot about places like Holland or England of specially the northern part of Holland (Groningen)? I do not know. There is of course talk of geographic advantages of certain regions linked to “vibrations –higher vibrations seem to be better suited to the visitors-” or as I heard Mr.Teuben say: “an opening which makes landing easier in some places than others” they have to enter from space or stratoshpere into our atmosphere and not all places seem to be the same.

What are they coming for/doing here?
The talk of the town is that it is a positive vibration. We do not here stories of fear and panic. People tell their stories in amazement and with a positive afterglow. No abductions, but a confident demeanor that this is a positive “sign”.

posted on Jul, 15 2007 @ 05:55 PM
General characterization of witnesses and media in Holland: Ufologist have a difficult live in Holland. We like to be very dry cit and factual (who doesn’t?) People are generally sober in their views and historically place UFO stories in the USA, and as a consequence take them with a big grain of salt (You crazy americans). IMO this is due to the “fact” that a big part of the story unfolds itself in the USA starting with Roswell. Media here almost never give something like UFO’s a place in their program. This is changing just a little since the latest events. Some coverage in national tv-programs and some in national newspapers this week finally.

Chronology: I will start with the latest events, to give the lazy readers a break, and work my way back in time. Thrillseekers can start at the bottom of this post.

“Proof”and identity and location:
I will give a name to every event and will ad links to photos or videos when I can find them.
If you are interested in the locations, just Google Earth them, so you get an idea of our little European province.

Zuidlaren en Wildervank (multiple witnesses) July 5 2007

This event had been confirmed by many people in the area of Zuidlarenmeer.
(source; )
A woman was lying in her bed watching television and her husband went out in the garden with the dogs. “He is standing by the pond en sees two “things”…How do I say it? Um..Well. oval (width) misty forms. It were two “things” that hang there above our garden high up in the air. Suddenly they flew away, very fast and with a strange sound. My husband thought he didn’t saw it right , gets back in the house to get his tobacco en goes out again to watch the sky. And yes, they were back…He has been standing there watching these “things” in awe, while they were zigzagging across the sky and in between just hung there. The he stormed in the house and called me. I went outside, at 10 past twelve to watch the night sky and suddenly these “things” flew in with killing speed!!! I did not know what I saw. This time they also went away and came back to stay in one spot with a monotone grumbling humming sound….Then they shot away again!! When they flew away they became wider and less high.

We stood for our house now, in the middle of the street, I was half past twelve now and there was hardly any traffic…I picked up my video camera on the way, but it refused??? My Photo camera also refused, it flashed, but did not make pictures!! Both batteries were full!

Our across the road neighbors were still up, so we called them. The man, wife and one of the sons came outside after my call…And yes, they were back!!! At a certain moment one of these things was beautiful blue and the other seem to be orange. The blue one blinked and the orange reacted with blinks. We stood there utterly amazed. And then the game of hanging and shooting away began again. The neighbour’s wife quickly got her camera, with just (back from vacation) charged battery. Wel Forget it! That did not work either! The camera on my phone did work, but I didn’t manage to get a photo with these thing on it.

We first thought that somebody playing with a laser or something, maar this was not that.

We watched this phenomenon until two AM. It was unbelievable. I have no idea where to report this and if many people saw this.”

(names available at )

UFO filmed above Amsterdam June 22 2007

From a roof terras in the centre of the city. There is a comment on Youtube from somebody who says he saw it too while driving on the freeway that day.

posted on Jul, 15 2007 @ 05:57 PM
Daily UFO-sightings above Winschoten June 19 2007

Source: (Dutch regional newspaper)

Video witness:
Bright unidentified spherical object flying at cloud altitude, without making any sounds.
Date June 19 2007
Location Winschoten, The Netherlands
Filmed with JVC Camera on mini DV tape

Website article (niburu):
“Mondayevening independent witnesses saw a big object in the area of Hoogezand. One of them said, that this object was more than one kilometer in size. It changed colour constantly en flew slowly over Groningen. Much lower tjere was a formation of whti –orange balls which now and then seemed to disappear. Direction Sappermeer there was a report of an object that hung still, tilted, and ..disappeared. In almost every case the witnesses heard nothing but “”felt” in which direction they had to watch.

