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Crowley Was Hitler?

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posted on Jul, 15 2007 @ 05:46 PM

In his 1983 book The Leader and the Damned, Colin Forbes was perhaps first to make popular the idea that Adolf Hitler's double may have been responsible for the final horrors of the Second World War. Forbes points to a 1943 bomb attack on the Fuhrer's private plane as the time for the "switch-over" between the real Hitler and his impostor. But recent studies indicate that the greatest change in Adolf Hitler's personality (and physical appearance) took place long before he became well-known. It happened in 1918, while Hitler was still a soldier at the end of World War I.

Interesting theory about how the real Hitler was imprisoned and replaced by an imposter, Crowley. Later, with Germany about to lose the war, the real Hitler was brought out and shot, leaving his body to be found by the Allies.

Rumors of a Hitler-Hostage: Official World War Two intelligence reports from some nations disclosed formal references to "a war prisoner named Hitler." According to Reich leaders, the mysterious hostage was Adolf Hitler's favorite nephew, Heinz, who they said was captured by Soviet troops. Resembling an off-camera scene from Fleming's "The Man From UNCLE," an exchange of prisoners was supposedly set in motion with Stalin to free the obscure Hitler-Hostage. But his fate remains unknown. He is presumed to have died in a death camp in 1942.

It's an interesting read. Is this possible? There are many inconsistencies with Hitler's death that are still unanswered. Some people think he survived the war. This theory could explain some of that.

posted on Jul, 15 2007 @ 08:22 PM
It wouldn't shock me at all. It is well known that most powerful people and world leaders have doubles, sometimes many doubles. For example, Saddam had nearly a dozen doubles that were constantly traveling around with various entourages and body guards to throw off any possible assassination attempts.

Even though Hitler, from the article wasn't that famous yet, there was obviously a grand plan and they had to get someone has their patsy. All possible and great to think about..

Thanks for finding and sharing!!

posted on Jul, 15 2007 @ 09:29 PM
I have to say that I would love to believe this one, but the truth is pretty clear. If there was a tiny chance Hitler was alive Stalin would have split the earth in two to find the little scumbag. I would bet my left foot that Hitler did not use a body double. Hell his Munich apartment had NO security. Just a desk at the bottom of a staircase.


posted on Jul, 15 2007 @ 09:41 PM
This one is almost as cool as the Crowley being the father of Barbera Bush theory. That would make George W, Hitlers grandson.


posted on Jul, 16 2007 @ 12:26 AM
I read some thing about the Bush's actually being Germans and in that article it said Hitler lived to be 107 and in Wyoming.

posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 02:48 PM
Author and Tesla researcher Bill Lyne (line) say he saw Hitler and
Eva at the Texas Worlds Fair.. so that was in the 60s.. out living JFK.

Lyne later went through the LBJ library... presidential papers do
not seem to be classified so good secret hunting.. and found
Hitlers invitation.

He might have put other stuff in my sig link hiddenmysteries.

posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 02:57 PM
reply to post by TheComte

I'm not following your logic here--I thought Crowly died in 41 or so. He was certainly old enough so that if he did impersonate HItler, he wouldn't have lasted more than a couple years or so. Unless you're suggesting that he posessed him, or something like that?

posted on Dec, 10 2008 @ 12:24 AM
I always wondered how anyone popular could go around with such an ugly mustache. Hitler's mustache was, by virtue of its shape, both eminently recognizable, making him easily identified without too many other features, and also it served to break any of the visual lines of facial features. This made it possible to use doubles, either officially as Hitler doubles for Nazi security reasons, or unofficially by having an impostor take his place without most of the Nazi entourage or the German population being aware of the substitution.

While his "disguise" made Hitler more easily a candidate for replacement, what bothers is the verve of his phrase, his fanaticism, his occult poetry in mental imagery, which is much of what swayed the German psyche. This is the Hitler they followed, and if Crowley was the artisan of that myth, then it was indeed HE who was the real Fuhrer. And thus George W. Bush would thus be both the grandson on his father's side of Nazi spy George Scherff Sr as well on his mother's side of Herr Fuhrer.

