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'Crack in the Dike': White House in 'Panic Mode' Over GOP Revolt on Iraq

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posted on Jul, 10 2007 @ 05:11 PM

ABC News has been told the White House is in "panic mode" over the recent defections of Republican senators on the president's stay-the-course policy in Iraq.

Senior Bush administration officials are deep in discussion about how to find a compromise that will "appease Democrats and keep wobbly Republicans onboard," a senior White House official told ABC News.
ABC News

Now the stuff is really hitting the fan for Bush & Co. with the ongoing investigation by the Joint House & Senate Judiciary Committee into the firings of several US Attorneys getting seriously out of their control and Republican allies now slip-sliding away from their previous support of the White House plan for a military surge in troop strength and some former Bush allies actually talking about, :gasp: a troop withdrawal.

What is he to do? It looks like many late night brainstorming seesions for the White House staff trying desperately to come up with a plan that does not exist and probably never will. Things are starting to come apart at the seams and the wheels are starting to come off the Bush Juggernaut.

Stay tuned...

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posted on Jul, 10 2007 @ 06:23 PM
These defeatist Republicans will pay. The ones that tried to betray us on Immigration, and the ones that want defeat in Iraq. Look for these idiots to have competition in the primaries for their next race. Look at what happened in 2006. Democrats didn't win squat, the lack of Republican leadership turned off the Republican base and we didn't turn out for them.

You weak Republican's better get a backbone soon, or you will be done!

posted on Jul, 10 2007 @ 07:13 PM
Unreal. I actually found a Repub. who really believes that Iraq is not already totally unwinnable by any sane measure. Whenever I run across one of the thiry percent'ers ( Thosw who support Bush and Fox news and The Repub.'s with blinders on to reality and truth ) I am amazed at how suprised they are when they see the rats deserting the ship.

Desertion is the name of the game in old Foggy Bottem, don't ya know? When the veil is rent and the little man behind the curtain is exposed as a midget with a big mouth and no substance, only a fool would try and cling to the sinking hull of a worm eaten warship that ran out of fuel.

The fact that it takes massive numbers of Americans to scream their disapproval to even get any real notice is a sad commentary on our ' leaders '. The majority want the criminal Bush / Cheney traitors impeached and tried for treason. I would send them both to the Haugue in chains and hope that they were sent to Spandau to try and share the same atmosphere that their German soulmates experienced after Nuremburg.

To whine about defections among Repub.'s is like expressing amazment that some Cosa Nostra members turn and change sides: When it is YOUR ass on the line, the organization be damned. THAT is survival in politics these days. People flee lepers because they do not want to share their fate; the Repub.'s that are finally stirring are realizing that when the curtains falls, the peek we have had will reveal the enormity of the deceptiopn and the extent of the cancer that has eaten the Bill of Rights and the Consitution already and is always ravenous and ready for more.

Then, maybe the REST of the " compassionate conservatives ' who occupy 1600 Penn., will give their Repub. counterparts all the reaon to get as far away as possible before the, I mean the collapse, of course, of their pillars of crime fail and give way to truth and the rule of law. until then blinders are available at your local Wal-Mart, made in China, and cheap, you can bet!


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