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From the past in Pleasley.

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posted on Jul, 6 2007 @ 05:21 PM
Some years ago, I don't know maybe 7 or 8, I used to be one of the many that had a cb radio, anyway I was contacted by phone from a local ufo quest group, about something that had fallen from the sky in my county, and was asked if I could find out any information via my cb radio if anyone had heard anything.
I cannot remember why the ufo group had my phone number?, apparently, it was a night time and villagers had reported seeing soldiers running around their village, this was after people had reported something falling from the sky, when the ufo group had contacted military personel in the county they said there was no activity of their behalf around the area.
The place I am talking about is called Pleasley, in Derbyshire.
I have had all these years wondering what the outcome to any further investigations might have been.
If anyone can remember this event, I would love to hear any further information, why did the military say they were not there when the locals saw them, what had fallen from the sky.
infact if you can add anything too this please tell us all.
Or if you were a member of the ufo quest group and remember this incident please tell us the full story if you know it.
Oh bye the way I couldnt get info from my cb, as I was having problems with it at the time.

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