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"My Son"

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posted on Jul, 14 2007 @ 05:46 PM
My grandfather was the only male influence in my early life. My father was alway on the ships. Read that as not at home. Granddad taught me mechanics, carpentry, plumbing, wiring, etc. He died 6 years ago, January past.

He was an intrepid individual. He went to sea when he was 14. He went to war, WW11, as a British soldier, before our country even answered the call. He suffered from degenerative back injuries from that war. He was on canes in his later years.

From that war came a wife. Nan was a war bride. My mother the only child from their union. I'm the oldest of Mom's kids. GD always called me "son". He taught me and never judged me, even when I deviated from societies norms, which I did in a major way.

I haven't cried for my Granddad in a few years(I did today though), I miss him a lot. I saw a movie today that reminded me of the connection between us, Little Big Man. The "missing" REALLY hurt. I remember a lot, and when I do something for myself or my family I always thank him. What I REALLY miss and can't have is hearing his voice calling me "My son."

I don't expect replies to this, I just miss him and needed to put this out there. He was a GREAT man.

My Grandparents:

Granddad is gone but Nan is still here.

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posted on Jul, 14 2007 @ 05:58 PM
This is good bro! Some really good words!

I can not relate to you as how big of an impact losing someone really special feels like, because it has not happen to me yet.

What can I tell you is that just by the way you speak about him, Im pretty sure that you have become a great person just like him and that you have made him proud!

Have peace!

posted on Jul, 14 2007 @ 06:53 PM

I miss my grandfather too. Since he didn't have any other grandchildren for years after I was born, and no grandson, I got to stand in for the grandson he'd take out in the garage to look at the cars he was working on, all that stuff.

posted on Jul, 15 2007 @ 12:02 AM
He sounded like he was a great man and spent time teaching you worthwhile things. It is hard to lose someone you really cared about. That is a sweet picture they looked happy. Best wishes to you..

posted on Jul, 15 2007 @ 12:54 AM
My grandfather was my buddy too.

He died when I was only 8 years old, but I remember a lot of good times with him.

One memory that sticks out is one day he took me hunting.. we didn't even shoot the gun, but it was fun just being out there with him.

I wish he would have lived longer, I think he'd be proud of me.

Intrepid, he sounded like one heck of a person, I'm glad that he was there for you. Cherish the memories.

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