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ET Crop Circle Maker Communicates Personally

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posted on Jul, 14 2007 @ 02:04 PM
Their way of giving proof...

Don and everybody..

Thought you'd like to know about this.

A few years ago Skywatch readers and I were given proof the crop circle makers were monitoring our discussions.
It was a fun time.
The below pictures is one example they're fulfilling our anticipation with what next crop circle could they possibly conjure up for us.
The girlfriend, besides the one below, had also arranged one made with a cosmic earring. An earring I witnessed her wearing.
Compare the crop circle line arrangement with my unique wing bracelet feather design....The crop circle's long lines, short and broken into 2 assemblage's, just like the bracelet.. Round sun disk symbol for the center..
Their's is interesting way of doing things. They proved their point with us. For some reason it seemed to spook a few people.

Compare photo's at the URL below. Look for Dex.

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