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Could this be the what and why's of NWO explained

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posted on Jul, 14 2007 @ 11:13 AM
...including why it is necessary and what it may stand for

The elite perceive the (NWO) necessary for a long term survival of there wealth and greed addictions

"what does the nwo stand to gain from taking over the world?"

generally a vague statement, the NWO will be characterized by the end of fiat currency's (paper moneys) and the implementation of an all credit based transaction system. and after a Slow agonizing recession to depression with more civil unrest and people struggling to put food on there tables, what may sound like a silly idea now with a lot of resistance will (in the times of survival) seem like a good idea to be able to live (micro-chipped all credit transactions) , these people are greedy, greed is a disease that distorts the morals and the mind.

Yes they have tons of money, they want more

and yes they have *some* power they want more power and control much more

they will benefit by the NWO by squashing the threat of an awakening but docile public to expose them,(not to overthrown them militarily) and even if this doesn't seem realistic to you, it does to them because they know what an orgaized mass of unhappy people can do to there MONEY making abilities. THEY fear people not being as material driven and more focused on happiness outside of materialistic purchases. They need people to be ignorant of this and fear breeds blindness and among other things ignorance.

they need people LOCKED into MATERIAL EXCESS.

The elite do not want to see there wealth slip away and will usually be paranoid to any pereceived threat to there materialism driven world which creates there wealth and thus power. i cant empasize this enough


they fear the younger generations not caring as much about (materialsim) this, not needing to make as much money to support families, because people are not getting married as much either (yes there are still plenty) but the trend is clear down

in order to lock in there system of power and wealth they need to maintain the (materialism= success attitude that they make money off and is the reason for there power) in the wake of a growing awareness and lack of trust especially by the younger generations (toward elite) a SHAKE UP is perceived to be necessary to keep there system of wealth and power/influence going long term

the NWO will be implement in the usual PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION format

they will be willing to sacrifice a few bucks for more power in the short-term (world wide recession/depression) to get people SHAKEN back into a (i need to survive and a materialistic life attitude is the way) and to beg for a solution to recession/depression which may be (all credit MICRO chipped population) and then they will be able to manipulate the HELL out of us, using all sorts of nonsense, to keep us as there obedient (materialism=success) slaves

REMEMBER THIS * ANY THREAT TO THERE POWER AND WEALTH which is in direct relation to the public being manipulated to thinking (MATERIAL EXCESS=SUCCESSFUL HAPPY LIFE) will be dealt with HARSHLY (to protect the very power and wealth there greedy diseased minds crave more of)

the attitude of the younger generations differ from the baby boomers (who were a cash cow for the elite) they need to scare the younger generations straight who were thinking they want less of a material life. the way to do this is to threaten there very survival, and under this conditon the people will change there attitude and wake up stuck in a system they think they need to survive, which will be what is necessary for the elite to KEEP THERE POWER AND WEALTH

just some thoughts and ideas to ponder

A society's potential attitude shift away from materialistic focus on life (as the baby boomers retire) and are replaced by the gen'x ers and other more think outside the box people threatens to breed a society of people who are content and secure w/ themselves and happy and satisfied with a simple life (i'm not talking living in the woods!) are the biggest threats to the elite, and a problem, reaction solution (NWO) is there *perceived "necessary" answer to maintain ( society's material focused attitudes) which is the root of there there wealth and ability to generally worry/ scare the public that SUSTAINS the LIFE of there ADDICTIONS fed by GREED .

centralized greed plus addiction = paranoid, smart, wealthy, determined, immoral, selfish sicko's!

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posted on Jul, 14 2007 @ 01:31 PM
and wether real or perceived they may rationalize a threat to there continued wealth exists in the form of a society that will change away from being materially obsessed and due what is necessary to maintain that, and it is probably much more difficult if not impossible for people to free themselves from this material web in a painless way because we have been accostomed and attatched to it. and the more that we do, the faster the critical mass will be reached and the sooner the elite will due something to shock us back into submission

i think these people (elite) communicate with entity's from higher dimensions or higher levels of intellgence (advanced beings) that we are not privvy to knowledge about (although there is so much speculation, complexity and disifnormation about this the details are damn near impossible to figure out( but i don't think these entity's are "evil" i do think they (or at least fractions of them) are potentially more dangerous because they are probably more technically advanced yet suffer from the same pitfalls of greed and addiction that pulls at any being in the universe, and i think the coming threat that may be perceived by the elite, will be answered in a way (micro-chipping) that opens the door to manipulations that is potentially very destructive if "in the wrong hands".

in short i think there (elite's) determination to sustain and feed there greed and addictions and (fear of losing this), have combined to forced there hands to make a choice to change society in a way that will have side effects that they will find is over there heads. (although it may be the vast majority of people who get to suffer until they work out the "kinks") because i think there alternative(micro chipping/all credit society) to maintain society the way they like(materially obsessed) and crave is such a large and complex step technoglically and also the temptation and potential for radical manipuation and control (which results from there addictions) may be difficult to pass up and any attemps to stifle this tempation (self imposed restrictions) are futile. like my first post says i think they will bring the NWO (all credit system of transactions/and micro chipping) about thru the usual Problem reaction solution format. with the probelm being a world wide recession

*i think a time of global recession (is near) and because of the associated rise in disorder (at this time) will be when, believe it or not the ELITE are most vulnerable*

a global solution is to disband the federal reserve and the fractional reserve (no gold standard) system of banking. will this gaurantee peace? nope but it is a needed step in the right direction. i think there is some process effecting the consciousness of people that allows them the chance to see a bigger picture, and alert people to this important fork in the road, and that the potential exists to destabalize the power structure thru focused public unrest toward Not violence but structural change we will have our chance, maybe our last chance

ascneded masters and spiritual beings of service to others (wether guardian angels, or other things i don't undertand or know about) i ask for your help to steer us thru this mess in a responsible, and managable way with the least suffering and highest level of love possible and help us forgive those (elite) they are lost, and know not what they do and to give us the option and power to do this, what ever it takes.

does this resonate with anyone

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posted on Jul, 14 2007 @ 01:33 PM
It was a bit long, I didn't read the whole thing, but your central thesis, that the nwo is fueled by greed, appears to be accurate and believable.

But I believe that evil in the long run cannot triumph because of its self-destructive nature and thus the nwo will fail.

posted on Jul, 15 2007 @ 07:23 PM
guess this thread was too long

i am seeing one of two things needing to happen or the global financial system going in the toilet and the above (first post mentioning NWO occuring) and neither of these two things are pretty and the second could also co-incide with the NWO system

first is a isreali first strike on iran nuclear facilities followed by an israeli false flag on a us carrier which bring us into the war against iran, the point would be to defend the petro dollar system , but i am thinking this is less likely because it will not be enough to save the dollar

second is a military lead false flag EXtra terrestrial attack ( if this is 2 occur) there would be a lot of harmful ET clips and propoganda put out in the weeks preceeding it) since the economic crash will be long and painful it may likely be after it has started , same nations going in the toilet in the coming economic slide) will likely lead this fake alien attack in an attempt to unite the recession laden world thru FEAR and thru a new ENemy. there would be lots of deaths in the attack because the bigger the lie, the more people would be handicapped to believe it was staged.

or none of these two things will happen and we will slide into an economic collapse and then demand something to be done and the ELITE will be there with a solution, i just doubt the military of the uniteds states has not been prepared for this time for a while and has some sort of wild card/back up plan

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