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FOX Roswell Special on Monday Morning

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posted on Jul, 9 2007 @ 12:31 AM
OK, now there is a FOX Roswell Special on Monday Morning.

I can't believe all the interest in this stuff suddenly.

Any ideas why FOX, especially, is getting interested?

posted on Jul, 9 2007 @ 12:51 AM
You know what we will be saying in the near future?

"It was so obvious all along. ET's are here, in fact, they never really left."


posted on Jul, 9 2007 @ 02:10 AM
Ratings. I think it's just natural that they go after a niche that the other networks hide from. Love'em or hate'em they seem to take risks and it's paid off in the long run.

Who was the one that first showed the Alien Autopsy: Fox

Fox News hasn't done it much, but Fox has always promoted the spacey side of things ever since the X-Files started. My gut says that Murdoch has seen how the younger generation growing up has a lot of interest in this, so he's going to test the waters. Just us talking about it on the internet is free pub for don't hear CBS or NBC getting any love.

posted on Jul, 9 2007 @ 02:38 AM
Many times before I've seen FOX and other networks state they have something new to report and after watching the entire broadcast they finally mention something lame about a blurry UFO pic at the last minute of the news program
all after saying for over an hour to "stay tuned" for a "Special Report".

Hopefully this "Special" isn't just some quick re-mention of old info at the end of some Morning Talk Show as a way to just get viewers to watch it.

Not a good way to start off my Monday


posted on Jul, 9 2007 @ 02:44 AM
Well because FOX does a half decent job at picking up stories that other news networks chuck as trash or unworthy of mentioning. CNN being the worst..who blatantly ridiculed a UFO witness recently. I'm sure FOX will gain a mass of new followers if they began to broadcast -alternative- news items. Hopefully I catch this special tomorrow sometime...

posted on Jul, 9 2007 @ 03:54 AM
Y'know, on our TVNZ main 6 o clock news tonight, they had a big story on '60 years since Roswell'. Amazing eh!!! And to my surprise, the entire article was supportive of the UFO field, much of it comprised excerpts from the Out Of The Blue documentary. Quotes from Jimmy Carter, footage from the Phoenix Lights etc. The only bit that didn't look good was the old 'wobbly-tin-pot-in-the-sky' Billy Meier film, it's a shame they had to include that.

But wow, just wow... is the tide turning, or what? Have the CIA gone to sleep? Are they no longer vetting the ufo stories? Or is this a slow deliberate 'leak' to prepare us?

posted on Jul, 9 2007 @ 05:08 AM
Let's hope it's not a compilation of UFO YouTube clips, god help us.

Hey speaking of UFO YouTube clips
- I haven't seen this version of Roswell before. Aside from the staged shot at the beginning, the rest is pretty compelling & the last shot of the hand is downright creepy to me (call me crazy). What movie or hoax video is this from anyway?

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