This theory is also compatible with Crowley's double agent status working both for the British and German spy networks prior to WWII. Furthermore it fits in well with Adolph Hitler (or his substitute) being hired as an agent by German Military Intelligence to infiltrate the Thule society. It also explains why, given that he was considered substandard by his intelligence handlers, Hitler was suddenly discovered to have great oratory skills and an ability to sway opinions, during his spy training.

What isn't compatible, is that we have no reports of Crowley's maniacal and dreadful attacks of innocent victim children during his ritual sex magic orgies, while masquerading as Hitler. Would he have ceased such practices and stopped the horrendous crimes he bragged about indulging in? Wouldn't such a character have reveled in the horrible tortures in concentration camps, setting up shop there so to speak? This is not entirely square with the persona in question.

What is disturbing is that Hess did think the British were in substance allies, to the point of rushing to Britain for help in Hitler's last hours. Hess was in the know, one of the most intimate characters of the regime since its earliest beginnings, he would have known. Also, Hess was born in Egypt, a place of importance for Crowley who was instructed to create the Anti-Christ in Cairo, from a demon that looks strangely like an Alien Grey.

British and German aristocrats (at the top they're the same families?) did conspire to bring forth the Nazi regime, and chose to find a leader who was of popular extraction as an upper class member would not have as strong a following as one of more modest extraction. These aristocrats may have pulled the strings of quite a few people, including Crowley.

The Washington Post article mentions that after WWII Hitler was spotted in British controlled Westphelia and later in Innsbruck with his doctor, under the assumed name of Gerhardt Weithaupt. This is quite close to the spelling of Weishaupt who brought forth the Illuminati back into the open (a millenia long continuum) and brings to light, pun intended, that the Nazi creature was fabricated by the self-same or was meant as a signal to all Illuminati that they were duty bound to protect him. See link:

Hitler's rise to occult leadership does not bide well with his modest start in intellectual life, relative absence of particular talent, bland character and lack of inspiration. It can be assumed, by Crowley's and Hitler's friendship in the very least that both were present in some form at the same time in given places, and that Crowley could have exercised influence on Hitler whom he boasted was his MAGIC CHILD.

Let us remember that Crowley was most active at Tavistock, where Brainwashing and Mind Control had been advanced to an Art. Was Crowley Hitler, or his spiritual father?

posted on Dec, 10 2008 @ 01:17 AM
There are extreme age differences, physical appearance differences. Adolph Hitler was knowledgeable of almost all aspects of Austrian and German culture and history. He spoke German accentlessly, fluently, articulately, persuasively.

Thousands of hours of film of Hitler, much with sound, still exists.

His family knew him from childhood and were writing about him decades after his death.

Some claims are just impossible to even consider seriously.


posted on Dec, 10 2008 @ 01:46 AM
Have you guys noticed the likeness of Aleister Crowley to Barbara Bush?

Shes got an Adams apple.

Pauline Pierce performed a sex ritual with Crowley called eroto comotose lucidity before Barabara was born.

Also Supposedly according to Hitlers bodyguards death bed confession, stated that the Bush's went by the last named Scherf, maintained Teslas copyrights, survived the war and became a US citizen etc.

Crowley was also called the beast and the most evil man alive.

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posted on Dec, 10 2008 @ 04:33 PM
hi 122112,

Though speaketh well. Bush is definitely Grandson of Crowley through his mother, Crowley's illegitimate daughter and the Grandson of one of Hitler's stooges sent as a 5th columnist.

Regarding the previous poster's statements. One can have Germanic culture (Crowley was known to speak flawlessly) and even be quite attached to elements of heritage as well as their adamant proponent, with deep conviction without being born in a nation. The Hitler we know from film and radio recordings is indeed pan-Germanic. Not a poorly uttered dimly translated phony like George W. Bush pretending he is a human clone rather than a degenerate coke-head.

It is conceivable that Crowley impersonated Hitler for many years, building his persona and becoming he we know to be Herr Furher. Seig Heil! (Hail Victory) However, this would mean that Crowley could not have been known to appear in public or be officially recognized elsewhere at the same time as Hitler, which is conceivably a longshot.

