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Cryptic Concrete

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posted on Jul, 9 2007 @ 09:18 AM
I'm sure this has been discussed before but is quite interesting. Seems what brought it back was a supposed picture of a Chicagoland mayor in the bark of a tree. I don't see it but apparently the faces in the concrete are still appearing 3 years after the death of the woman that many claimed to have hoaxed the whole thing.

The Many Faces of the Paranormal

On August 23, 1971 the first of many images appeared on the kitchen floor of Maria Gomez Pereira's home in Belmez, Spain. This first image was of a man and was so disturbing in its grimacing appearance that it prompted Maria to have the cement floor torn out and replaced. A week later, the second of what would be many unique portraits made its ghostly impression on the floor, which the family also - understandably - wanted destroyed. Hearing about the faces, the Mayor of Belmez had part of the floor removed and saved to try to determine what was causing the ghostly faces.....

See the rest, including pics here:

posted on Nov, 19 2007 @ 02:11 PM
I saw something about this on the TV ages ago, very wierd.

posted on Nov, 19 2007 @ 09:31 PM
This is a very interesting and new topic for myself. Quite frankly I
don't even know what to think of the situation. But apparently the
faces have made the round here at ATS, although it did not ruffle
many feathers. See here.

I found a website of a book about the faces in Belmez that led me
to some videos. I've only watched two of the seven that they have
linked, the videos dated 28/11/05 and 29/05/07. They've both left
me scratching my head wanting more information. The first was
was a guest show that included two people that believed the faces
were a very real altough as of yet unexplained phenomena. As well as
two others that believed that they were more or less created for
profit. The second video was a talk show that centered itself around a
polygraph test. Now Im not quite sure how the format of this show works,
but they seemed to have two hosts plus three or four guests,
I may be wrong for Im not familiar with this show from Spain. Anyways,
they used the polygraph on Maria's son, whom they all determined
to be an honest man. However both videos left you to decide for
yourself. I could go into more detail for those of you whom don't
understand Spanish. But I think this will suffice for now. Plus I
would have to sit, paper and pencil on hand, for another hour
again. But I am willing to do it if anyone is interested.

I for one am unusually leaning towards believing all of this as being
unexplained but true. Still that is only after reading no more than
ten different articles plus watching those two videos. I think what
inclines me towards believing is the fact that the people that own
the house have never asked for compensation other than what
some may want to donate. Granted even donations, especially at
tourists spots, can at times be a good amount. Plus the genuine
look on Maria's son, whom I think was named Miguel, during the
polygraph test. Who knows though, it is a very intriguing case for

These type of unexplained phenomena are the exact reason why I
enjoy congregating here at ATS with you all, thanks jbondo for
bringing this to my attention.

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