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Dusting off "Inherent Contempt"

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posted on Jul, 10 2007 @ 09:43 PM

Believe me im fully aware bush has helped terrorism grow in numbers and intensity.

And im fully aware that shes a shady mofo and thinks he is above the poeple and the laws of this country.

But now lets take a look back,since 911 we havent had one successful terrorist attack here on American soil,if nothing else he has done well in this area..Although i know if i was a terrorists i could easily cross the border with some buddys and go shoot up some schools or something...

In my opinion this war effed the U.S...If we pull out there WILL be terrorists attacks and much more often i feel and so does the goverment...

But on the other hand ourforces can't really do much to destroy the terrorist mentality and i don't think we can win this war even if we stay..

Basically by leaving our troops there they are acting as the main target.They are right in the neighborhood and easy to plan a attack on since all they do is patrol...

So basically either way were effed...

God Bless

posted on Jul, 11 2007 @ 12:43 AM

Originally posted by Project_Silo
Tell me friend what have you done.

I must assume that because I was pointing out the apathy that is rampant in our nation, that this question was aimed towards me.

Like you, though maybe for different reasons, I cannot picket the White House. But I DO send e-mails every day to elected officials. I Do send a stamped hand typed letter every day to some official that is in office in my "chain of power". I Do e-mail TV and newspapers on varied subjects of government. I Do contact friends and family regularly to tell them of the latest problems and to urge them to also contact people.

It's just an excuse when people in this day and age of instant communication say that "there's nothing I can do personally". These people in political office, from the town mayor (population 740) to the president, work FOR us, even if they don't act like it.

And I threaten them with my vote. I tell them in no uncertain terms that if they fail to take action, I will work against them in the next election they are ever in. And I play both sides in this, Democrats and Republicans. And I do it so often that they know that I am tireless, so I will be tireless in getting them out of office if they fail me.

I write long editorials for the opinion pages at several newspapers, and get them printed somewhere at least about once a week. I e-mail TV stations and tell them that as a regular viewer, I feel that certain topics need more coverage. I call-in to those radio programs that I can that have a political session and air my opinions when I can.

But until there are more people, (you and you and you and you) doing this, I am just a single voice. E-mail Justin Oldham here at ATS and he will tell you that this works, but it takes effort. He's said the same thing many times.

These people in office love their cushy jobs, it beats the hell out of really having to work for a living. They want to keep those jobs, and you can be a threat to that easy lifestyle with your vote and all the people you can talk to, and they know it. If enough people get up and shout that they will be voted out next election, they'll try to appease you.

But first you have to stop feeling sorry for yourselves because you've let those in power convince you that nothing changes. They want you to think that way. It makes it easier for them to go on in the same old way. They have the game rigged the way they want it because they figure, rightly so, that most Americans are too lazy to really follow up and vote their ass out.

Now is the time, if there ever was a time, that we ALL need to start earning our right to be free. And it requires some effort. But it will be a lot easier now, while we can still use our freedoms somewhat, than it will be when it comes to guns and blood. Because that day is on the horizon.

So like the old commercial: "You can pay me now, or you can pay me later." And the implied message was that it will cost a lot more later.

posted on Jul, 11 2007 @ 01:20 AM

Are we to see with our own eyes and in our own time the end of democracy? we just will have to wait and see.

Wait and see? Wait and see???? So you are the type of person that will just sit back and do nothing, but complain about the situation and have the "poor me" attitude when a nuclear warhead detonates on American soil. It seems many on ATS share this unfortunate trait. How about getting active in your community and spread the word? How about writing a book or making a video to educate the public with? How about doing something, anything but saying "we just will have to wait and see." That's the poor lazy attitude that continues to allow the NWO to further their agenda, and an attitude they require and depend on.

posted on Jul, 11 2007 @ 04:01 AM

Im surely not using the fact that we will get no where as an escuse,i honetly believe your emails did nothing whatsoever and either did mine.

Nor will my future emails or letters,I'll continue to keep getting the same automated generic response.

posted on Jul, 11 2007 @ 08:25 AM

Originally posted by Project_Silo

Im surely not using the fact that we will get no where as an escuse,i honetly believe your emails did nothing whatsoever and either did mine.

