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Terroist's & The Nhs

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posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 03:09 AM
After reading the following article's
Sky article

Article from The Times

You have to wonder how intergrated the terroists have become within our society.
As it has been proved you don't have to be young and weak minded to be sucked in to been a terrorist.
These days they like smart educated terroists, (harder for security forces to detect)
Now it would seem that the terroists are everywhere, there not just protesting at thier local mosque, they're in our Hospitals, possibly in our police force, hell - there probably even in our schools.
Now my point is this, think about a terrorist cell of doctors specifically set up to kill english patients.

Look at the case of Harold Shipman:

Harold Shipman Wiki

This was a British born and bred doctor who is belived to of killed hundreds of his patients, for no other reason than he was a bit wrong in the head.

Imagine a handful of rouge terrorist doctors...,
Harold Shipman killed for fun, these people would be killing for glory and fun, and it could go unnoticed for years.
And it could already be going on.

This article also gets the thought marbles going:

Recruitment Article

So the people behind the big overseas recruitment drive now realise that we could be letting anyone into our hospitals and doctors practices and it is time to tighten up the proccess.
((This tells me that they also see this as a real threat))
We reguarly see reports of foreign doctors been struck off for not actually being qualified doctors, and these guys wanted to practice medicine and were allowed due to our lax checks.

So imagine a group of 20/30 elitest rouge terrorist doctors, drafted into the nhs, no security checks etc, spread up and down the country in a hospital near you. Fully armed, trained and equipped to kill thousands, not to mention able to spread disease and infection to masses.

Now this is probably a very far fetched claim to be making, but it is something to think about.

posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 04:17 AM
I get your point, but you also have to remember that since the Shipman debacle much more stringent measures have been set in place to avoid another such occurence. They seem, superficially at least, to be effective, judging by the convictions and cases that have been handled since Shipman.

Additionally, Doctors who are even a little off-white will be treated with suspicion and observed closely by a number of agencies. We have to be rational and not give into our base fears.

I am not in the slightest bit scared of terrorists. There is nothing that I can do to control the situation, so why fear it. Be aware certainly but fear helps no-one least of all yourself.

I have much more to fear from ignorance and scaremongering than any terrorist. We have been through all this before, and the attacks carried out by the paramilitaries in Northern Ireland we're seriously organised. We have moved forward and found peace with NI, as a result we are stronger as a nation and can face any REAL threat that is thrown at us.

I am not going to let a seemingly isolated group of whack-job doctors change my perception of life in this country. We have far greater social problems than terrorism to worry about. The press may want to whip us into a anti-muslim frenzy to deflect from the real issues we face, but why fall for it. There are over 60 million of us on this tiny island, a small proportion of whom may be terrorists, so what, PIRA had sleepers all over the country, did they destroy us?

As long as we fall for the rubbish that is spouted the further we are away from sorting out our own back-yard. We need to maintain our dignity and fight fanaticalism with education. Sure muslim youths feel disaffected, so do white and black youths. This country has nothing to offer any youth at the moment. Lets face that issue.

We will only shoot ourselves in the foot is we start suspecting all doctors who may look a little muslim. The fanatics are in the minority, lets not encourage any more by fulfilling their limited perception of us.

That said and done - end immigration NOW. Enough is enough. Until we can handle and support the population that we do have, we don't need to be taking on any more.

posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 05:03 AM

Additionally, Doctors who are even a little off-white will be treated with suspicion and observed closely by a number of agencies.

Can you tell me or provide any proof of these agencies, as our security services are allready stretched to the max, and we have done such a wonderful job of stopping these terroist to date.

I have much more to fear from ignorance and scaremongering than any terrorist

This isn't scaremongering and certainly not ignorance, this is the perfect terrorist attack for the modern world.
We have to keep our eyes open to all possiblites.

It is niave to compare our experiences with terrorism from the IRA with what we could potetionally experience from Al Queada. The IRA had essentially a legitimate political agenda and the true murderers in that group who used this excuse to kill and maim were quite few compared to the main body of the IRA. Al Queada trully believes that all infedels should die. This makes thier terrorism threat far greater. There are far more spliter cells in Al Queada than the IRA, in fact it is entirelly made up of effective splinter cells.

It is my opinion that if we just accept to live with it, it will escallate into a problam we cannot control.

posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 10:53 AM
Two different points here, monitoring deaths which occur in the NHS, this has nothing to do with police or intelligence. Primary Care Trusts, BMI etc do this as does the Coroners Office. If there is an unusual spate of deaths, they will report it and be investigated. This has been proven to be the case since Shipman and if you do a search of the news sources you will see this.

As far a terrorist go that may have infiltrated the NHS, sure it could be widespread but they still represent a minority of all doctors. Are you going to stop using the NHS because a very small groups of doctors were terrorists. How many doctors are there in the NHS, hundreds maybe a few thousand?

If these doctors had wished to kill in large numbers they totally went the wrong way about it. They have attracted attention - and they were incredibly inept. If we take the previous actions of Al Quaeda, they are not this inept, they are actually quite good at it. I doubt very much that these doctors are Al Quaeda (spelling ahh???). I doubt very much that AQ have extensive networks in the UK.

I support no form of terrorism, but who are you to say that one cause is more legitimate than the next. Why did the IRA have a political basis and AQ do not? Just because you may support one and not the other does not make it the less valid. In my opinion we should employ the former members of PIRA, LVF and UVF to fight the terrorist problem in the UK. It takes one to catch one. If the UK were really under a serious terrorist threat this would be by far the best and most effective defence. Why doesn't Gordon Brown have Jerry Adams in his Cabinet if we are in such immediate danger?

I do not for a minute doubt that there is a threat of terrorism, there is always a threat of terrorism from collectives and individuals. What I feel even more strongly is that is that it is being blown out of all proportion to fit the aims to further reduce our civil rights.

The only member of Blair's cabinet who wanted to protect our rights, John Reid has been side lined. He will disappear into the background because they don't want people like him in government.

Why if we are under such threat from terrorism are our borders still open?

I am not burying my head in the sand, but nor am I going to fall for more lies that are designed to restrict my life. Where is the proof? We have to wait a couple of years until the court cases (John Reid also wanted reporting restrictions lifted in these cases so that the public could be fully informed of any real threat or otherwise that may exist) have been heard until we will know the whole story.

Are the authorities always right? Guildford 4, Birmingham 6, John Hanratty ring any bells.

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