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Marine: Unit Was Ordered to 'Crank Up Violence Level' in Iraq

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posted on Jul, 16 2007 @ 12:13 PM

Originally posted by Comforter
There are a few cases against the little pink pill that keeps giving. Lariam used for malaria by the troops are laced with a chemical that lowers a person’s kill threshold. It was designed for about six months use. Depending on the individual they can experience flash backs and extreme anger and hallucinations up to five years from the last dose.
Suggest anyone coming back invest in a private sauna.

A few weeks ago Law and Order ran a show on the result of this drug on a returning soldier that went crazy and killed his family. They did a lot of coverage of the effect of this drug, getting military people on the stand... especially the percentage of incidents.

The show regularly uses real news items as story lines, but until now I thought it was just an embellished story... Seems perhaps its not so far off after all

posted on Jul, 16 2007 @ 12:42 PM

Originally posted by geemony

Originally posted by SteveR
It is abundantly clear Iraq was better under Saddam Hussein, a man much maligned by propaganda war, who never should of been removed.

Your right a Dictator who himself ordered the deaths of hundred of thousands of his fellow countrymen, as well as useing mustard gas against women and children in northen IRAQ. As wel as killing anyone who opposed his rule. Nice guy huh ? Sounds to me like he had his peoples best interest at heart doesnt it?

Believe me Saddam reaped just exactly what he sowed.

He should have used high explosives or White phosphorus on those kurdish villagers instead,seeing as we can use them on anyone.
He wasnt hanged for that sunshine!
For some reason we wanted him dead before that trial.Either its because there is no evidence to link him or we also have our fingerprints on the chemicals used!choose either my friend

He was tried and executed(the hangman looked like Moqtada al-Sadr!)for executing people who had tried to kill him as shown in the copy and paste below

*The Dujail Massacre of 1982: In July of 1982, several Shiite militants attempted to assassinate Saddam Hussein while he was riding through the city. Hussein responded by ordering the slaughter of some 148 residents, including dozens of children. This is the only war crime on which Hussein has been charged, and he will almost certainly be executed before any other charges go to trial.*

Seeing as he was at war with Iran for a long time i am not surprised that war graves are found.I can tell you if you muppets decide to attack Iran using the newly trained Iraqi army as your pawns then there will be many other war graves!In fact i think there must be a bloody big one south of Bagdad during the offensve when a few daisy cutters where tested on the Iraqi army.To this day i havnt seen any photos of the carnage these bombs created,must have been too nasty to film!

posted on Jul, 16 2007 @ 12:44 PM

Originally posted by SIEGE
The OP seems to hint that a conspiracy might exist where flagrant abuses
might be encouraged, or even ordered. IMO that doesn't sound too far-
fetched. You can't "sell" a war if everyone plays by the rules. Keeping the
war in front of everyone's eyes is easier if sensationalism is constant.
If nothing bad is happening, start some bad s#*! yourself.
Keep that money coming! To hell with peace. To hell with truth.

I can for sure see what you are saying and do agree that War makes money for some and they will try and keep it going for as long as they can. However what i disagree with is the thought that our soldiers are being told to do this kind of thing. if that were the case then we would hear more soldiers coming out and saying this is happening. Orders Like this can not be kept secret unless its a small unit being told to do this. I just dont buy it that our troops are told to make trouble so the war can continue.

posted on Jul, 16 2007 @ 01:04 PM

Originally posted by noangels2006

He should have used high explosives or White phosphorus on those kurdish villagers instead,seeing as we can use them on anyone.
He wasnt hanged for that sunshine!
For some reason we wanted him dead before that trial.Either its because there is no evidence to link him or we also have our fingerprints on the chemicals used!choose either my friend

Of course The US and Britain gave him weapons during his war with IRAN. infact we prob hung him out to dry when the going got tough. Just like we did to Bin Laden when he was fighting the russians in Afganistan. This is the real reason Bin Laden hates the US. We created this terrorist by running out on him when the mujahadeen really needed our support. same thing with the bay of pigs in Cuba. Kennedy cut off the US air and sea support for the coup and Castro nailed the coup before it got off the beach.

However the US didnt hang the man to begin with. The Iraqi courts hung him out of revenge, dont think it was anything else but a revenge killing sunshine!

One in which Saddam truly deserved!!!

