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Do thoughts create physical phenomena?

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posted on Jul, 13 2007 @ 03:22 PM
I was reading a posting concerning the Nazi Bell and its general effects on space-time (and the Philly Experiment, et al) and noticed this document, which I will reference for my question (at P7, 3/4 way down more or less):

"...They don't require terawatts per particle like the Quantum Mechanics community would suggest, but they do appear more readily when you have a lot of energy compressed into a small area.'s a lot of low-energy particles that modify time-space, not a single high-energy particle."

It then got me thinking about Tulpa and other 'unnatural' phenomenon that are seemingly 'natural' in occurance, by that I mean, we as humans can produce phenomena external to ourselves without any other means than thought. I also want to throw into the mix things like what happens when people take medication or abuse substances (I hopefully aren't going to get warned by mentioning it in this way because its part of my theory/question?).

I myself, due to some sort of weird genetic error suffer from chronic, acute pain, and occasionally, purely by accident I mix two of my tablets together, that seperately are completely benign in that they are for controlling sickness and muscle relaxation. When accidentally taken together they cause what I can only term, hallucinations that are unnaturally pyshical to the person suffering from them (similarly others who have abused substances comment on reoccuring oddies suffered by people from all over the globe like 'skin bugs', or seeing people, disembodied voices, acute visual stimulations, etc), both auditory and visually. I find it quite interesting that a lot of people are now seeing 'Shadow People' who perhaps would never have noticed before, coincidence?

Given, that over the centuries, those who were shamans, priests, etc to the masses, and essentially taught what everyone else believed, consumed psychoactive substances regularly, did this have an effect on 'nature'...?

Sorry to waffle, but I wanted to lay out the framework for my questions (as well as the above one), which is this:

Given that the above text suggests that on 'universe' scale, small things add up to more energy than big things (as it rightfully should), can we, as living batteries and EM generators give off some sort of 'thought radiation' that either allows us to tune into what is REALLY out there but we can't naturally see, or do we ourselves produce the effects like aliens, bigfoot, phantom animals, etc just by thought alone? Given that energy can only be changed, what happens to the excess energy we as humans produce when we have ideas and dreams? Is this in some way perhaps how the universe functions - we are the batteries that make it all run, and its sole purpose as an existance is BECAUSE we believe it to be so?

Is that what Bender postulised, where exactly UFOs come from? Our darkest desires and ideas given flesh - would we all not be somewhat paranoid after seeing them, and therefore perhaps CREATE our own MIBs with which to silence ourselves, because we cannot truly comprehend and believe what we have seen ourselves? Who is our harshest critic but oneself?

Jack Sarfatti himself postulises that UFOs could be made to run by psychokenetic energy (mind over matter), so perhaps this isn't that far fetched. If we all believe in our subcontious the universe exists, why shouldn't it? Think that sometimes prayer and other 'esoteric/supernatural' methods have been known to produce actual, physical effects.

Crowley apparently produced that tulpa like being that looks so much like a grey, and then they broke onto our 'screens'. Perhaps the mind is powerful enough to produce physical effect in and of itself.

posted on Aug, 31 2007 @ 01:53 PM
Hi EJ, Very interesting thread! I have a little difficulty concentrating fully, since I am a chronic pain sufferer myself, (and am not on any type mind-altering painkillers). and you might have covered this; but if I read you right, you suggest that certain phenomena was produced from certain hallucinogenics, and/or prayer/meditations? I need to make sure I am correct before I continue, because I am very interested in this and would like to discuss it fully.

posted on Aug, 31 2007 @ 10:11 PM
The easy answer would be "yes" because your brain doesnt know the difference between what is "out there" and "in here." You only ever interact with images in your own brain. If you think about a person doing something that made you laugh, you might laugh again, even though it's only happening in your brain. Your laugh is a phyical phenomena brought about through thoughts alone. I'm guessing your referring to more than basic responses to stimuli however.

I havent read the link you posted yet, but I would suggest that the "thoughts creating physical reality" could possibly account for such things as successful cold fusion experiments which cant be replicated by people who belive it to be impossible. And poltergiest phenomena, etc. I mean people must have believed that a rain dance could make it rain, otherwise it would only take one dance to realize it's bogus.

...can we, as living batteries and EM generators give off some sort of 'thought radiation' that either allows us to tune into what is REALLY out there but we can't naturally see, or do we ourselves produce the effects ... by thought alone?

I would like to think we do, or can.
Ever see Dark City? The hero gains the ability of the aliens to alter physical reality, an ability referred to as "tuning." That movie was about our ability to shape reality by our thoughts.

posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 10:51 AM
I definitely agree with you.. although it's a hard point to prove.

One reason I tend to believe this is because of quantum physics and my quasi Buddhist beliefs. Correct me if I'm wrong, and I'm no quantum expert, so there's a chance I could be, but with the limited grasp I have on quantum physics it seems as though nothing is concrete. The wide range of possibilities can create a wide range of realities. That ultimately this world is just made up of energy, all little particles that take shape and cluster together and that is why we have the phenomenon of solid matter. But quantum physics leads me to believe that these electrons only take shape when perceived by us. That behind you the state of the world is undetermined. Only when we turn around with the expectancy to see something do we see it. It's partly due to conditioning and knowing what to expect from the years of our lives, and possibly from the deeply rooted subconscious that I believe is embedded into every human.

