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Re-occuring dream, actual body temperature, and Lucidity

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posted on Jul, 11 2007 @ 11:07 AM
The background:

When i was young, i viewed my grandfather as a person of high stature. Not only did i repect him, but he was tall and well built (for an older guy), combine that with a commanding presence and he could be very scary for a little kid. Thats where the premise of my nightmare took its shape.

The basic layout of the dream is this: Im running down my staircase to the door, with what i can only assume, is a distorted version of him virtually right behind me. ( I say i can only assume its him because i rarely got a good glimpse of him in any version of the dream.) I get the door unlocked after a bit of a struggle and take off down the street, i know in my mind i have to make it to a certain part of my street for him to stop following me. It is during this journey that I gain abilities to shape and shift the reality of the dream, and it seems after this "safe point" my abilities become more broad and i am able to control a numbers of things (time of day, position, who's in the dream etc.)

After my grandfather died he no longer took the roll as the boogeyman in my dreams, he was replaced with a shapeless entity, and as the years have passed, the dream is not really scary anymore but almost exciting, because right from the beginning of the dream i know what i have to do and where i have to go to do it.

The point of this thread:

After years of this dream i've noticed one common factor (outside of the reoccuring landscape and plot) which takes place in the real world, my body temperature. When i do wake up from this dream im usually boiling in my bed and have kicked off the covers. I know very little about lucid dreaming other than the fact that it happens, and happens relativly often for me. I was wondering if any other lucid dreamers out there experiance the same rise in body temperature or if i am just an anomoly?

Thanks for reading.

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