And so what if the US and Britains fingerprints are on the chemicals used. We didnt use them on women and children HE DID !!! I think you will also find that France, Italy, Russia, China and Germany all gave support to Saddam in order to make huge profits off him. But all i see are people giving the US the what for and forgetting all the other countries who have done the same or worse.

posted on Jul, 16 2007 @ 01:28 PM

Originally posted by geemony
Your right a Dictator who himself ordered the deaths of hundred of thousands of his fellow countrymen, as well as useing mustard gas against women and children in northen IRAQ.

Extraordinary allegations require extraordinary proof.

posted on Jul, 16 2007 @ 03:07 PM

Originally posted by SteveR
Extraordinary allegations require extraordinary proof.

your right so prove he didnt give the order?

Enough said I think.......

posted on Jul, 16 2007 @ 04:44 PM
I would agree with cranking up the Violence. it lets the media know that there is still much to complete, and it is not time to pull out. It may also make the bad guys think twice about attacking.

posted on Jul, 16 2007 @ 06:28 PM

nahh sunshine it was a revenge hanging because he tried to kill bush snr-Mind you you also had to kill his sons rather than capture them and get usefull information!I expect Bush gave those orders too,but i get the feeling your chain of command prefers to kill terrorists who are high up in the intel chain rather than catch them and *cough*get the info we need out.Shame realy as you have spec ops lighting up the targets nearby i would have thought your lads would be chomping at the bit to get them alive but orders say othewise and those bloody big bombs gets tested again!

I also feel you missed my WE part in the chemicals part he used!I know damm right the west gave him this stuff as he was our puppet to fight Iran,thats why I said WE.Both our goverments were willing to sell this stuff for him.
and for the record you boys did worse than Saddam in falluja.You should hang your head in shame for electing that criminal drug abusing coward because in doing so that city was flattened awaiting the election results.Iraq is just a dirty testing zone for your latest weapons and pys ops

your on the money on the CIA hanging groups out to dry when not needed anymore,their dirty work is always going to come back and bite them later

Another reason bin hates your military machine is you kept troops on his soil after gulf war with your bases there.Of course your brave flag kissing president wouldnt deal with terrorists would he?yeahh so thats why your bases have gone in Saudi arabia then!I think i have to chalk up that win to Bin then,and iraq is just a bonus seeing as he hated Saddam with his western vices.
Your president has bought both our countries crashing down,our reputation means nothing now as we started this illegal war and dont have a moral leg to stand on to dictate foreign affairs with other countries in the future.
Its a real shame mate,I have many yank friends and I always have to defend you lots over this side of the pond when mates say what cowards you lot are(refering to your sky pilots dropping bombs at squinty eye heights /firing shells in tanks/calling in airstrikes all against people wearing sandles and firing rusty old ak's)Your not all bad,just everyone who voted for bush for the 2nd term and allowed his friends to rape the middle east

posted on Jul, 16 2007 @ 06:47 PM
*rolls eyes*lol

Ahh man I love this bad guy talk farmer,trouble is WE are the bad guys in this illegal war!But congrats on using Bush talk,makes you look realy strong and powerfull.

Hate to spoil your illusion but they dont want us there,in fact they cant stand us there-and the vast majority of so called terrorists there are not terrorists but Iraq's fighting to drive us out of their country that we have ruined

Cant blame them realy,we have raped their country and their Culture

If you want the violence to increase why not join up?go on, plug a few bad guys and be a hero.I hear its a turkey shoot out there

posted on Jul, 16 2007 @ 06:56 PM
The title to this thread is what brought me in. I just cannot stand the continued violence. I worry so that all of our American youth are in jepordy in the next years. What on earth did my beautiful kids do to walk into a situation that will be so hated and so deadly? I cannot imagine them having to go over there and take the brunt of what is happening now. I will stop here but I am far from finished.

posted on Jul, 16 2007 @ 07:58 PM

Originally posted by noangels2006
Its a real shame mate,I have many yank friends and I always have to defend you lots over this side of the pond when mates say what cowards you lot are(refering to your sky pilots dropping bombs at squinty eye heights /firing shells in tanks/calling in airstrikes all against people wearing sandles and firing rusty old ak's)Your not all bad,just everyone who voted for bush for the 2nd term and allowed his friends to rape the middle east

You know I it usually gets me going good when ungrateful people bash our military. Is it our fault we have the best airforce going today, hardly and is it being cowardly that we would rather level an enemy bunker with an air strike then put a platoon of men at risk. I think its good for moral don’t you? However, I guess you have to have that tool of war in order to fully appreciate it.