However, several problem areas remain. And regardless of politically correct mainstream historians and their reverent followers, the photographic evidence of drastic morphological differences between Hitler's early years with a far thinner nose and other more chiseled features does not bode well with his successor's or double's more massive face and wider nose, not to mention considerably different attitude and behavior, brown versus blue eyes not withstanding.

How do traditional accounts of Hitler's rule explain this? They don't. The same way the Warren commission doesn't reply to questions about 9/11. No explanation is necessary because inquiries into factual discrepancies are brushed off as inopportune, irrelevant and without validity - outright. Don't insist or you're a conspiracy kook. I didn't think this would be the rhetoric at a conspiracy website...

Regarding Hitler's family, they were rarely if ever with him much during his rise to eminence. They didn't live in Germany, were far from close or cherished, and he was much a recluse. It is normal that they would fondly reminisce after his demise, given his notoriety and the world's interest in demystifying WWII. Book royalties were possibly more attractive then than today, where there are many other alternatives for consequent revenues. Plus, let us not forget the fact that they became the object of cult for many ex Nazis left nostalgic for the good old days. Of course this comes accompanied with a deep understanding of a man who remained a mystery to even his closest collaborators.

Discovery by the Gestapo of the secret file that brought Hitler to have Austrian Chancellor Dollfuss murdered, was apparently overwhelming in its implications. What this means is of course open to interpretation, but possibly could imply that Hitler was indeed not Hitler? What else could be overwhelming? Jewish descent from a Rothschild through his paternal grandmother? Closet homosexuality? Illuminati Puppet? British Agent?

Hitler's rise and vanishing act has never been plausibly explained. There are far too many holes is the Swiss cheese of his historiography. Contradictions abound and gray areas subsist and not only fail to rescind with time and the increase of data from formerly inaccessible secret service files or deathbed confessions.

Furthermore, the Nazi continuum has left significant traces in the corporate world, in US institutions ranging from NASA to the CIA and the White House, and the New World Order agenda either stems from this movement or coincides with it having a same source of originations, the Illuminati families being behind National Socialism, Bolshevik Pseudo Communism, Maoism, Pol Pots enjoyable (don't laugh, it might be your turn next) experimentation with the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. How many historians recognize a symposium of socio-political experimentation leading to a full fledged global control system? Let us hope that we don't get the more extreme version.


posted on Dec, 10 2008 @ 05:11 PM
Interestingly enough Crowley allegedly died in 1947 and Hitler in 1945. So what do we really know about Hitlers death and the death of Crowley?

Barbara Pierce Bush (born June 8, 1925)
George W Bush born July 6, 1946

So what we have is a 2 year period that seems to be very close. What may have happened during this time period if indeed Crowley was a part of this conspiracy?

posted on Dec, 10 2008 @ 05:21 PM
Here are a couple images of the few people mentioned. The resemblance is staggering.

posted on Dec, 10 2008 @ 05:25 PM
Hitler's camps used IBM designed numbering systems, with a prototype vacuum tube central computer generating individual numbers for each detainee, with key information composing the coded personal ID number. This number also included an all important expiration date, not unlike what you find on your yogurt or loaf of bread. It was this IBM number which was tattooed onto their arms, enabling ready identification, classifying their work potential, final destination and termination date.

One can well understand that embedding a radio frequency identification RFID transceiver, with significantly more information on all citizens in a pretendedly free society, will leave the door wide open for worldwide implementation of a program initially Beta tested by IBM during WWII. It has since become a mature technology ready for roll-out and full fledge implementation in today's forthcoming Thousand Year Reich.

To make a long story short, historians fail miserably to confront evident parallels in modern society with prototypical projects engaged in for the first time on a large scale during Nazi Germany's regime. Propaganda has been systematized and generalized, with intimidation of the press in much of the presumably free world. This is not unlike Nazi Germany. Individual rights and difficultly acquired liberties have been dismissed for pretenses of security imperatives, not unlike Nazi Germany. Effectiveness and efficiency have become not only obsessive targets but supramoral causes invoked to legitimize just about any antisocial action on the part of those in power, not unlike Nazi Germany. Political correctness and social conformity are pressed into service increasingly, not unlike Nazi Germany. What is different? The uniforms?