Nor will my future emails or letters,I'll continue to keep getting the same automated generic response.

First off, let me make things a bit clearer about my writing style. Many times when I use the word "you", it is in the general sense of being many/most/others that I am speaking to, as in the readers in general. I was not accusing you of anything Project.

Now though I must disagree with you personally. Yes, a single e-mail is hardly worth the electricity it takes to send it. But a hundred on the same problem is worth a thousand times that one lonely e-mail. The more people that will involve themselves, the greater the impact. And a thousand e-mails demanding action in a certain direction is worth a million lonely missives from me by myself. By definition, a large number of people demanding the same thing is a political action group.

It is for this reason that over and over, I urge people to get involved, and to do so all the time. It's like stirring a pot to get things to cook evenly, we have to keep at it. And there has to be enough people to make waves that are noticed amid the daily clamor of politics.

If e-mail after e-mail, from a lot of people pile up on Senator Blah-blah's in box, he'll notice. Because he wants to keep his job where the only blisters he ever gets are on his ass, he'll do what he feels is in his personal best interest. And if the only way out is to do his duty or learn to debone chicken in a Tyson plant come next election, he'll try to keep his job in office, even if he pisses off his buddies on Capitol Hill.

Now getting back generic e-mail is a mind trip that politicians play. They give big speeches that sound good in a civics class, (like that ever gets taught in school nowdays.), about how every vote counts. They smile toothy grins and urge voters to turn out on election day. They take a page out of "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington" and sit in an interview and talk about how they wished more people would get involved in the political process. But they don't mean it, and that crappy form letter response is how they tell you they don't.

Have you ever noticed that those responses carry the same amount of real feeling that hugs and kisses do at a beauty pageant? Those are the mental mind *snip* that are played to tell you on a subconscious level that you don't really count. They are meant as a way of turning you off to the whole political involvement idea. They seem designed to be a subliminal message to say "stop bothering me."

Now why, in this age when politicians are spin doctors themselves, and they hire other spin doctors to consult to make sure they're always looking 'so correct', would they all have such bland and "fake sounding" responses when you send them an e-mail? Because they want you to feel like it's not getting you anywhere. Because they want to discourage you from going on in your endeavor to make them act in some way. Because what you are doing is working, but they don't want you to know that it is.

Politicians, by nature, are 90% of the time as skittish as a gambler with all his money on the table and holding two pair. They are afraid to let you see them sweat, but they know that their family jewels are on the line. They want to appear in control, and as cool as Don Johnson on Miami Vice thought he was. But the truth is, they're more like a bookie without enough money to cover all the bets he's taken.

Politicians have you and your vote squeezing them from the bottom, and they have TPTB exerting the power of money from the top. Now while money is powerful, these politicians know that they have to remain in office to get it. And even the Big Boys know that any politician they buy is only useful if he stays in office, some office, somewhere in out system. So even Money will bend and conform to the wishes of the people if enough people push.

But most/many Americans are convinced, and I think it is a plan by the very officials that should be our servants, that our vote and our demands are not worth the effort, because the system is too big and we're too small. Bull#.

Those of you that want to buy into their load of crap can. Me, I'm fighting if I have to do it alone. And I damn well know that I count. And I mean it when I tell the bastards that I'll work to get them out of office. I mean it when I tell them that I'll contact everybody I can think of to get them re-elected JUST AS LONG AS THEY OBEY THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE.

Because I am one of those people, and I will be heard!

posted on Jul, 11 2007 @ 08:06 PM

Well said,i really can't think of much to add..

I tottally agree about the voting,one man can truly make a difference and it has been proven in the past.I'm sure i can find a link,but with me being lazy and you already knowing it wouldnt do much good..

And maybe i should send some good ol hand written letters so they can pile up like you said and not just be deleted...

Anyway keep up the good fight man,politician work for us and we have every right to question them and their motives...But i still do truly wish i knew there was more poeple who gave a damm enough to stop worrying about their I pods and all the superficial crap..