Sunday evening there were more reports from Hilversum with photo’s of a formation of white spheres that changed constantly. In Beverwijk, Geleen, Krommenie and Alkmaar similar reports were made. From Hoogkerk (8 e-mails with descriptions can be found from this event. Because in some of the cases people saw orange balls this was “officialy” linked to the “chinese lantern phenomenon ” , but in most cases the light shot away with great speed) and surroundings the reports still come in and almost everybody there knows about this from the articles of the local newpaper (Westerkrant) More and more witnesses from the Netherlands are reporting and claming to have “daily contact” [I have read and heard this several times, although I have never met a person to question him/her about this. Pjotr]

The Niburu editors claim at this point that "World Wide Official Contact" is manifesting. Information is coming in with truckloads. This is evidently a new situation for them.

Family in Glaneburg sees UFO June 9 2007

Fridaynight A family near Enschede saw a strange object in the sky. At that time, there was a weather alarm in Holland, but in the particular region there was a bright sky.

“Around 22.30 a birght yellow-orange object cmae flying in from the east with great speed in their direction. Richard de V., father of the family, thought he lost his mind. When his wife pointed at the thing, the thought it had to be a n airplane. But when it came close and holded still in midair it couldn’t be that. Two daughters of 12,17 en de 21 year old son in law, were also witness of the object that stayed there for 10 minutes.

Of course the family filmed it with a handheld camera and his wife with her mobile phone. Suddenly they saw two airliners fly in the direction of Germany. On that moment the object gained altitude with high speed en disappeared in space. The 12 year old had a bad restless night after the event.
Mister V. wrote to this editor because this was the second time he saw something. First in the area of Zwolle. He alos reported it to the military. The video’s failed.


UFO spotted in Limburg

Innocently a couple of party people film three objects and are guessing what they are witnessing. They are saying on the video that they will see this on the news the next day. Well, not, of course.

posted on Jul, 15 2007 @ 06:00 PM
UFO filmed above Alkmaar:

Filmed from an attic this guy saw something flying that looked uncommon and thought: Maybe it is an UFO. It moved very slowly. Thinking what this could be he became very excited when one object stopped and the other took it over. It looked like slowly circling each other through binoculars. After a frantic search for his camera he started filming. The objects were further away now and he was able to film a few minutes. At first the auto focus is on but he manages to change that. He doesn’t have a clue what it is, but is pretty sure it aren’t weatherballoons.

Blaricum 27 june 2007

Photographer (A. van der Linden) is still confused. A strange red sphere with a blue light beneath it flew above green meadows near Blaricum in the direction of Flevoland. He did not know what it was, but it was no balloon, he said. He cought it with two photos. He guessed it was at two hundred meters altitude. He saw it turn by the the movement of the blue light and going in another direction. It was too fast to follow by car.

Photo and article:

A similar sight was caught in Southhampton , UK.

Hundreds of people see object above Hoogkerk 26 june 2007

In a local newspaper (Westerkrant)
After an article about UFO’s in the newspaper 29th of May the editor got a lot of reactions (more then twenty).

MR J.D from Ruskerveen:
My wife and I saw a light moving from west to east above the Ruskenveense Lake. She called me and asked what this could be. I had no idea. Above Groningen it was out of sight. After 20 minutes it was back and it looks like it let something, something like downward firework. I did not believe in UFO’s I thought it must be part of some air-show. It appeared a third time around 11.15.

R.S from a street in the same village.
I have also seen a red-orange light coming at me slowly. This was at 19th of may around 23.30. When it is coming in my direction it gets bigger and a whit glow surrounds it. Then a clear white light beam shoots out of it. I just stood there amazed.
When the beam died out the sphere flew direction Groningen en became smaller.
At first glance I thought for a second it was a trauma helicopter (they are bright yellow, editor), but there was no sound. I don’t believe in ufo’s. When I came home I heard fire fighters alarms and I thought the beam must have started a fire somewhere. My wife talked to a neighbor next day who also saw it and found it a little frightening. She thought it was a UFO. I am very curious what it was.

Another family:
Hi sounds stupid…but we were sitting outside with the family around a fire. We saw the zigzagging light. First we thought it was the hospital chopper, but it wasn’t. We said jokingly…”Must be a UFO”

C.T from Hoogkerk
I was sitting watching TV around 11 when I saw something glowing in the sky. I often see airliners or satellites and this was different and bigger and did not blink. I took my camera outside and filmed the phenomena. It is a mystery, and I only see a spot on the video. I don’t believe in ufo’s but found this very awkward.

