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Recently 'rebooted' by a Dwarf

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posted on Jul, 14 2007 @ 07:28 AM
Firstly I would like stress that I have done a lot of research into sleep paralysis and lucid dreaming. I myself have been regularly visited by a 'shadow person'. I do not partake in any illegal drugs and consider myself a pro-active member of society.

My original experience as a child:

My hypothesis on shadow people:

Anyway without going off on a tangent any further, I recently 'woke up' during the night and encountered two extremely weird experiences.

Firstly, I 'woke up' to find myself laying in my bed, in a form of sleep paralysis. My room was exactly how I left it, and I certainly felt I had awakened. However, as I layed there, the closet nearest to me swung open to reveal what can only be described as a dwarf/knome entity.

The entity was cackling and laughing, but didnt approach me. I would just like to re-iterate that I have never had any pre-conceptions of dwarfs/knomes, so found it very suprising to encounter one. The encounter lasted approximately 10 seconds.

At this point I 'closed my eyes' and returned back to sleep. Later on during the same night, I found myself 'awake' again. This time I was facing the wall, to which I woke up with my laptop directly infront of my face. I regularly keep my laptop in my room but I certainly didn't fall asleep with it.

The laptop was open but the screen was blank. As I looked into the screen however, I noticed it reflected a shadow person standing behind me in my hallway. My room door was open and the light was on, thus the reason I could 'see' the shadow person. As with most experiences the shadow person was of humanoid nature, and was darker then black, almost empty.

It was in this moment that I 'heard' the most awful sound resinate from my head. As if unplugging a socket I heard a screech to which I completely shutdown, almost rebooted. To which point I presume I fell back asleep...

Now, a couple of interesting observations and questions arise from the experience

- Has anyone else experienced any dwarf/knome entities?
- Why was my laptop infront of my face? It was as almost of if the shadow person wanted to be seen before 'rebooting' me
- Has anyone else experienced the feeling of being 'unplugged'?

As mentioned previously, I am sharing this experience as it was one of the most random encounters I have had. I am geniunely interested to know if anyone else has experienced anything of this sort, particularly in referance to dwarf entities.

Thankyou for your time


posted on Jul, 14 2007 @ 08:04 AM
I searched the internet for a good while and found a few meditation practices that gave a 'brain reboot' effect, but not spiritual experiences like you have mentioned.

Although I did come across this article right at the end of my search.

In 1971, he introduced the Alphabiotic brain rebooting method as a simple way to help people reconnect with their fundamental power Source, self-healing and inner peace. Neal Smookler is just one of over 2,000 professionally trained Alphabioticists worldwide who shares this “better living through better brain function” philosophy with thousands of people each year in the hopes of “rebooting” our world into a more peaceful, healthful vibration one brain at a time.

The Alphabiotic method can metaphorically be compared to rebooting a computer that has crashed or is frozen in some way. Essentially, the computer gets reset back to its original factory settings with the push of a button or typing in some codes. In the same way, the brain needs to be released from its frozen emergency standby mode and reset back to whole brain functioning.

The way this rebooting process is done is to communicate with the brain in a way it can understand. The brain is a sensory organ, much like the skin, so it’s a physical hands-on process that delivers a sensation to the brain through contact points with my hands on both sides of the head. The person lies on their back on a special, narrow couch so that the head is higher than the feet and I am basically just cradling the head to secure and stabilize it, and my other hand is contacting right at the base of the skull, right behind the ear. Then I generate a movement of contraction with my body which delivers this reset stimulus to the brain and nervous system, unlocking the dominant hemisphere hold. This frees up an enormous amount of your own precious life energy for the body to be in a mode of repair and regrowth.

Typically, the effects of your first reboot will last for several days. There is phenomenon called psychophysical armoring, which is somewhat like cellular memory expressing itself through the neuromuscular skeletal system. Often times, the psychophysical armoring of all the stress we experience daily in our lives will literally lock you into that emergency standby mode. With each reboot, a little bit more of that armoring melts away so the flight or fight response doesn’t reinstate itself so quickly into the body. Eventually, you can start to hold that hemispherically balanced state for extended periods of time.

When you reboot the brain, you are reconnecting to your Source and you will feel the benefits.


I also couldn't find anything on dwarf entities, sorry. I thought maybe that information might be relevant. Maybe your spiritual guardian or as I know you believe - 'your future self' visited you to reboot your brain as mentioned above to create more inner harmony within yourself?

Or maybe as mentioned in that article you (or with the help of something spiritual) were switching your brain over into a new frequency? Just like when you turn to a new channel on the television you get that slight pause of blackness where your set picks up the new frequency - then it displays the image. Or like on a radio, when you turn the dial to get to a new station, you hear static and blackness until you tune into a new frequency.

You see Kolo, everything on Earth has a frequency. It's scientifically known that molecules vibrate - and everything is made up of vibrates. This is one explanation of why spirits and other entities 'live' for want of a better word, in another plane of existence. They are vibrating on another frequency (just like the numerous frequencies on a radio) and until we tune into their frequency they stay unnoticed.

I'm just putting forward a theory that maybe when you experienced what you did, your brain was switching to another frequency. Why? Who knows. Maybe you are very spiritual and your spirit guide or shadow guide (as you believe) came back to 'turn you' onto a new frequency level. Are you very spiritual? Do you think you have a greater purpose to fill on Earth? Maybe your brainwaves altered to enable you to achieve better meditation and spiritual experiences?

It could have been that you were simply dreaming. I know I've had some weird dreams. It could also be that you had sleep paralysis. I hate to shrug off your experience to sleep paralysis as people always seem to bring that up, but I feel unless we fully understand your experience, everything is possible.

There's many questions and I'm sorry I don't have many answers.

I hope you figure out what happened to you last night, and take something from my post.

All the best - Arawn.

posted on Jul, 14 2007 @ 11:10 AM
Terence Mckenna talks about gnomes when inside of his '___' experiences..

The "self transforming machine elves".. who lept into and out of his chest.

You should give it a google, im sure it will resonate with what you experienced somewhat

posted on Aug, 6 2007 @ 04:54 PM
To clarify, the concept of a brain reboot is a metaphor and really for educational purposes only. The method is a communication protocol that encourages stress neutralization. In this new-found state of ease the brain, of it's own accord, automatically self-reboots. I don't want to suggest the alphabiotic process of and by itself reboots the brain - because only the wisdom of the body can do that.
Neal Smookler

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