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Origins of my mind

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posted on Jul, 7 2007 @ 05:30 PM
When will it end, when will we all be free?
I dont think it can come soon enough for me..
I mean life is great and all but theres sertin things that just should
not be.. Such as our minds that work so disfunctionaly.
Our bodies that dont match our minds.
Our souls that seem misplaced in time..
I just want to scream! I have been threw all this before,
and Im sure Ill have to deal with it agin..
I want people to know that things are never what they seem.
You cant judge a book by its cover, that saying is well known.
But you have to judge a person before you can bring them into your life.
Becasue without judgement, we are open to abuse. People can lie and say what ever they want to make you think they are someone else.
People will try to fool you and take what is yours,
they will press you and lable you without cause..
This world is a joke to me, we take things so damn personally.
Yet all this time where it matters most, you end up as a ghost.
For everything I am, and ever would be, It doesnt matter really.
Sure It might appear to be very important at the time,
but as time moves on, new people and new ideas amerge.
leaving all those behind, only to turn into dust along with their
thoughts and feelings..
I am here only for this small amount of time, and this small section
of reality only means so much for so long.. But soon I will be
forgotten, and time will move on.. Ever pressing forword until
that time ends.. Human reality only allows us to see a beginning
and an end.. But these things are only human, I dont really feel they are real.. I really dont think while Im awake I am here..
When Im dreaming am I really there? Or am I in my bed sleeping sound?
Sure Im in my bed, but my soul is away, have you ever woken up
and felt that jerk within your body?
Have you ever just wanted to go away?
Have you ever just wanted to pass on with time, without leaving
those who care about you behind?
Sure we all do, its the human way. And some of us even take that
step and finish the job that will happen anyway.
Why Am I writting this lingo here and posting it for all to see?
Im not really sure, but I know it helps me.
I know that sharing my feelings with the people that are in my
current reality can sense my pain. for I feel your pain.
thats why I sit here and write things In such a werid way.
So by the end of the day, many people will die, many will be born.
But what did you do today? did you make it worth your while?
where you lonely? where you sad, happy and glad?
Me Im not sure.. my feelings are dulled by the # I deal with
from day to day.. It never gets easier, and never stops..
but one day it will all stop and then what? What are we without
feelings and friends? What is our exsistance byond what we know?
No one knows, otherwise I wouldnt sit here and and speak in rythm.
Theres so much that we dont know.. Why dont we look at the things we
do know, why are we so bent on finding out the mysteries we have
created? Sure we might not have created the universe, or the stars
or moon, but Im sure that all those things are within you..
if people could take a moment and look at their lifes, just maybe
then we might find the answers that elude us..
I wish I knew what I was talking about but I dont..
None of us will, aslong as we are human.. I think thats the joke.

Im sorry if this is in the wrong place, I wrote this a couple days ago and wanted to post it here.. This is some writting I like to do from time to time to take my mind off of things, and think about life itself, and what it is to be human.. Take this in any direction you want.. Id just like to see what others feel about this peom/speech...
I put this post in one of my other threads today, but feel It will be seen by more eyes here, which is my point, Id like to get this out to as many people as I can.. And its in the wrong section I am sorry, please find a home for me and my thoughts

posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 10:54 AM
If you would like to bite, and post something from the Origins of your mind, I would love to hear what you have to say about life in a poetic kind of way
I am very curious as what some other members here feel.
It doesnt have to reflect my thoughts, just something of your own, that you feel is important to the Origins of life itself, the universe, and perhaps even your own life..
I have found my life is a BIG metaphore to the universe. What happens in my life is much like how the rest of this universe works.. I am but a single electron spinning in time, trying to get other electrons to spin around me

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posted on Jul, 8 2007 @ 11:41 AM
I'm not much into poetry but a verse that I've never forgotten comes from a RUSH song I particularly like.Wheels within wheels, in a spiral array,A pattern so grand and complex.Time after time, we lose sight of the way,Our causes can't see their effects.

posted on Jul, 10 2007 @ 02:26 AM
Prehaps something like this video might help get our brains going on this thread here..
Where we started from, the very start of it all for us, has lead us here to this day.. Even me as I sit in my chair typing feel as I am a direct product of the universe. Even such a small part, to me it is everything. Even understanding how small our planet is, and how I relate to that, really doesnt sink in. I understand it, yet can seem to get my mind around it.

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