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A Dirty Bomb Or Nuke In Iraq     ?

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posted on Jul, 14 2007 @ 01:30 PM
A Dirty Bomb Or Nuke In Iraq     ?

What would the outcome and or after-effects be?

With the seemingly increasing number of official reports claiming heightened risks of terror attacks in the UK and States, and from a Conspiratorial aspect, wouldn't it make a Bigger statement to do so where the Infidels are seen as such? in Iraq.

Big, Dirty or Nuclear ... It sure would Solidify the War on Terrorism. no?

Not that I'm suggesting nor anticipating such, though ... the possibility hasn't escaped my consideration(s).

I think, if it came to pass, the overall global view might be ...

Terrorists: 1
Coalition: 0

Hell ... the stage's been built, why not use it to one's advantage?

? thoughts ?

Further considerations, discussion ?

Oh, I forgot to add ... who would ultimately be shown as responsible for such?


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