Dick M.
Your article of Jacob Zwart about UFO’s rang a bell with me. I often walk in the evening and lately a certain path to the Held. During these walks I saw this phenomenon regularly. Not as big as on the photo in the newspaper, farther away, the color of a neon lamp. That night, the thing with the white lights I also saw from a distant. When I saw them white light blinked under it and at a certain moment they fell down and kept brightly shining. There was no fire or smoke.

[edit on 15-7-2007 by Pjotr]

posted on Jul, 15 2007 @ 06:00 PM
Often the red light came from direction Zuidhorn and seemed to curve towards Southward. I saw this at different occasions, 3 or 4 times. No sound. I can not imagine the authorities don’t know about this, but maybe the are doing this themselves. I took my camera with me a couple of times, but then it didn’t appear or was too far away.

There are several more. Some of these accounts could be the famous Chinese lanterns, but not all, because of zigzagging or other properties. (editor)

Belgium/Germany/Netherlands May 9th 2007

From may 9th there came lots of reports from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands

Around 23.00 on May 17th I saw an UFO above my street. It was orange-red. Very fast it flew from high to low, from left to right. I took two minutes. This was no airplane!! When I was twelve I also saw a UFO. I tried to communicate with “them”, and posted a question in my mind. It stayed still above the roof of my neighbors and I had the feeling I had contact. They flew very fast in the direction I asked about.
This was 5 minutes in total. I went inside and called my parents in Doetinchem (16 kilometers away).
I got my father on the phone and told him a saw a UFO. My father immediately told me that he and my aunt saw a UFO at 23.05 above their house. It had the same color. I am now sure these are aliens and we can communicate. I asked them to go to my parents and they did it. After the call I went outside again. And to my surprise it was back and it disappeared behind my neighbor’s house. A moment later it appeared again. I thanked them. I didn’t see them again. My wish was that they visited my parents. My mom is very sick.

More people saw a UFO that night and from that day on there are daily reports form people seeing UFO’s . This is going on for months.

UFO’s above Groningen March 12 2007

Monday evening March 12 around 20:45 we were disturbed by heavy air traffic above our village. Normally F-16s fly over followed by a second F-16 and that’s it. Now our attention was caught by the fact that the noise stayed on. After 15 minutes of screeching f-16 engines we became irritated and looked out of the window. We saw immediately that the sky was filled with more than stars. We saw five shiny objects. We arrived outside and we noticed that two object were engaged in a cat and mouse game. One tried to overtake the other. It was obvious that one of them was faster. First we thought it was a dogfight, but strangely enough one of them made a sound and the other did not. This took more than half an hour wherein the two objects covered a air space 360 degrees around our village. (Half an hour!! Couldn’t they get a camera? Ed.)

But I didn’t stop here.
Close encounters were reported from Hoogezand (two individual times), Sneek , Winsum,Grijpskerk, Hoogkerk en daily there are more reports. All witnesses are prepared to talk about it. The editor promises a lot of image material.

As a consequence of this Niburu reports that experienced camera people arrived in the area. And they say that some mayors in northern Holland are aware of the situation.

March reports (a selection):
27-3 Nieuw-Leusden: a group of UFO’s /claim of photo that I cannot find.
28 -3 Kolham Two “spaceships” at night, the person promises a full report that I cannot find.
26-3 6 Nienoord: air planes are producing “chemtrails” , this person sees a shiny object surfing one of the trails creating a curly snake trail.
27-3 Barenveld Along the highway three guys saw an object moving 50 meters above them. It was a bright yellow star that grew and grew, and after a few seconds it shrunk to a pinpoint and stopped moving. It lookes like UFO’s they saw on video on internet.
28-3 Arnhem A very excited report on 5-6 orange spheres that hung still above the city and than began to move outward creating a growing circle. The light grew dimmer and faded.

posted on Jul, 15 2007 @ 06:02 PM
Objects leave mothership 15 3 2007
On Thursday a “mothership ” is spotted above Groningen out of which litlle objects came and flew in all different directions. The editor of the website had contact with this witness and believes that hundreds of people must have seen it. Some witness reports came in. The event had a great impact on the witness.

Another ship was seen by a witness on broad daylight. It looked like glowing mushroomlike object which hung sstill in a neighborhood in Zwolle en beamed a light on a couple of houses. The same report came from a school in Eindhoven. Both witnesses were prepared to tell there sory before camera. A mayor network was notified. And it came out as a small stupid item (editor). The witnesses did not get the opportunity to tell their story in full, as often happens on Fox like interviews.

