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simplest solution works most of the time...

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posted on Jul, 11 2007 @ 08:54 PM
Today on the news i listened, while biting my tongue, to a new law that our government(Canada , i think just in ont, not sure.) is going to try and pass. The new law would reduce you car idle time down to around 5 minutes. Here we go again, putting the problem onto the public because surely we need more laws.

Easy solution to this problem, make cars that don't pump out fumes while idling longer then two minutes. The government needs to start making laws at the source. The source for this problem is the car companies.

Force them to change, not everyone else. im sure they can come up with a car that idles using electricity then turn the engine over when it reaches 5km/h.

Its funny how 10 years ago electric cars were all the rage, then poof they were gone, and now companies are having trouble making them, give me a break. We are not all stupid we know what is going on.

Someone needs to get their hands on that document saying we the car companies will do anything you the oil companies tell us to do.

Or how about we fix the problem right now. Come out and say unless your car is hybrid or completely electrical you can't sell that car in Canada. give them 3 years to turn over, problem solved. But because our governments are run by these billion $$ corporations governments make us, the end users change, because they want a long drawn out answer for problem instead of the simplest.

kind of a rant.

posted on Jul, 12 2007 @ 04:10 AM
lol, got to love rants like that hey.

But thats pretty right though... I mean the government has to stop polution at its source. But Im pretty sure though that global warming isnt happening because of us driving cars.


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