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Between dreams and reality, moving objects with your mind?

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posted on Jul, 11 2007 @ 02:59 AM
A while ago now I had a dream, I can't really remember it now but at the end of the dream I crushed a coke can with my mind, the weird thing was it sent what I can only describe as a huge amount of energy through me, so much so that it instatly woke me up.

The starange thing was that as I woke a coke bottle that was sat in my room fell over. It was like I was on the border of being awake and dreaming and my mind sort of reached out and directed this energy I felt to the nearest similar object, bear in mind that the coke bottle was empty and so very light, and I can only decribe the energy as feeling like a nuclear bomb.

Ofcourse it could just be that as I woke up suddenly it may have jolted the bed, enough so that the bottle fell over on its own?

I always wondered about this event though, any thoughts on the subject?

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