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My Theory to Terraform Mars

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posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 02:35 PM
Hi All,

This is my first post here on ATS but I have been reading for quite a while and I love the ideas from everyone. Anyway I have been looking into Terraforming for a while and I think it's quite possible to Terraform Mars...

Here's my theory!!

First off when we look at Mars 4 million years it seems (as far as we know) that it had a similar atmosphere to Earth. But for some reason it lost its magnetic field. Were not really sure why this happened but it might have been due to plate tectonics or rather the lack off. If there is no plate tectonics no gases get released into the atmosphere. Another scenario might be the low gravitational field on Mars and of course the solar winds that sweep across the planet. When the planet lost its magnetic field the solar winds from our sun could penetrate the planet surface and dry up the lake and sea beds into the desert like planet we know today.

The requirements for Terraforming Mars:

So the first thing we need to look at is the magnetic field required to hold the atmosphere together. There are many studies and experiments ongoing and to date Berkeley has managed to create a magnetic field 300,000 times the strength of Earth’s: see Berkeley Lab Test If we were to create a fake magnetic like this on Mars this might be sufficient of holding the atmosphere together. Obviously we would need to build this superconducting magnet on Mars and create backup systems or maybe a second superconducting magnet in case of failure. But on this note it would be a great location for study of Plasma Science and Fusion science and maybe even provide an answer to zero g or cold fusion technology (If not already discovered and hidden from the general public).

The next step would be to build up the atmosphere and heat it. Since a thicker atmosphere of carbon dioxide and/or some other greenhouse gases will trap incoming solar radiation and the increased heat would in turn increase erosion and chemical activities on the surface, the resulting out gassing and evaporation will augment one another. Humans are good a creating carbon (hence the problems of global warming that face us today) and while the study of clean fuel is explored the technology is available today to trap the carbon emissions from cars etc. What I propose is trapping the carbon from our current power plants and vehicles and transporting it to Mars which in turn will help with the terraforming process and save us burying the carbon on earth which some scientists have proposed as a solution to global warming.

The heating of the planet would then melt the polar caps and ice buried under the surface of Mars and maybe even fill the sea's rivers and lakes once more. Who knows, maybe even dormant life might spring and microscopic life may evolve once more.

Well thats my thoughts,

Criticism is welcome!!!

posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 03:53 PM
Icecaps melting kinda like Totall Recall?

Is Arnold S. Down with the NWO? all his movies have themes as such. INteresting theory you have here. I'll type a better reply in a few...


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