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can we feel when bad things will happen?

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posted on Jul, 10 2007 @ 01:14 PM
TheGreySwordsman- i did not mean to bring across that i meant you said that females are better than males. what i meant by what i said, is that females probably all the time think males will come near them. but it will only be once in a thousand times they are right.

i am not saying your study is saying females are better than males. all those studies do is project that when females have bad feelings about being attacked by males, than they should listen to them. but its probably like once in a thousand they are right, so why is that a good average.

you can probably find stats that show that males knew when they would be mugged(stats show its more dangerous in england for young males than for young females). so stats can be projected to what ever the person wants them to say.

posted on Jul, 10 2007 @ 01:43 PM
andy1033, TheGreySwordsman:

How about we return to the Actual topic of discussion.

can we feel when bad things will happen?

I don't recall the OP seeking replies as to which gender is more cognizant. (?)

Please keep the responses focused on-topic.

Thank You.

can we feel when bad things will happen?

posted on Jul, 10 2007 @ 03:09 PM
First, my sympathy for your loss.

Yes, we can sense when things will happen. I have learned to hear my "little voice" within, and it has never been wrong. I may have disregarded what this voice says, to my detriment, but this sense has not been wrong. This sense comes from "within", not thinking.

My husband is only now in his Life beginning to listen to his "little voice". Yesterday he was really sick from food poisoning, which he got over by today. We traced it back to possibly a pre-made sandwich he had gotten from a reputable store deli (that was the only food item we had not shared).
No one had been at the counter at the time we stopped, then a couple of people passed by as he stood there, one man telling him the sandwiches looked good; I had wandered off a few feet to a case of cheeses. This morning he asked me if I had heard one woman pass by saying that the sandwiches shouldn't be set out like that. That turned out to be his second warning, in case he missed his first.
I hadn't heard that comment, but now he took that as an "extra warning" to go along with that little voice in him, which was telling him not to buy that sandwich, even though it also looked good to someone else. Sometimes Life reinforces that sixth sense with something our other five senses can grasp.

posted on Jul, 24 2007 @ 04:56 PM
I've had the "bad vibes" for most of my life, but realized them as warnings after my early 20s. For the earliest instances, I would get a bad vibe, a terrible gut feeling that kept me uneasy all day. On all of those occasions I had either gotten sick, received bad news, or had some weird type of accident (including two car accidents). For the most part, the bad vibe seemed to be a warning for me, so if I got them I started to change my plans or stay in. I was married in 1999 to my best friend. We worked together at a large company, where he was part of a technical support team that assisted greatly the sale's teams biggest deals. One of the sales guys lent his motorcycle to my husband for a while as a thank you. My husband had only ridden motorcycle off and on when he was in the military, but wasn't by any means an experienced rider. He never road it much and only went for short distances, so it mainly sat in the garage.

One evening ( a week before the accident ) I had a dream that was so vivid and real. I had a dream that I was at his funeral crying and ridden with grief. It was so horrible and I remember waking from my dream in the middle of the night crying and believing it was real, then I turned to see him lying in bed and then realized it was a dream. So I hugged him and held on to him all night long. When he woke to go to work, I told him about my horrible dream and told him to be extra careful. He was shocked at my dream and how upset I was, but assured me that he would be extra careful and not take the motorcycle to work. Then a week later, we were outside of our house and I was watching him clean his car and he turned to me and smiled really big, came over and hugged me saying that he was so happy with our lives together. I'll never forget that and the look on his face, at the same time he said it I got a pit in my stomach that gave me the feelings as if what he said was an omen, but I tried to dismiss it. That night we had two friends over for pizza and movies over Labor Day Weekend. My friend and I left to go buy the pizzas and stop by WalMart to buy something my husband said he wanted. While we were in the store I felt horrible like something horrible was or was going to happen. I told my friend how I felt and then we got home. He wasn't there, but our other friend was there at our house watching our children who were all sleeping. He said that my husband and he were talking about the motorcycle and he asked our friend to watch the kids for a bit because he wanted to take it out for a short little ride.

