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ATSmix MailBag: "Ask Dave & Johnny"

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posted on Jul, 12 2007 @ 12:43 PM
Hi everyone. It is really starting to get exciting around the old ATS corral. The membership approval ratings of ATS MIX are humbling and the amount of downloads of the first show on ATS and other FEEDS, are mind boggling. Johnny and I hope, with the support and help of YOU to, within a short span of time, make ATS a house hold name. Okay... here's another chance for you to get involved and get that "15 Minutes Of Fame!"

We primarily want to use AUDIO QUESTIONS where we can respond to while we are doing our show segment.

To PARTICIPATE, do any of the following....... but you MUST, repeat MUST begin your QUESTION (Only ONE per show please)..

If dialing up our Toll-Free number, please start by announcing what feature your participating in "Ask Dave & Johnny", then your member name, then what you want to ask...

"Hi, my name is (FIRST NAME ONLY) and my AboveTopSecret.Com name is (GIVE YOUR ATS NAME) ..... and I want to ask (DAVE and/or JOHNNY) ......." And then you ask your question. Now keep in mind that you can ask ANY QUESTION TO EITHER OF US that you want..... it just has to be CLEAN by FCC STANDARDS. We prefer questions pertaining to a news event, conspiracy or a thread thats posted.

Here are your options to contact us.

1. Send a mp3 of at least 128k to: dave_and_johnny@mail2worldDOTcom (replace DOT with a real ".")

2. Call me using Skype and leave it on my Skype account of daverabbit69

3. Call my Skype In number (toll charges may apply) 214-717-4915
You can get a FREE Skype account if you want to Skype to Skype me at:

4. DIAL THIS FREE TOLL-FREE NUMBER: 1 - 8 7 7 - 4 1 7 - 2 2 0 4

That's it. You get to participate, get your name mentioned all over the world and can have some fun letting your family and friends hear you on what is to become, the biggest media show of it's kind in the world.

As Fraser use to say "We're Listening."

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posted on Jul, 19 2007 @ 03:20 AM
Hey Dave,

I'm looking forward to asking you a few 'personal' questions on the air.

I will probably bust your chops as you seem to take yourselves pretty lightly.

Is there any kind of criteria I need to follow (besides following the ATS board rules) ?

By the way, since when were you worried about the FCC

Are you broadcasting over the radio?

posted on Jul, 20 2007 @ 11:45 AM
Hey Biggie......

Never know what opportunities await the ATS MIX.... so it's better that I at least TRY and stay FCC compliant, just in case.

Everything that you need to know is on this thread as to how to submit and the format that is needed. We look forward to hearing your questions and putting you up on a show.


posted on Aug, 2 2007 @ 10:43 PM
Well the first series of questions have come to the "ATSmix MailBag" and we are addressing some questions now for future episodes..

We've changed the set-up a bit and you don't need to include your name or members name if you prefer to remain anonymous...

Either post them here (your questions) or email them to us here:

dave_and_johnny@mail2worldDOTcom (substitute the word DOT with a . )

They can be any type of question you like, we'll do out best to answer them all.
Looking forward to hearing what you all want answers on..!


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