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Challenging Theories and Alternative Realities (A tribute to user Omnipocket)

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posted on Jul, 14 2007 @ 03:54 AM
Dear reader/member;

While scanning through the massive load of posts and threads on this forum you come across a wide, massive number of theories about how this world is created, ruled, what kind of inhabitants (terrestial and extraterrestial) it has and how the world will come to an end. We have men like Mr. John Lear who continues to fight the war against cover-ups and tires to make the public aware of alledged "soul-towers" on the moon, people like Mr. David Icke who so desperatly wants to pry open our eyes to whitness the truth aobut the "Reptilians", and other numerous self-acclaimed prophets and tutors who all dedicate their lives to the quest for utter knowledge and enlightment. Some of them have alot of followers, some of them have to undertake massive ammounts of critisism which they confront with good manner or with ignorance.

So, to get to the freakin' point this is my question to you (and a rather amusing one it is too!):

What claim, prophecy or statement, throughout the history of conspiracy theories do you find the most "extreme" (to use a "not-too-offensive" term)? What subject do you think it will be the absolute toughest to prove or maybe even believe? WTC rigged with explosives? Hollow earth? PSI? Intellegent life and habitable atmosphere on planet Venus?
You tell me.

Please now, try to be somewhat mild in your accusations and be as neutral as possible; this thread will probably burst into flames sooner or later anyhow (something that will be interesting to whitness though). Just write the theory you think is the, ehm, "most challenging" and describe why you thought so. You don't need to write any names of authors of these claims; that might be thought of as a personal attack, and if that happens I don't want to take the blame for someone getting their feelings hurt (you hear that moderators)?

Let the bashing begin!

Oh, yeah I almost forgot; the tribute is to user Omnipocket's beutiful post:'
That was such a laugh, I love that post! (I know it's a joke...don't worry)

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