An hour later, our guy friend left. Then half an hour later my friend left. Both thinking that maybe he just decided to go out for a longer ride. But that was not like him at all. I began to fear the worst, but tried to believe that there wasn't anything wrong. After a couple of hours, I called the closest ERs to see if any motorcycle accidents have occurred thinking that maybe he was just unable to call because he was injured. I then called the police department and they stated that there were no accidents reported, but took my information. I received a phone call some time later and the operator told me that they were going to treat this as a missing persons and have an officer come to my home to fill out a report (it sounded strange, but I was trying to believe that he was okay). I called my friend, who immediately drove over to my house and in her gut she believed that he may be dead. A sheriff and two others arrived at my home. The sheriff stating that he would like to see a picture of him. As soon as I showed him the picture he stated that he was sorry to have to tell me that my husband was in a fatal motorcycle accident. It happened around the same time I had the horrible feeling in WalMart, he was not even 5 minutes away from the house.

As you can imagine, if I get bad vibes now, that I can sometimes get paralyzed with fear of something terrible happening.

posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 10:19 AM
im sorry to hear about your husband may he rest in peace and thank you very much for sharing your story with us.

posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 10:40 AM
I believe there is something to this as well. I think there is no limit to what our mind is capable of doing, we just use a mere fraction of our abilities, because we have fallen out of touch with our sense. I think we are capable of sixth sense communications, reading other peoples minds and an entire host of other things that we cannot access on this plain given our current state of reality. I know there is a Mother's intuition, it exist from the smallest flutter to the largest most awful thing a mother could experience. That's what woke up 12m8keall2c's mother the night of his accident.

It's a feeling that tugs at your can't exactly pin point it, but it won't go away. It's persistent!

posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 07:55 PM
In autumn of 2005, I felt a very sick feeling. It continued and got worse. Then I got cramps and they would come back whenever I tried any physical activity (i.e walking). The next day my dad never came home from work. The first day of high-school the Victims-Response-Crew (or whatever) came to my door when I got home and told us the news. I knew somehting bad was going to happen, so I believe we can sense bad things before they happen. btw I've had that bad feeling now for 2 days, although as intense as before. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow to check out a small lump in the back of my neck (I can't see it, i can only feel it, physically, not "feel" it). But I might only have the feeling because I'm worried about it. Does stress cause lumps? Because I've had very stressful 3 weeks.

posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 08:03 PM
Yes we sertinly can sense when bad things are going to happen..
One soild example..

Im in a car going down a gravle road in Iowa, Its night time and all my friends have been drinking. The driver is going way to fast on these gravle roads and I know in my mind that if you take a corner going to fast your going off the road.
Hence as we are going down the road, and a corner comes up, and he is doing 45 MPH to take the corner, I know that we are going to get into a wreck.. This example can be used in every sense of your life..
If your going to fast, and know that your in danger you will know it!!
You will see the furture before it happens.
Yet lets say we are in a slow driving car, its much harder to sense what might happen when your not putting yourself in a bad postion.
So sometimes things happen and we dont know it will, but if your in a place where danger looms, its very easy to sense when something bad is about to happen

posted on Jul, 26 2007 @ 10:42 PM
well new to ATS but i passed by this thread and i figured i'd add to amazing stories that i have read while i was at the beach with a friend of mine i felt kinda strange, not sure why but a feeling came over me kind of a weird uneasy feeling as if somthing bad was going to happen or has happened there...i was at the beach in far rockaway NY the Riis Park area. And not really sure what was going on but i had to leave the feeling i felt almost made me cry it was so strong... i come home to find out that a few days ago that was the area was where a rapist was found... then the other day an artist from NYC was assumed to have killed himself near that area... and about 30 years ago on aug24 there was a shooting in the park. i have been going to that park for a while now and never have i felt that way before. i was telling my friend that i had this "vision" of some1 being grabed and not being able to get away. i have these "visions" alot in dreams not sure what they mean.. they dont always happen to me but sometimes people i know will call me and tell me about somthing that happened to them and its what i say in my "vision" or a place that i walk into that i know i have been there before and know exactly whats going to happen next... but deff miguel i understand where your coming from... also tonite at the park there was an orbe in the picture of my friend unlike any other orbe i have seen or he has seen... very detailed and very textured kinda strange...well.. just sharing my thoughts.. miguel my heart goes out to you..

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