In the end that superficial crap wont matter if we let something crazy happen..


posted on Jul, 11 2007 @ 08:57 PM

that is threatened over the investigation into the U.S. Attorney firings.

I consider this EXTREMELY BOGUS.

As I understand it, the atnys were fired because they were refusing to investigate voter fraud with sufficient diligence.

And all the wailing by the liberals is 1,000% utter duplicitous cow pies.

Billdo Klintoon fired ALL the federal atnys--ALL OF THEM--AS ONE OF HIS FIRST ACTS after swearing in. I forget how many atnys that was--more than 100.

He didn't want any true blue types around who would be likely to say something about all his graft and corruption. He also didn't want anyone saying anything or balking at him putting the squeeze on folks via the IRS or FBI files that Shrillery denied knowing anything about--even when they turned up 3 years later in the private White House closet she alone used.

So, I'm exceedingly underwhelmed at any of the noise about the few Bush atny firings for good cause.

posted on Jul, 11 2007 @ 10:01 PM
This isn't a democrat/liberal or republican/conservative issue.

This is a corrupt government vs the people of America.

The democrats and republicans are in bed together making fugly donkelephants.

Our government has been hijacked by globalist pigs intent on the destruction of not only our country but the world. They are motivated by greed and power...

Remember that saying, power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Well these guys/gals were corrupted before they started politics, now most are rotten to the core.

I find it funny how its always the opposite side of the spectrum who is attacking a politician. Why can't it just be someone who uses their brain?

I would consider myself a libertarian, not a liberal or conservative. I believe in small government so I'm more on the conservative side I guess you could say.

Well I'd rather have no government at all, but the current state of human intelligence needs some laws. I live fine by my own laws...Man's laws mean nothing to me. Only God's laws. I follow respect for all life, love everything, and don't get into others business. Pretty basic stuff. I think everyone can follow those ones...but not our corrupt politicians.

They want to be involved in your life so they can understand how to get reelected...Say the right things, vote the 'right' way, and see who squirms out for attention.

posted on Jul, 12 2007 @ 12:36 AM

so say next president pulls our troops out,well there really are terrorists and they really will follow us,thats not all gove brainwash..

I think it's utter duplicitous NWO hogwash that Shrillery or any other new President would pull the troops from Iraq. Noise to the contrary is very hollow propaganda and noise. The puppet masters are not at all finished dinking around in that region.

I think it's more than a little plausible as some contend that the NWO folks are serious about establishing a world headquarters in a rebuilt Babylon

I think it's also plausible that Iraq will be divided into a 3 state Federal country.

The retired Col I talked to who insisted that Iraq was part of a plan to force the Islamists of the region into a more unified block to fit into the global government is also plausible.

Then there's the probability that many are asserting is a solid probability to certainty--that there will be war between Syria and Israel this summer.

Certainly Jerusalem will continue to be a heavy weight around the neck of the world until well after the world leader is overtly on the scene.

It is just not plausible to me that Iraq will be abandoned. We have established big bases there. Our new Embassy there is the biggest most fortified--as I recall--in the world. Why would they build that?

The Dems are not that averse to war mongering. Billery loved Kosovo etc. Was a great place to conveniently dispose of Billery's good friend Ron Brown when he threatened to expose their felonies. They would love to be in charge of war/power mongering in Iraq. Their only problem with it is that they can't stomach someone else--particularly a GOP President having ANY successes there. Crimps THEIR powermongering style.

posted on Jul, 12 2007 @ 12:41 AM

Our government has been hijacked by globalist pigs intent on the destruction of not only our country but the world. They are motivated by greed and power...

I think you are quite accurate.

And, they will not stop until Armageddon. But God WILL stop them extremely emphatically . . . and then cleanse the earth of them.

It's the between now and then that will be exceedingly interesting . . . in Chinese terms.

Ignorance of the script will not bode well for the ignorant ones . . . though lack of ignorance in itself will be scant protection.

At least knowing the rough outline of the script can help one anticipate the general trends and end goals.

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