This may seem an exaggerate transposition, but it is nonetheless far closer to the truth than the opposite negation of anything similar to Hitler's days in today's Neo-Conservative OR Neo-Liberal NWO agenda. One cannot buy historical analyses which only pay lip service to anecdotes, physical traces of memos or succinct diary entries, here say or boisterous claims. For it is not the punctual instants of enactment which make history, but the motives and underlying objectives. It is these which must be queried and questioned, rather than simply invoked to explain away policies as so many administrative measures put end to end.

Hitler, whether alive or dead, is still present today in his heritage. This is probably a main reason why most people find it difficult to swallow his implausible demise in unconvincing circumstances which failed to seduce Stalin, Churchill or Roosevelt, the three main world leaders opposing him in war.

Who are we to question their intelligence, be it literally or metaphorically. These men were well versed in things politic. They knew full well of the use of simulated death to conveniently disappear, and they also inevitably knew of the extensively funded and equipped Nazi continuum movement in several countries and continents. They had at their full disposal the dedicated sum of their countries' intelligence agencies, as well as having integrated into their secret services a considerable number of former German spies and ranking officers with their own information and analyses of Hitler's exit from public life.

Illuminati satanists (you may research this on your own or expand your circle of friends for confirmation) engage in sexual aggression and violent acts inclusive of human sacrifice (been there, seen that) similar if not identical to those perfected in detailed ritual by Aleister Crowley. The devil gave Crowley a mission in Cairo, to Create the Anti-Christ whom he claimed was Hitler, his Magic Child. Rather than substitution (Hitler's doubles were then for normal usage) Crowley could have manipulated Hitler, possibly through spirit possession, psychic ascendancy over his persona or Sex Magic Sodimy through the Eye of Horus to ritualistically summon the Devil?

posted on Dec, 10 2008 @ 05:40 PM
I can't help but wonder if the guy St. Germain fits into this somehow.

posted on Dec, 10 2008 @ 05:55 PM

Originally posted by 12.21.12
Here are a couple images of the few people mentioned. The resemblance is staggering.

Hi 122112,

The two former do have a strong resemblance. However, their ear cartilage is sufficiently different that the hypothesis of substitution is unlikely during Hitler's ascent and mainstay as a public figure, as Crowley would have needed to change and later revert to his former morphology, most unlikely.

The other hypothesis is that he could have switched places with Hitler at earlier dates, to free him for occult training and/or brainwashing, or to enable Crowley, under an assumed identity (an unknown Hitler), certain key contacts between British and German aristocratic Illuminati who had a vested interest in furthering a Nazi NWO project. Crowley was at the highest level of hierarchy in just about every occult, masonic or secret order on Earth (over one hundred such supreme titles) which were not honorific but gave Crowley full authority over the projects, policies and actions of their subservient members (yes, that means YOU, Freemasons). Acting not as a spy, but as a liaison officer between Illuminati factions, he could have helped construct the method of the madness which ensued.

So we should not discount without further investigation the report that Aleister Crowley set forth to find a German duplicate, screening many war records for photographs and casting horoscopes in hopes of finding a person to meet his criteria. Was this because his visitation early in the century by the Devil in person, who asked him to create the anti-Christ told him to model him after his own liking, or because he considered himself the Beast, 666, the Devil possessed, and therefore wished to use his own image as a carrier for this task? There is an element of vanity in such a quest, but who said the Devil was not vain? And if such is his creation, few would contest that Hitler is a strong candidate for nomination as the anti-Christ.

Barbara Bush is more readily identified as Crowley's daughter, and this will probably some day be verified by DNA sampling. That Frau Angela Merkel was produced with Hitler's sperm by artificial insemination into Eva Braun's sister Gretl was verified by Stasi records as well as giving her real planified birth date as Adolph's, the 20th of April. Could this have been a means for the Soviet block to maintain pressure on a surviving Hitler at the head of a worldwide power matrix of Nazi adventurers in politics, industry, science and espionnage?

