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Politics: Campaign 2007 - Questions for candidates

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posted on Jul, 7 2007 @ 10:50 AM

Campaign 2007 - Questions for candidates

Taking up UM_Gazz's challenge to get more involved with the ATS elections

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posted on Jul, 9 2007 @ 07:41 AM
I have been asked to detail the questions in my podcast:

War in Iraq

I see two options:

Enable the military to complete the operation without political interference with the end result clearly identified.

Or just withdraw and let what will happen, happen.

So my question was do you agree with either of my options? Do we have the military commanders capable of option 1

Global warming

There is hearsay evidence that technology exists to reduce our dependance on oil vastly and that patents have been purchased and buried.

My question was would you order a search of patents and if one or more were found to be on value, would you take that patent and development in the public interest?

Geting ATS members to vote

What would you do to encourage ATS members to vote in the ATS election?

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