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Scientists: Watch for Weird Life From Beyond

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posted on Jul, 6 2007 @ 03:42 PM
I'd like to think that this was some extremely vague connection to some of the odd stuff that has been seen in NASA footage... but it probably never will be


posted on Jul, 9 2007 @ 12:04 PM
Very good find.

Here's an excellent quote from the article:

"It is critical to know what to look for in the search for life in the solar system," Baross said. "The search so far has focused on Earth-like life because that's all we know, but life that may have originated elsewhere could be unrecognizable compared with life here."

This is fairly obvious when you study things like quantum physics. Everything is made up of different energy states. So of course you have different energy states where life can arise. You have an infinite number of energy states and this knowledge have led physicist in the direction of parallel universes, extra dimensions, the holographic principle, quantum computing and more.

Couple that with the circumstantial and direct evidence of ufology and it's pretty much a no brainer that U.F.O.'s and other life forms exist. Some might be millions of years ahead of us in evolution and others would have evolved differently than we did.

The question is what produces life? The materialist wants you to believe that matter produces life but we know through quantum physics that matter is but a state of decohered energy. It's energy that produces life and we are energy in motion.

This is why your thoughts and imagination are without limit but your material body is limited to what it can observe. You can see this in the double slit experiment. When a decohered object makes a measurement then one energy state appears but other energy states are present. This is akin to the human body. Our energy can explore other states but our material bodies observe what we measure.

So the evidence that other life forms exist is overwhelming because life is not a product of matter but of energy. Matter is a converted form of energy and this means life is not limited to the one form of energy that we see. Science is limited as to what we can observe but our imagination is not.

This is why Einstein said Imagination is more important than knowledge. Our imagination is energy that's connected to the Source Of All Things. Our knowledge is a by product of what we can learn but not what we can imagine.

This is why Theory always precedes science. Science just confirms theory. A perfect example is Einstein and the atomic bomb. When Leo Szilard approached Einstein about Germany and the bomb, Einstein knew right away that a bomb was possible based on the theory from Szilard. He wrote the President immediately and the rest is history. Einstein didn't need a bomb in front of him to know that the theory was correct. This is like skeptics of ufology who pretty much want a U.F.O. to land on their front yard in order for them to know U.F.O.'s exist.

Like I said, the evidence for ufology is both circumstantial and direct observation from pilots to Presidents and unless you believe that out of an infinite number of energy states that our energy state is the one and only state that can produce life, if not then it's obvious we are not the only life forms throughout the multiverse.

We don't need scientific evidence because theory always precedes scientific evidence because our material bodies our limited to the technology that's in front of us to test these theories but our imagination and thoughts are not limited. The materialist and skeptic has to limit their knowledge to what they can observe and measure. I'm so glad that this is not a universel concept or people like Einstein would have never thought about Relativity or Werner Heisenberg would have never thought about the Uncertainty Principle. The mathematics usually precedes the observed evidence. With ufology you have observed evidence by pilot's, military, Presidents and more. You also have the mathematics because through quantum physics we know that life is not limited to only one energy state out of an infinite number of energy states.

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posted on Jul, 9 2007 @ 03:39 PM
That's a great theory. I have often thought that there might be many life forms that so very different from that of humans. I visualized matter as frozen, so to speak, energy. I can relate to the author.

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