UFO Groningen filmed in Februari 2007

This week a toyshop keeper enjoys the limelight with his message that he is selling chinese lanterns and he is convinced that that is what this is about. Most of the stories do not resemble these kind of lanterns. Of course the main news channels and papers grabbed this opportunity to quote the toyshop keeper and say (again) that it all just summer excitement. It is vacation folks, don’t look up, look down at your fishing rods.

So a lot of stuff is out there or out here, but not nearly enough is fixed on videos or images sadly enough. When there is more imagematerial I will post it later in this thread.

Well, sorry for all the space I used and my poor use of the English language.
I hope this gives something to think and read about.

posted on Jul, 15 2007 @ 07:30 PM
Hey your english is ok, respect for making such a detailed compilation.
Especially the video of that fire balloon thingy, never saw that before and i always wondered how such a thing looked like.

The ufo case i remember most however is when witnesses spotted triangular ufo's all over Germany,Belgium, Netherlands.Damnit that was a hot topic back then here in Belgium.
Off course most sightings come from usa/mexico but when smaller countries in central europe are seeing the same type of craft in the skies then u know something is going on out there.

posted on Jul, 15 2007 @ 07:41 PM
I applaud your initiative Pjotr.

Keep up the good work!

posted on Jul, 15 2007 @ 11:21 PM
pjotr, Great Job. Thank you for letting us know how this is going in your area. It is good to know that this is worldwide, or so it seems.

Your English is better than my Dutch. I try to read some of these sites, but it is slow going.

Hope to hear more from you in the future.

posted on Jul, 16 2007 @ 08:12 PM
pjotr, and any other readers in Europe. Since this whole "drone" thing has come down, have there been reports over there of objects that could be related to this?

I understand that it would have been an great amount of work to translate all of the reports, and those that were done would have been a lot of work themselves, so I would not ask that you go to the trouble of doing any that would be of something else.

I am interested in knowing if the "drone" reports are mostly just a US phenomenon, or if they are elsewhere, and just not being reported as part of the trend.


posted on Jul, 16 2007 @ 08:26 PM

Originally posted by NGC2736
pjotr, and any other readers in Europe. Since this whole "drone" thing has come down, have there been reports over there of objects that could be related to this?

Not that i am aware off sorry.
But heres some articles about Czech, Polish and German UFO's.I cant confirm this is genuine though.

posted on Jul, 16 2007 @ 08:35 PM
Thanks, onbekend59. Non of these seem to tie in with the drone idea here in the states. However, very interesting. It seems that there is a surge in UFOs, or else more people are comfortable with reporting them.

posted on Jul, 16 2007 @ 09:50 PM
Many thanks Pjotr for taking your time to translate this. It always amazes me how many Europeans know not only their own language, but English as well. Often times they ever speak it more properly than many of the people I meet every day.

posted on Jul, 17 2007 @ 08:12 AM

pjotr, and any other readers in Europe. Since this whole "drone" thing has come down, have there been reports over there of objects that could be related to this?

I guess you mean the Caret drone type we hear about lately? There are no reports so far in Europe. But as onbekend already showed there have been regular drone reports from eastern europe i.e. Poland. Little round spheres that in some places seem to create holes in the ground.

Maybe off-topic:

News-sharing between the new EU countries could be better though. I am concerned about the position of these countries. Recent history showed that some US factions like the military have a free playground there. Secret jails (and secret flights with "war-criminals") for terror-suspects have been troubling EU-politicians. And the "socalled anti-rocket installations that NATO and/or US want to install in Poland against a "possible" Iranian attack" is strange topic in this frame of thought.
We don't need them.
Russians act as if this an act of aggression (which it cannot be, it ANTI-rocket they say).
So I thought, hum, new installations in these very pro-US countries (Poland and Tjechie), could this have something to do with the rise in UFO-reports and the Disclosure to come?

posted on Jul, 17 2007 @ 08:20 AM

Many thanks Pjotr for taking your time to translate this. It always amazes me how many Europeans know not only their own language, but English as well. Often times they ever speak it more properly than many of the people I meet every day.

Don't thank me ExquisiteExample. It was a pleasure to support the global disclosure on this subject.
And as for the use of English in Europe. We have been enjoying (most of the time) the creative boost of film and TV from abroad (UK and US) for decades. Some countries (like Belgium and Holland) only subtitle all this stuff. So we learn it from an early age. (Although nowadays they sync childrens movies).
Most scientific reports have to be done bilingual (own language and English).

posted on Jul, 17 2007 @ 08:59 AM
This is no drone I suspect but what is it?? No clouds but there is something there.