Our pilots are cowards you say. I guess you would prefer bombs be dropped from say jeeps, or trucks maybe. Taking tanks down without spending lives. Calling in air strikes instead of wasting troops lives. I think you need to do some more tactics research mate. People wearing sandals and firing rusty AK47s. Guess you are not aware that those insignificant sandal wearers are battle hardened troops. Capable, of well killing hundreds of people everyday. Wake up my friend and take the chip off your shoulder for a minute. With out the US backing all the countries that cant fight for themselves, radical fundamentalist would have taken over the world long ago buddy.

Lest ye forget, what country saved the planet during WW2? The US saved the day then and it was good, now we are everyone’s scapegoat when we decide to take terrorism on instead of being quite and taking it up the Arse. And don’t give me speech about there are no terrorist in IRAQ cause it don’t wash. Everyone forgets that criminal Hussein unloaded thousands of hardcore killers from his prisons before we got to Baghdad. Moreover, don’t think IRAN and Syria aren’t sending in troops daily to kill whomever they can.

Bush raping the Middle East?

I would have to agree it does look that way and prob is for the most part. The thing there is one word "OIL" and it was never about anything else no matter how you slice it. Face it the Oil is running out and the Middle East is the target. Hide and watch the fireworks over the next 10 years as the big three (USA, RUSSIA and CHINA) position themselves for the ultimate Oil land grab.

PS: Don’t blame the US totally for IRAQ, GB has been there the entire time and did a great job in BASRA right? ALSO, I would refer your mates to a saying which goes something like glass houses and throwing stones!

And by the way ask your mates how they would have felt having to goose step. Cowards please..... Hero’s would be a better word.....

Nevertheless, back on topic, the bottom line is that in every war, EVERY country has had soldiers who crack under the pressure and do things like this unit did. I just don’t buy that it’s a huge conspiracy, which involves the whole military Industrial complex..... Give me a break that would be a bigger deal then keeping aliens secret.

posted on Jul, 16 2007 @ 08:00 PM

Originally posted by UM_Gazz
Interesting that the source for this news is Fox News, when they usually report, and spin in favor of the war, and Bush administration, of course we have not yet heard from Fox News' more controversial personalities on this.

In this case is is not FOX news doing the reporting though, they are quoting what the LA Times has said regarding the matter. I find it very odd that any media is present at the court martial and wonder if the LA Slimes has a reporter actually there?????? Or is this just lip servie to fit their agenda??

posted on Jul, 16 2007 @ 08:41 PM
IF everything is as reported, I'm shocked but not surprised. The mentality that they are all the enemy has been heard now and then from individual troops for some time. Even back in 2004 I was hearing about friends and friends of friends who were sick of almost dying and decided that they'd rather kill dozens of innocents on a presumption than risk being killed themselves.

It's not exactly a new phenomenon either. This kind of thing has happened before when America tried to "free" populations that in large part wanted nothing to do with us.

We're running out of troops who can remember what it's like to actually be wanted by the people they are there to help. The liberation of Kuwait was 15 years ago. Most of the non-coms who were there will be retired before long if they aren't already.
History shows that militaries do have a cultural memory that can fade over time, and that doctrine eventually suffers from lack of experience. This raises disturbing questions about what will become of our military's ability to work with friendly civilian populations in the next generation, unless something is done.

Another thread which could be taken as an indictation of this attitude towards Iraqis even extending to Iraqi police can be found here. The post deals with a video in which several of our troops degrade Iraqi police in english while seeming by their mannerisms to be friendly.

posted on Jul, 17 2007 @ 02:09 AM
I think its about time! How can we be expected to win a war without kicking someones ass? Everything is politics and has to be politically correct.Its crap! We dont have to be Nazi's, but it IS a war after all and if its ever going to be won then its time to instill fear in the hearts of our enemies.
America cannot aford to lose its image as a superpower.If people think we are a bunch of shlubs who cant fight a war without debating every aspect of it then whats to keep other countries from attacking us?
I think our soldiers need to push harder then they are getting.if they kill one of ours we kill 10 of theirs.Its war..and being such it has no rules for civility on the battlefield. I want to see it done and over and i dont think that will happen as long as we keep pussy footing around.Lets get in there and wipe out the opposition and use force to make those that would attack us think twice about the outcome. One Nuke and it could be a very different war.I say we hit them before they can hit us.Pakistan has been hiding osama bin laden.So that to me makes pakistan our enemy.Nuke 'em all and let allah sort 'em out!