If you take it from a more Buddhist approach you can compare it to the unity that they believe in. That every human is ultimately one, only we just identify this world in dualism.. so it seems impossible while the ego still exists that we are not all separate. But if you think about the subconscious and instincts it's something that seems built into the human design.
- And if you have ever read any of Carl Jung's work it will lead you in a similar direction. He talks a lot of archetypes, which are the common knowledge of man. This explains the strange phenomenon of when someone first creates an invention and for some odd reason someone on the other side of the world does the same. That's too strange to be coincidence, there seems to be a link between all of us.
- I have also read a book entitled "Power Vs. Force" by David Hawkins. This book deals a lot with kinesiology (sp?) which is the response of your muscles to stimuli. There's tests that can be done, and it shows that the human brain responds to outside stimuli on a subconscious level. That the muscles go weak for certain things and not for others. Or that when saying a false statement you cannot hold your muscles stiff. This also seems to work on things that you don't consciously know. The subconscious seems to know the answers, even if you don't. Hawkins also talks about how all information is accessible to all humans. That we can access this database of known info through dreams and other techniques. And it seems partially true. There are a lot of documented cases of people getting answers in their dreams to very complicated unknown things. I believe the theory of relativity was one, but I may be wrong.

So with all this talk of archetypes and unknown knowledge it seems as though there is a connection between all humans. We may not commonly know how to access it, but it seems to be there. So if quantum physics suggests that we can influence our reality with mind power, such as 'the answer' says (haha, maybe a bad example, but the principle theory is the same), and plenty of other people fully support, then maybe we can bring things into our reality. That could be one unknown aspect of human consciousness that we don't know how to harness.

So is it possible we are bringing this into our world? Think about it. It always raises questions when I begin to think about all this 2012 stuff. Obviously the Mayan Calendar seems to end there, and that may mean many different things (and not necessarily leading to impending doom either!), but once we start postulating theories and trying to uncover more maybe we are pulling that into our reality?

That's why I am a firm believer in POSITIVITY. It's hard in this world, but it's a very useful tool considering we know nothing about our reality. For all we know we could be making this all up inside the sanctity of our imagination. After all, we are all gods right?

posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 10:56 AM

Ask, and it will be given you;
Seek, and you will find;
Knock, and it will be opened to you.
-Luke 11

posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 11:30 AM
Jana: Hello again hope your feeling OK
Yes and no. I'm wondering if physical reality is merely a cause of our being here; do we create it regardless of whether you take the drugs or not.

On the 'drug' side, I find it quite odd that people who take completely different substances, some completely safe when not taken together can cause EXACTLY SIMILAR EXPERIENCES. People tend to have had very similar experiences whether they accidentally take a few too many opiates for pain, or whether you're shooting up in the back of a transit van.

Given then that the people who were in the 'know', priests, shamans, etc were known to take psychoactive substances, did that influence us as a whole, or does it exist without our input.

I've noticed a huge increase in Shadow People posts all over the 'net and for some reason, almost all reports are the same, most of these people tend to post after the fact, wondering what the hell is going on, so its a bit weird IMO that everyone gets a very similar occurance.

So, yes and no; did the drugs affect our mind enough to open a channel to another 'dimension', or do these things exist and we just can't see them until we either shake off the 'shackles' of normal life with something that affects brain chemistry (I've also read various reports that suggest certain chemicals can alter the fluid chemistry in your eyes). Or, do WE create all the weird # purely through thought.

I'm definitely of the opinion that certain things can cause physical changes, like meditation, various Asian mystical techniques, and so forth, so is it purely US making aliens, is it purely US making everything worse by thinking the world's gone to hell and its all going to end...

It's just a strange coincidence that I felt I wanted to ask everyone's opinion on.

posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 01:24 PM
Hey, interesting thread.

Researchers have found that consciousness does interact with and influence physical reality on a quantum scale. This has been found through direct evidence concerning controlled experiments with something called a Random Event Generator, which is essentially a computer that is defined on the fundamentals of quantum physics. Basiclly, the REG spits out 1's or 0's arbitrarily. Because it is designed after fundamental quantum physics, it cannot be influenced by anything physical. Experiements have shown that the 1's or 0's tend to lean toward one or the other when done about 1,000,000 times, based purely on what the test subject is thinking (1 or 0, yes or no).

So, researchers have identified that our consciousness does influence physical reality in a statistically significant way. This means we do have the power to interact with and influence physical reality with our minds. I do not believe this leads to things like Bigfoot or UFO's. Just because we've made this discovery doesn't make EVERYTHING true. To be honest, we don't even know what we're really looking at through these tests, how it happens or why. We just know that it happens.

Check out the link below for more information.


posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 01:35 PM
Great thread. I believe that thoughts create. I often wonder if the "greys" are tulpas, by intentional design by some organisation. I'm sure I read years ago when quantum theory was first investigated that someone said "either we create reality to be what we think it is, or contact with our past and future is possible." I think maybe both are correct. I liked Edgar Cayce's ideas too. He said if you want something focus on it intensely, then let it go and it'll come to you.

posted on Sep, 17 2007 @ 12:07 PM
Yeah, I'm definitely thinking that aliens might be Tulpa, I think Crowley DID open a portal, perhaps to somewhere that mind over matter is far stronger than here and weirdly, aliens appear just after his Lam, which looks almost identical. There's a better article somewhere, but I can't find it atm, but this one gives the basics on the whole thing:

On the bigfoot side, I'm not suggesting that ALL bigfoot are unnatural. I used to be very good friend with the Centre for Fortean Zoology here in the UK and I'm very interested in cryptozoology/fortean zoology and its my firm belief that there are bigfoot existing in the wild, probably underground, but that some of them are not naturally occuring - they are tulpa created by man in much the same way as Crowley's Lam. Whether we made them ourselves, or Crowley's experiment allowed that universe into ours and made it worse, I don't know (also note Crowley was heavily into drugs, another interesting connection between the esoteric and mind-altering substances).

posted on Feb, 8 2009 @ 12:10 AM

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