It is unsettling to notice that simultaneously Crowley's grandson aka George W. Bush and Hitler's daughter aka Angela Merkel were both the most influent leaders in the world. This is not only unsettling for taking stalk of the Nazi continuum at work today, but also because both the Nazi movement and the Occultist Satanists are members of something far more powerful and nasty, the Illuminati. It is them and not their offshoots which are the enemy, as they have proven throughout history their ability to morph into anything and its contrary to manipulate our reactions and obscure our minds. In this sense they should be rebaptized THE OBSCURANTI !

posted on Dec, 10 2008 @ 06:12 PM
OMFG! Wow!

Just who are these people?

posted on Dec, 10 2008 @ 07:20 PM

posted on Dec, 10 2008 @ 07:46 PM

Originally posted by 12.21.12
I can't help but wonder if the guy St. Germain fits into this somehow.

Unfortunately, as unlikely as your linked website's claims, it is more difficult to really know who the Illuminati are than who is the Count of Saint Germain.

Theories abound, as in any mystery which defies inquiry. One source is that outlining the 13 family lines. Another adds to them the Council of 300. Further extension to more numerous people go so far as to include the Club of Rome, the Bilderbergers, Bohemian Grovers, Highest levels of Occult Freemasonry starting at the Scottish Rite 33rd level and going upwards (or downwards if you consider the reality of their path), miscellaneous occult black magic and/or satanist quasi religions (some include the Vatican among these) and even possibly people who are for all intents and purposes anonymous citizens of various countries and who constitute the Elite of the Elite above and beyond control mechanisms.

They call themselves the Illuminati, i.e. the enlightened ones. However, they are possibly enlightened to an aspect of truth such as extraterrestrial presence or the true nature of the human condition, something which evades us still, but on the other hand what they do with this information is hide it. Some do so because they pronounce blood oaths, accompanied with human sacrifices to make the acutely aware of the fate which awaits those who speak.

Confront one, even politely or in jest, and they will thereafter avoid you even if it means going missing from important duties or walking away permanently. Those I have had the insignificant dubious honor of meeting seem normally constituted civilized people. But this is a surface veneer, something residual which is fastidiously maintained to permit effective integration to a role in society. However, there is another force present in their lives, evidenced by the horn hand sign in public events, or by a refusal to reconsider certain opinions when they infer that some are subservient or that there are others with a valid mission to rule and consign.

I do not know who the Illuminati are. Unfortunately experience has shown them to be more present and numerous than books will mention. The same patterns of behavior, and surrender of their conscience (soul?) to a higher (actually sinister and lower) authority - at first their group, then their hierarchy, latter their magical power, lastly their master the Beast.

They are not a recent invention. They have, like their Rose Croix or Rosicrucian branch, appeared for some years (108 in the later case) to then disappear for an extended period. One can consider that they, or something sufficiently similar to bely a subsisting historical connection, have plagued mankind for several thousand years, preceding ancient Egypt as the Brotherhood of the Serpent, stemming from earlier yet gnostic religions engaging in human sacrifices and occult magic.

Whether these are fabrications of men, they would in that sense be man's most enduring creation since the invention of the wheel, or are an imposed power structure of Earthly "Guardians" for intervening Extraterrestrial Watchers who are bent on enslaving or experimenting with men, it is difficult to believe that they could in any way be benevolent as their manifest philosophy is to herd mankind like cattle and cull the herds whenever needed without qualm. This entails behavior which can only be described as evil from the standpoint of an objective outside observer who considers the presumption that human beings have a right to life and at least a measure of freedom.

Sorry to not be able to clarify things further, several millenia of experience in ensuring secrecy has kept most from penetrating the identity of the Illuminati. You will however find lists of members of societies such as Skull and Bones (Yalee Satanist) which are a good start.

posted on Dec, 10 2008 @ 07:55 PM
One of Hitler's baby pics.

The Furer in pampers

Adolf Hitler was born in 1889. Article HERE

Hitler's schooldays picture

Alister Crowley was born in 1875. Article HERE

Alister Crowley would be 14 years old when Adolf Hitler was born.

Crowley was NOT Hitler.


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