It is a weather radar that detects something moving.
Any suggestions?

scroll and klik on the weathergif

The page is full with new reports. I will translate later.

posted on Jul, 17 2007 @ 09:03 AM
The photo on the same page, the watertornado or tyfoon is also interesting. There seem to be 3 three planelike object next to it, but that is not normal. Two would be normal. But are these fighters or what?
Is is near an marinebase by Den Helder, Holland.

The weather has been acting up lately. A lot of rain and lighting.

posted on Jul, 17 2007 @ 10:18 AM
Hi there,

I think the 3 objects on the left of the tyfoon are geese. The one closest to the tyfoon has it's wings up, the other two have their wings horizontal.

And about the weather... Not very strange either. Accept for the tyfoon, they are quite exceptional!


posted on Jul, 17 2007 @ 10:29 AM

Originally posted by Pjotr
The photo on the same page, the watertornado or tyfoon is also interesting. There seem to be 3 three planelike object next to it, but that is not normal. Two would be normal. But are these fighters or what?
Is is near an marinebase by Den Helder, Holland.

The weather has been acting up lately. A lot of rain and lighting.

Could be debris, wildlife or maybe even just some dirt on the lens of the camera.Too bad theres only one picture, it makes it so much harder for us to make out what it is.Nice typhoon though.
And i admit the weather is acting strange lately but not very unusual.

posted on Jul, 17 2007 @ 03:04 PM
July 2007 Some more reports frm the last days.

A number of selected reports from the last days.

Thursday 12-07-2007

It was 22:10 and cloude. We sat outside with the neigbours when we saw a fireball of the size of a sockerball. The ball had a orangered color. There were six. They diappeared slowly, CAME BACK, and disappeared again.

Friday 13-07-2007
Wednesday I wasin de KWBP (?) bij Hoogezand and swas2 white spheres with oval shape which wnet back and forth in the sly. 23:30 I thought the light from the train mirrored on electricity masts at first. When the train disappeared the light stayed however. So I thought it must originate from another light source (factories). It became stranger and scarier. I drover home and in Fochteloërveen near Fochteloo I saw the same spheres skidding though the sky at short range when I stood still in the middle of this area. It was 0:30 by now, clear, almost no wind and there were no other lightsources. I drove another 2 kilometers en got out when the ground got lighter, it was lit, and I was kind of getting scared. The light shot away again. Independent of each other the two lght moved back and forth. I had to tell someone and called my brother and my parents. When they came to the same spot an hour later the lights were gone. I didn’t try to photograph it whith my phone, but I didn’t know why.
If you can tell me more about this, it would be great.

Sunday 15-0702997

Seen in Eindhoven
1.Strong lightbeam between two stars for a quarter of a second.
Because of this I looked up and saw:
2. 10 seconds I was able to enjoy of 2 in formation flying “ships” They were as big a a small fighter jet. No lights, no sound. It was solid matter up there, no spheres or triangles. I estimate the altitude at 3 km. Speed is difficult, but to give an idea, they flew from left to right in 10 seconds. I guess a plae would take 5 minutes.

It was a super experience. I must say I wished to be able to see them once. (Hm, that never happens to me: editor)

Monday 16-07-2007
I looked out of the window and saw a clearlit cloud and it looked as if it was scanning another apartment building, that was very strange. It flew back and forth. After half an hour it was gone and after five minutes it was back. It just flew back and forth above the apartment. Once in a while it seemed to lean ove and I would see a blue-green glow. I tried to film, but the batteries were dead. (Well, plug it in!-Pjotr)

Monday 16-07-2007
22:41 Looked out of the attic window. I saw two orange spheres go east. Each at its own speed, they changed color. It was too far away for a mobile photo.

Monday 16-07-2007
De Wilp

I want to report an UFO. I saw it while sitting in the garden, a sort of a oval formed by orangewhite little balls. These became brighter and dimmer en the whoel thing moved a little from right to left. This sphere stayed ther for half an hour 01:00-01:30

Tuesday 17-07-2007

Time: 15-07-07 18:30
Weather: clear with little clouding
From: white clear lightball at the size of a quarter moon,which fast grew smaller as if leaving and suddenly disappeared.

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