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posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 01:16 AM
I could go on for longer on little bits like this but I'm going to summarise here:-

OBL used to oust old leaders/russia

OBL and collegues received military training

OBL also received weapons and monetary support from US

Attacks happen, instant world outcry, USA could nuke afganistan and the globe would only of blinked because of the bright flash

US move into Afganistan, start the process of introducing a more western thinking leadership

OBL "makes" claims he new how much damage the attacks would make, gloats about it, US citizens take this as insult and want blood allowing the US to march on

Amazingly OBL makes it out of his Cave network and through all American/British armed forces hunting him

My opinion

Bin laden never taken of US payroll
An un-named agency new they could find a use for him.

OBL slowly raised his international profile with attacks on US targets, and loudly proclaiming his hatred of the US

[un-named agency] decides that a terror strike would be best, one that caused some death but was more symbollic. Allows fro retribution and access to afganistan

Plans laid, OBL speaks out even louder, attacks the olympics

Agency decides that going on the data that was available about the twin towers at the time suggested that they would withstand a plane crashing into them

Paper trails start getting laid

Agency wants more public outcry about attacks, gets OBL to make claims of sturatual knowledge for demolishing towers

Agency sees the beifits of keeping OBL at large gets armed forces to allow him to escape his cave prison

OBL disappears, to reappear where?, my money is if Bush and Blair can't get enough support for an attack on Iraq over the weapons of mass detruction route which they are going, and failing on, OBL will appear in Iraq and harbouring the worlds most dangerous man will be enough to allow US forces to move into Iraq another rich depositary of oil and somewhere the US has had it's eyes on for ages..

Saddam gets booted out/killed and a western friendly ruler placed their

Oh yeah OBL again escapes, to run wild until another area needs "dealing" with

Sorry for rambling but I hope there's some food for thought there.

-This post was by the user SethUK posted on 9/4/2002 @ 06:39 PM.

I thought his prediction of the war in Iraq was dead on. And his theory on Bin Laden was interesting as well.

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