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'Video' and 'tracking' gene?

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posted on Jul, 6 2007 @ 11:18 PM
Just a humble thought.

Our concept of devices are often of mechanical forms. Perhaps it is time to accept the existance of devices which may be of biological form? Think of the biological computer - the 1st time we humans started thinking out of the box.

Perhaps those 'useless' genes in our bodies are video data that are encrypted, and if the codes are broken into a 'biological video player' it would be able to read the actions of our lives? Perhaps, research can go out of the box and see if it is possible rather to go off into several different other directions?

Or even a 'tracking' gene through a biological satallite to track each and every's movement on Earth?

With such biotechnologies, crime would one day be controlled. Anyone know if any research institute are thinking out of the box and going into such specific of the genome study?


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