Any how. I believe that we should have done more to show our strength when our soldiers were being murdered and burned and dragged through the streets.Those were our kids!!! And Bush sat on his duff and didnt do anything about it! Why? The same reason we are in Iraq and Not after osama...Oil. And no fear of repercusion.He's implamented the patriot act to go after those that oppose him and if he wants to institute marshall law we could be stuck with him for along time to come!
If Bush was a Horse,he'd have 3 broken legs and there would only be one thing left to do.

peace comes when the dying stops.

Edit by The Vagabond: Mod note: A paragraph has been deleted because it was entirely off topic. If you have a problem with Terms and Conditions you should use the complaint feature in the member center, not interrupt a thread to whine about it.

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posted on Jul, 17 2007 @ 02:15 AM

Not nice to point fingers when you have such a rich and bountiful history of perverse violence yourself.*wink*

posted on Jul, 17 2007 @ 12:40 PM
My great grandfather won a DCM medal in the ww1 and my grandfather fought his way up from north africa,then right up Italy.Dont give me that we saved you BS about the 2nd world war-my family where there since day ONE doing there bit for king and country,thanks for joining in when you did,but dont insult me with those underhand remarks

You might want to brush up on Russian history too as I have a feeling that they won WW2 for all of us!Even their weather helped,you would have thought Hitler would have learnt from Napoleon!

USAF is indeed very good.For real flying get us RAF boys to do the biz-we fly so low in afgan we dont use missles any more(cant afford them on our budget!)we just behead the talliban with our wings.

Joking aside you yanks have the best war machine,full stop.There is nothing you cant do,you can be proud of it.I just think you lot should have a free health care for everyone,and cut back on the killing biz for a decade or so!

LOL at heros!yeahh mate it realy looks like it from the clips we see out there.Your marines are great,seriously they are in the thick of it and one has to respect the courage involved to do that job.Now the tank crew and dont think so mate,mind you its getting dangerous even in heavy armour there with IEDs so perhaps i can give the tankers some respect.Dont even mention the navy!lol mind you our one was shockingly novice recently!And those drones of yours flown by geeks in nevada with god mode on are frankly disgusting,I just cant wait for the day some geek in a head scarf hacks in and decides to play XBOX360 warfare

bottom line is my friend this isnt a war we should be in,we are behaving like bullies.We are better than bullies,its about time changed direction

posted on Jul, 17 2007 @ 07:30 PM
Ukrainian soldiers are based in Iraq. They were given the task of blowing up one of the largest weapons depot in the country. I am not giving up the location for gossip. It was not in any way shape or form nearly destroyed properly. Too many supplies were left behind and were turned into the improvised weapon devices that blew so many of our people, Iraqi people and even loathsome contractors apart.
The Ukrainian’s were also very poor at PREVENTING bridges from getting blown up.

Larium should be made more user friendly. So returning troops don't kill their loved ones ie wives and children. Just an observation.

The contracts I spoke of were issued from site by professionals that assessed the local Iraqi but those contracts were gathered up as though by Gestapo to be released to new choices made by immediate profit and included a conspicuous number of pro-Iranian pro al-Sadr anti American Iraqi contractors that are also thieves, liars, murderers, you know criminals.

Since I was actually there with a nearly worn out Browning for defense and no chemicals to keep those damn sand fleas off my ankles and minus one fighting knife thanks to our vigilant US airport security keeping the sands of Iraq safe for tourism. I just thought I might pass some info along.

If you want detailed information I suggest you go yourself.
I don't know how to make it any planner than this.

posted on Jul, 17 2007 @ 08:47 PM

posted on Jul, 17 2007 @ 09:57 PM

Originally posted by UM_Gazz
Keep in mind that my questions, were prefaced with this one "are they conditioned to think this way?"

No. All Marines and service members ARE accountable for their own actions. We all have a known distinction of right and wrong and the last time I checked killing innocent Iraqis is not right. There's the occassional bystander and accidental casualty but that's not the same as cold blooded MURDER.

The Nuremberg Defense these guys are trying to pull and use it as their get out of jail free card is BS.

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posted on Jul, 22 2007 @ 12:34 AM
Guys, it's pretty plain.
The real powers that be are using the American blood-crazed marines to do the job for them, and that is, to wipe out ALL Iraqis and to establish an American state in the region. We know of course, what the benefits of this possession is -- "black blood."
Look at what they've done to these poor soldiers. When they're back home, even fellow Americans won't be safe from them anymore. They will need some serious fixing.

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