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Pope Says, "Christian Churches not real Churches."

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posted on Aug, 25 2008 @ 10:32 AM
Unfortunately, modern religions throughout the world, are nothing more than money making swindles. They have nothing do to whatsoever with the original values as laid out in the original texts and preachings of Jesus or Mohammed [Blessings and Peace be upon Him].

All you have to do is take a look at the so called Evangelical movement in the States and other places, where so called 'Ministers' rake in millions of dollars, donated by gullible fools.

Take a closer look at the Holy Roman Apostolic Catholic Church and the newer and equally power crazy Catholic Church. Both have sent armies to conquere, rape, torture and murdere their way round the world in the Name of Jesus Christ The Saviour.

This same church who whilst raking in billions of dollars from around the world, demand that its parishoners do not practice contrception because it is a sin, whilst [almost] condoning some priests and bishops who act as lawful paedophiles without let or hindrence, from without or within the church.

This same church who still uses fear to control the masses and retain their power in the most poorest of countries.

Look at what Bush Snr and Jnr have done, aided and abetted by our own Tony Blair and now Gordon Brown, allbeit in the name of Christianity whilst seeking individual power and wealth through the control of the world's natural resources.

Look at the recent terror attacks and suicide bombings, all perpetrated in the name of Allah [Peace and Blessings apon him].

If Jesus Christ or Mohammed were alive today, they would be hunted as terrorists because they would preach against the established governments and churches.

They would rally the common people to rise up against their unjust and unlawful leaders who have usurped their power for their own selfish and imoral or evil ends.

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