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Bush/Iraq/Al Quaeda Nuke Attack--connect the MSM dots

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posted on Jul, 14 2007 @ 04:34 AM
The MSM has reached a fever-pitch of speculation about possible Al-Quaeda terror attacks in the US, just as the House and Senate Republicans are trying to unplug the Iraq misadventure from life-support. Shades of Terry Schiavo all over again.

Call me paranoid, but this looks like the Neocon's last stand, and these Strangelovian madmen are threatening us with another 9/11, this time with nukes, if the rest of Washington doesn't shut up and fall back into line.

Some relevant articles, from about the most dumbed-down of the MSM, MSNBC:

The Warner-Lugar bill in the Senate, and the House resolution already passed to pull-out troops from Iraq, shows that Congress and even the old guard of the GOP have had enough of Iraq and see looming disaster there.

Here's how the MSNBC RSS feed explains it in a nutshell (sorry, impossible to link directly to the blurb, but full story here):

Rice pleads for time for Iraq plan

Two prominent Senate Republicans have drafted legislation that would require President Bush by the end of the year to dramatically narrow the mission of US troops in Iraq, putting a more bipartisan imprint on congressional disaffection with the war. (!)

Note the exclamation point, which somebody slipped past the censors.

The MSM currently is awash with articles too numerous to cite about a possible Al-Quaeda attack on the US using nukes or dirty bombs. This has been widely predicted for years as the next step in the WTC '93/OKC/9/11 false-flag terror daisy chain.

Reports of possible nukes in the US reached their last crescendo when Iran flared up last winter. They are our new Terror Alert color chart.

Finally, in another MSNBC article, Report: Al-Quaeda Nears Ability to Strike US, which reports on a draft of the National Intelligence Estimate, or NIE, which is the intelligence bureaucracy's summation of knowledge of a given national-security subject and threat assessment.

The NIE draft says A-Q has reconstituted itself and is poised to strike the US, and DHS czar Chertoff's comment about his "gut feeling" that A-Q is poised to strike the US should have us all extremely alarmed.

President Bush is quoted in the article as saying,

“The same folks that are bombing innocent people in Iraq were the ones who attacked us in America on Sept. 11,” he said. “That’s why what happens in Iraq matters to security here at home.”

Read that carefully, because it's a fundamentally ambiguous statement. The Neocons are the "folks" he's really referring to, IMO. Would you call Islamo-fascist terrorists "folks?"

All indications are that Bush was a patsy on 9/11 and was given an ultimatum to accept the Neocon coup and become its cheerleader, or have AF1 shot out of the sky. He capitulated to save himself, but this time he's laying down markers for those in the know. Poor schmuck, he's found himself in a living hell.

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